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Following has many valuable lessons “between the lines.”

And, a wise guy or ghoul will be able to extract a lot of value from it, with but a little thought & imagination.

Anyway, here’s the scoop:

A few months ago, I decided to have a new logo created for my Email Players newsletter. And, one of the several options the great Kia Arian gave me to pick from had the tagline:

“The Most Revered, The Most Reviled”

Which I immediately knew was going to be the new tagline.

Not just because I like the way it rolls off the mind’s tongue.

But, also because if the year 2019 was anything, it was solid proof that the newsletter is both those things in equal spades. Starting last April — possibly the most revered and reviled issue to date, which got the most new sign ups for a single issue, and also the most people leaving in disgust after reading it — I decided to triple down on what gave it that effect with the newsletter. That means, it became less straight action-taking “how to do xyz” info appealing to shallow-minded swipers & new product junkies who haunt social media all day, to more deeper thinking & long term profit-building concepts & strategies.

Yes, email is still the “engine” that propels the car.

But, the car that engine is inside went from slick convertible to ugly urban assault vehicle.

In other words:

For the first 92 issues prior, it appealed way too much to shallower thinking people who want and need a checklist to scan, a swipe file to cling to, and a social media group full of other online marketers just as shallow thinking as themselves to consult.

Nothing against those types.

They’re around 90-95% of people in general, and can still be successful in the short term.

But, I also realized those are the types I get most frustrated by and like dealing with the least. I can spot them a mile away by their dumb questions alone now. They are always amateur questions that show an embarrassing lack of knowledge of the fundamentals.

Why these types subscribe at all is beyond me.

They really should be learning marketing, business, copywriting, etc from more conventional people who will kiss their arses and tell them what they want to hear… where they will be more comfortable and feel “safe”, with their little checklists & the constant validation & “you go girl!” high-fives of their Facebook friends & Twitter peers.

At the very least, they should learn the fundamentals of marketing first.

Which brings me to the point of all this drivel:

The December issue will not just triple, but quadruple down on what reviled people since April’s issue.

And, I predict, it’ll be reviled by far MORE people than who revere it.

And the reason it will be so reviled by so many who read it is because the info will officially & irrevocably remove any and all excuses your Krampus-like rationalization hamster may have been cooking up to sabotage your sales, your profits, your list-building, and, yes, your overall success at whatever business it is you do.

This may sound strange to some people.

After all, why would someone willingly sabotage their own success?

There are many reasons — including simply not being “wired” to be comfortable with success. Everyone has their own inner success thermostat, where they will only be as successful (financially or otherwise) as that thermostat will let them. In other words, if you are mentally & emotionally comfortable with making $100k per year, you will subconsciously do everything in your power to stay in that comfort zone. Make $50k and you’ll suddenly perform all kinds of marketing miracles to get that extra $50k to sooth your tortured psyche. Make $200k and you’ll also start casting all kinds of irrational and foolish spending & business curses on yourself to get you back to that comfy $100k.

This is why so many lottery winners lose it all.

Why so many pro athletes & entertainers end up worse than where they started from.

And, why so many otherwise intelligent and well-adjusted marketers and business people with all the talent, connections, and “how to” knowledge they need to make a fortune… sit around on social media all day like flies on the same turd, interacting with other people at more or less their exact income and success level, and never grow much beyond where they are now.

If you doubt this, all you need do is observe.

The proof of this is everywhere.

Which brings me back to the December issue:

I believe the info can potentially add as many “figures” to your income as you want over time. But, the nature of the information is so simple and quick to implement, if you have any kind of inner-sabotaging going on, you won’t do a blessed thing with the info, and almost certainly will be disappointed with it at best, and have downright contempt for it (and for me) at worst.

And no, there is absolutely zero hyperbole in saying this.

If anything, I am downplaying what I think will happen.

On the other hand:

Those who are ready & comfy with making the leap into the next income bracket… the next rung of influence in their market… and the next leg of their journey towards their goals… can, I believe at least, not only reach that next rung, leg, and income bracket… but maybe even far exceed them over the next 12 months in ways they didn’t believe possible.

Such is the nature of what I am teaching in the December issue in great details.

Along with what exact ways to apply it.

As well as ways I have been using the info myself, that most businesses can model exactly as-is — regardless of market, industry, product, or niche.

The caveat?

You actually have to have a business of some kind.

If you still don’t know the raw fundamentals of marketing (hint: if you only learn marketing on social media or via free eBooks, you don’t have the fundamentals, Maynard) this issue will do you zero good whatsoever.

Anyway, I’m being cryptic about exactly what is inside on purpose.

But people who read last month’s November “Email Players” issue have already been told on page 11 in that issue what Santa elBenbo has in his righteous sack for his Email Players of the Horde in the December issue. But, even they have no idea of just how powerful and profitable the concept it teaches will be, until they see all the ways it can be used — big and small — to send their businesses into the next phase of prosperity, regardless of what happens to the economy in 2020 and beyond.

And certainly it’ll let you start 2020 off with a righteous bang.

That is, for those who have the right “wiring” for it.

And, of course, for those who are subscribed in time.

This issue is going to the printer soon, after which it’ll be too late to get it.

If you want it, hit that finger clickin’ good link below:

Ben Settle

  • Book & Tabloid Newsletter Publisher
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