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One of my favorite persuasion stories:

When the late, great Jim Camp (who was known as the world’s most feared negotiator — and a tremendous mind in the field of teaching persuasion) was a young man, he got a job hawking $100 water filters door to door in a neighborhood with terrible water.

He followed the company script word-for-word.

He became the best objection answering man the company had.

And, he knew all the sales “tricks” marketing proles get the warm fuzzies about.

The result?

In two weeks he didn’t make a single sale.

In fact, he said he couldn’t even get anyone to hear him out at all — making him talk with them through the crack of a barely opened door.

So what did he do?

He threw the stewpid sales script away.

And, instead of going into the typical sales speak when someone answered the door, he simply said something along the lines of “How does your water treat your hair?”

What happened?

Suddenly, doors flew open.

Wallets came out.

And, he said he made more of the green stuff doing that part time than he did as a full time commercial pilot!

Anyway, I consider that one of the greatest persuasion stories never told.


It’s not about your product, it’s about your prospect.

Their world, not yours.

Their vision/problems/desires, not your product.

Apply this in your ads, emails, and sales copy and you can’t lose.

So simple.

So obvious.

And, so profitable…

Anyway, another master of negotiation and persuasion (shrieks from his haters on Twitter notwithstanding, as they, ironically, do exactly what he wants them to do) is President Trump.

Except, his ways are a lot sneakier than Jim Camp’s.

And, they take a lot more guts to pull off.

But, if you are someone who isn’t afraid of being aggressive in your emails and sales copy, I reckon you will love the March “Email Players” issue I have cooking up for you.

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Ben Settle

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