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Your Daily Email Addiction

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Spoiler alert:

The answer to the question below is “No”…

Hey Ben,

I’ve stubbornly decided to elbow my way to copywriting Olympus… And become a top 1% copywriter as soon as possible.

And a huge chunk of that is studying le masters and analyzing their work.

Look, I’ll just cut to the chase –

Would you send me an archive of emails you sent in the past, or at least their subject lines?

Your subject lines are spectacular, nothing short of groundbreaking.

I wanna learn how to write like that.

Yeah, I’ve seen the Email Players issue where you talk about it, as well as The Sun inspiration post.


I’d love to go through the whole collection of the gems, as many as possible.

It feels like I’ve missed so many, only subscribing to the newsletter recently.

I promise not to share them with anyone…

And not to swipe them, obviously.

(If anything, there’s a bigger chance of it accidentally happening now, since I don’t know what they are.)

And yes, I know it’s totally selfish to focus only on MY needs, sending out an email like this.

But I feel like I have nothing to offer you… Yet.

I might in the future though..!

Anyway, thanks for reading this.

Keep up the killer work.

Email writers should stop with this subject line swipe file madness.

It’s unbecoming of a professional.

It’s also completely amateur and even dorky.

What’s better?

Learning to write using your own ideas, personality, market research, and thoughts. My #1 rule of thumb with subject lines is to NOT make them look, feel, smell, sound, or taste like anyone else’s in the inbox. So one should be very careful even studying mine other than in the context of what I teach in the book I send to new Email Players subscribers and a low cost 1-click upsell offer I only offer to new Email Players subscribers, and some of my other products that teach the principles behind subject lines. None of which you will get by trying to deconstruct what you see in some swipe file or whatever.

All right enough.

Anyone who doesn’t get what I’m saying about this should go elsewhere.

They are simply too short for the ride.

For those few left over?

See the Email Players newsletter.

The September issue continues the lessons I taught in the August issue about how to sell in a way that can potentially give qualified prospects almost no choice but to do as you say or buy what you are selling.

Extremely powerful info.

And extremely profitable too.

Deadline is in less than 48 hours.

Here’s the link: 

Ben Settle

  • Book & Tabloid Newsletter Publisher
  • Email Supremacist
  • Alt-Copywriter
  • Software Investor
  • Pulp Novelist

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