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True story:

I stopped doing freelance copywriting work back in the Summer of 2011. I hated doing client work then, and the thought of doing client work today still gives me heartburn (I prefer to be my own client).

But, a few years ago, I made an exception.

I won’t bother with the details on why.

But, I made the exception and, because I hate doing client work so much, I banged the entire long form sales letter out in about 48 hours from stem to stern. At the time, the ad (still running today) nabbed the client almost $2k in sales for every $150 he spent when he tested it.

I know this because he sent me a voicemail about it.

Anyway, that ad had a lot going for it outside of me.

Like a rabid market.

A highly credible and ever-growing brand.

Leads looking to spend money.

A super high quality product that changes lives.

And, the list goes on.

But, still, those numbers ain’t too shabby.

And, one of the reasons why it did so well was because of a single question I asked the client. A question it took him all of 2 seconds to answer, and took me all of 5 seconds to write down, and then turn his words (more or less) into the headline. In other words, I did not have to write out 100 headlines like a lot of copywriters do. I did not sit there and have to trick my subconscious mind to slip me the headline, either. Nor did I even give it more than a moment’s thought. Yet, that headline worked on ice-cold traffic, and is presumably still working today.

What was this question?

And, can you ask the same question to help write your own headlines?

The answer to the second question is, yes, you can.

But the answer to the first question is on page 2 of the bonus “Ravings Of An Adman” insert inside the February “Email Players” issue.

The main issue is all about building a list.

This bonus insert is all about market research.

Together, this is, in many ways, one of the single most valuable issues I’ve written to date for those wise enough to apply the info and not nod, file it away, and then ask what else do I got. Or, even worse, pretend they already know it, but never actually do it and consider it beneath them.

Those types should go haunt someone else.


I’m sending it to the printer shortly.

After that, it will be too late to get it.

And, the only other way to get what I am teaching (exactly how I am teaching it, I don’t know of anyone who does it the way I do it) is by getting a much more expensive product I will be creating some day on the subject.

Ain’t no time for dilly dally.

If you want it, here it is, come and get it, while you still can:

Ben Settle

  • Book & Newsletter Tabloid Publisher
  • Email Supremacist
  • Anti-Professional
  • Pulp Novelist
  • Alt-Copywriter

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