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In my humble (but accurate) opinion, the most profitable kind of content you can create — whether it’s email, video, social media, your products, speaking on stage, ranting on a podcast, or anything else… is not benefits, hard “how to” information, or value or any of the usual suspects.

Those are important, no doubt.

But they ain’t king, in my way of thinking.

What is king when it comes to content creation?

To answer that (and I may lose some of the tee-totalers on my list with this, the price I must pay for creating *this* particular bit of content…) let us look at a couple movies:

“Sideways” and “Bottle Shock”.

Both are supposedly movies about wine.

(Incidentally, “Email Players” subscriber Troy Broussard and I might do another Wine Villains event this year in Napa, CA — stay tuned for more info this summer).

But, I argue they aren’t both about wine.

Bottle Shock is, yes, for the most part.

It also had a heavier hitting group of celebrities in it, too, from what I could tell.

But Sideways?

I say thee nay.

It looks like a movie about wine on the surface. It even behaves at times like a movie about wine. But it’s not really a movie about wine if you unravel it.

Yet, it destroyed Bottle Shock in ticket sales.

In fact, Bottle Shock — with all its star power, like the actors who played Snape in Harry Potter, Captain Kirk in Star Trek (although it was pre-Kirk), and Dennis Farina — only did a whopping $4,628,553 at the box office.

Meanwhile, Sideways did $109 million.

It also made Pinot more popular than it ought to be.

(In my humble, but snooty opinion).

And, it destroyed Merlot’s commercial wine appeal, for many years, too. (One of the local Oregon wineries I frequent said they had to change the name of their Merlot after the movie came out — and then sales went right back up, such was the stain Merlot had on it).

The reason Sideways did so much better?

I believe it’s because it wasn’t “about” wine.

It was about something quite different.

And, it has a lot to do with what King of Content is.

And guess what?

One of the things I teach in the May “Email Players” issue is what this king of content really is. And, also, a 15-word question to ask yourself before writing any piece of content to make sure you use it to stick out like a fart in a library (but in a good way) over and above everyone else in the inbox.

It’s not about benefits.

It’s not about giving more value.

And, it’s definitely not about having the most how-to hard content.

It’s about something else altogether.

And, if there is one thing you can do in your emails (and anything else you use to sell with — podcast, webinars, speaking, social media posts, articles, books, courses, programs, sales letters, etc) to run right over the people you compete against (including people with more “star power” than you in your niche, and who have more knowledge, loads of experience, better positioning, etc) it’s this.

This 15-word question has created miracles for my sales.

And, I suspect it’ll do the same for you.

The May issue is going to the printer in a few short days.

To make sure you get it in time, grab your subscription here:

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