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Let’s get old school for a minute:

One of the longest running ads I ever done heard of was Charles Atlas’s “How An Insult Made A Man Out Of Mac” strip that ran in comic book for decades (or, at least, various incarnations of it) from what I understand.

It’s basically only 7 panels long.

Is not a “long copy” ad by any stretch of the imagination.

And, I can only guess at the many multiples of million rupees that sucker brought in for their company over all those years.

Anyway, that strip is a masterpiece of persuasion.

There’s so much buyer psychology packed into that short strip it’s incredible.

There is also a secret element inside that illustrated comic strip that (yes) can be applied directly to your plain text emails. Something I’ve been using for almost two decades (those old comic strips made up my first “swipe file” back in 2002 when I first got into this crazy world of direct response copywriting) in my emails and ads and other persuasive endeavors. Something I’ve seen certain top copywriters (like Gary Halbert and John Carlton) talk about, that I’ve since used as often as possible.


This secret is not necessarily obvious at first.

And, goes way beyond just “storytelling!”

Plus, when you understand it (don’t worry — it is very simple, nothing “ninja!” about it whatsoever), you can take it, replicate it, and use it over and over and over for your emails any time you want, for the rest of your days.

To see what “it” is simply do this:

1. Subscribe to “Email Players” before the deadline tomorrow to get the June issue.

2. When it arrives, turn immediately to pages 12-13.

3. Read the lesson and example email, and apply to your emails.

Your milage may vary.

But, I have never seen this not help improve sales.

Here’s where to subscribe before tomorrow’s deadline:

Ben Settle

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  • Email Specialist

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