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One of the more amusing claims of online marketing is this whole idea of building a huge business by being “lazy.”

Even my slacker-ways take a lot of up-front work.

And, in my case, took around 9 years to get it all dialed in.

And that’s why, to give you a little bit of inspiration to work hard I shalt tell you about something I read yesterday in a Deadline interview with Quentin Tarantino.

The context:

He was being interviewed about his upcoming movie.

And, the plot is about Hollywood actor and his stuntman in the late 60’s.

So to make sure the movie is as authentic as possible, Quentin literally wrote 5 episode scripts of the fictional TV show the actors star in in the movie (the audience who sees this movie will never see), as well as wrote out the main character’s entire fictional back story and filmography, film by film, as well as every single director he worked with, and all the little stories, quirks, and anecdotes on the sets he worked on, how he got his roles, who the casting directors were, which movies worked, which bombed, etc etc etc.

Why did he do all this extra work?

And, why did he do it even though the audiences won’t see it?

Because, as he put it in the interview:

“[The audience] need to know that I take this mythology this history seriously, and that there are answers to these questions. I don’t have to vomit it out but if you ask I could tell you. The writer needs to know that mythology backwards and forwards. You need to be able to throw it off with the expertise of an expert.”

Lots of meat in that thar paragraph.

Especially for marketers, copywriters, and anyone in business.

Anyway, bottom line?

Ain’t no lazy successful people. No matter what your favorite internet goo-roo’s big launch videos and webinars say.

On that note:

My “Email Players” methods are certainly “slacker friendly.”

But, like any skill, you still have to work hard at learning and mastering it first.

Thus, it’s wholly incompatible for lazy do-nothings, new product junkies, and all those excuse-making souls who lack the character to commit to learning it or applying it, even as they haunt people’s social media feeds all day.

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Ben Settle

  • Book & Tabloid Newsletter Publisher
  • Email Supremacist
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