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If you want to do your marketing, your business, and, yes, your righteous bank account a huge, flashing-red-light favor, then do an intense study on everything the great Dan Kennedy has taught on the subject of what he calls:

“Unused Capacity.”

What this means is:

Every business has time, resources, assets, and attributes it’s not using, but could be using, to massively grow the size and scope of their operation, and sometimes overnight. I’ve been studying Dan Kennedy’s teachings on this subject for the past few years, as it’s a very deep topic you won’t learn in an email like this beyond the obvious surface elements.

And, thus, I’ve been rapidly implementing this idea whenever I can.

It’s truly a life-long activity — as I am constantly finding unused capacity.

Including in places I thought I already had looked for it.

Take, for example, a special kind of sale I tested last year.

It was the most obvious and simple kind of sale I could quickly assemble and implement I’ve ever used. And, I was able to put it together in about an hour, and start profiting from it literally the next day.

All because:

1. I was on the lookout for unused capacity

2. I implemented it as soon as I found it

As far as #1 goes, I refer you to the great Dan Kennedy’s teachings. I’m not a salesman or affiliate for No BS Inner Circle who sells all his trainings. So you will have to do your own homework on where to find said trainings of his.

When in doubt, try their support.

The money and effort will be well worth it.

But as far as #2?

I will be showing exactly how to use the piece of unused capacity I do — and still do — to crank out an extremely profitable email-driven campaign. Every business I can think of who has a list and content has this unused capacity, or could have it with a bit of effort. And, there is no reason said businesses can’t profit even more than I did the first time I did it (I made many dumb mistakes when I did, yet still did nearly $20k in sales with about an hour of work — your mileage will, of course, vary with your business, market, offers, etc).

Thus, the February “Email Players” issue.

It goes to the printer in less than 48 hours.

After that, it’ll be too late to get it.

Especially since I’m such a jerk about enforcing my deadlines and not making “exceptions.”

I not only have contempt for procrastinators, I take pleasure in rejecting them.

It’s the only way to train them to be better people

And, yes, increase my own sales at the same time…

Whatever the case, time is severely short to get this issue.

Here’s the urgent link to get it while you still can:

Ben Settle

  • Book & Tabloid Newsletter Publisher
  • Email Supremacist
  • Alt-Copywriter
  • Software Investor
  • Pulp Novelist

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