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Recently I’ve been reading Dan Kennedy’s new book “Almost Alchemy.”

And my favorite part of it so far is this:

“If you are guilty of such negligence, I’d like to kick you in the ass. You piss me off. If your business wastes opportunity like I’ve just described, when it files for bankruptcy, its demise cheers my heart. I root for your extinction.”

He was talking about lazy & willfully ignorant types who squander marketing opportunities.

But it reminded me of another group of blue flame specials I have a similar contempt for.


The skeevy IM’ers & contemptible new product junkies who I’ve banned & blocked from returning to “Email Players” after quitting or being kicked out, who try to fraudulently sneak back in on the sly.

In fact, they always fall into one of these 3 categories:

1. People not motivated or ambitious enough to use the info, but could use it, yet didn’t

2. People who were not ready to use the info, and were simply too dimwitted to do what’s necessary so they can use it – i.e., start building a list and find an offer to sell that list, which ain’t exactly rocket science

3. People who are simply too low IQ to use the info, so can’t use it

As for #1 & #2, they are self-explanatory.

But as for #3, the low IQ internet marketer types?

When I say they are “low IQ” and can’t use the info, I don’t mean they are literally low IQ people per se.

Probably, they are very intelligent people overall.

Some of them even well above average.

But, they demonstrably ARE low IQ when it comes to marketing.

These are the types of people who, as just one of many examples, get offended (even outraged!) that a paid newsletter like “Email Players” includes ads inside (currently, I am testing 3 ad inserts inside, along with an accompanying full sales letter, with each issue). In fact, they are so astonishingly low IQ when it comes to marketing, they completely miss the free marketing & copywriting education those ads are giving them. They also are the ones who will natter on about how there’s “nothing new” when they see fundamentals being applied in different ways (which I do a lot, ain’t nuttin’ sexy about anything I teach), but don’t do any of the things they supposedly know. Not implementing info they supposedly “know” is another big, flashing red sign of the low IQ internet marketer. As is when someone lets several issues pile up, unread & unused, due solely to their own lack of ambition & discipline to read a mere 17 pages per month (about half a page per day — which can be easily read on the toilet while pinching a loaf, if need be) that are designed to put more money in their starving little piggy banks… and then panic, think leaving to get “caught up” – instead of just sacking up and reading them – and coming back later will somehow magically fix their irreparably busted inner game at how success works.

Such is the plight of the low IQ internet marketer:

Too blind to see the abundant harvest before them, and too broken to do anything with it even if they did see it.

All that said:

As strong as my contempt for them is, I also pity them in some ways. Especially when the looming white collar depression hits in late 2020 or 2021. One can “get away” with being a new product junkie, being lazy, and not really doing much when times are good, the stock market is roaring, and unemployment is low, and people are buying. But when it goes south — and it will, what goes up always comes down — and wallets start closing, customers & clients become more discerning, and big tech platforms and merchant accounts start cracking down and tightening their rules… I hope for their sakes they can find a good, secure job that’ll accommodate their low attention spans & despicable lack of discipline or ambition.

Maybe they can learn to code…

All right, enough picking on the low IQ internet marketers.

There’s nothing I can do to help them, nor do I care to.

So let’s move on to the fun stuff:

The March “Email Players” issue is all about a secret way of selling and positioning your business that even raw & “wriggling” newbies can use to potentially command outrageous fees & pricing, and create loyal customers for life.

It’s very much an attraction by repulsion type of training.

And, I have always found, the more you reject, repel, and disgust the low quality customers who want to waste your time, buy on price alone, and project their emotional damage onto you and/or your offers… the more you automatically turn on the high quality customers & clients.

And the 10 methods I talk about in the March issue can help you do just that.

But, only if you’re subscribed by tomorrow’s deadline.

Here’s the link:

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