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So read the great Ken McCarthy’s email this morning:

WHO bombshell:

Asymptomatic “super spreaders” is a myth.

The masks, the 6 foot spacing, the shutdown of the world economy for three months…

All based on unscientific nonsense.

Ken’s been saying this since day one.

And the insanity of shutting down the small business man’s operations especially never made any sense to me, yet was not much of a surprise, either. After all, even though everyone pays lip service to him, the world at large hates the business man. The business man is vilified. Lied about. Envied. And, worst of all, attacked for no reason whatsoever.

Attacked by who, you ask?

Your politicians.

Your attorney generals.

Your favorite big box business store or big tech company who sees the small business man as a threat.

Your lawyers.

Your judges.

Your gazillion paper-pushing bureaucrats.

And, even your own friends and family who continue to vote against the small business man’s best interests. i.e., voting for higher taxes, strangling regulations, more stoopid forms to fill out, impossible-to-follow rules set up to crush the small business man like GDPR, and other time & money wasting nonsense. Yes, even though without the business man they’d have no tax money to fund their silly little utopian dreams.

Not to mention looters destroying the small business man’s livelihood.

The point?

Everyone’s hand is against the small business man.

Yet the small business man is who provides their jobs.

The small business man is who pays the bulk of the taxes.

And, the small business man is the one making things go forward economically in spite of the government always trying to tear him down, place obstacles in his path, and tax him into oblivion.

Reminds me of Dan Kennedy’s “No BS Business” book.

There was a small business man overrun by taxes and mind-numbing forms.

Every day was another tax bill to be paid.

Another regulation to be followed.

Another idiotic “rule” to be obeyed.

Another loser wanting to sue him for any reason or no reason at all.

Until one day…

They find his corpse at the foot of his mailbox dead of a heart attack — tax forms clutched in hand!

The point of all this?

I am not sure there is one.

It’s something I was reminded of recently when, after some small businesses got looted, set on fire, and destroyed, never to be re-opened, the response from the peanut gallery was:

“Who cares? They are insured!”

All right, that’s that.

On to the business:

My “Email Players” newsletter probably won’t do much to lower the knife always against the small business man’s throat, but it can help the cash flow part. There are few tools out there that can bring in cash flow as quickly & efficiently as well-crafted emails sent to qualified lists selling attractive offers.

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Ben Settle

  • Book & Tabloid Newsletter Publisher
  • Email Supremacist
  • Alt-Copywriter
  • Software Investor
  • Pulp Novelist

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