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Today’s the deadline to get the Email Players issue that’ll send trolls, haters, and other mob-mentality boogeymen fleeing into the streets, weeping and gnashing their fangs.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • How one of my subscribers turned being bum rushed by an online mob of drooling psychopaths (and even Snopes!) out for blood into lots of sales, new traffic, and leads on her list.
  • How the great Bruce Barton used his advertising knowledge to “troll proof” the General Steel Corporation.
  • The absolute worst thing you can do if anyone launches a personal attack against you (that, unfortunately, most people do instinctively).
  • The professional pick-up artist’s secret (that is also used by President Trump almost every week) to turning the tables on anyone who mocks, insults, or accuses you in an attempt to tarnish your name or business reputation.
  • 8 words any man can use to calm down a seething angry wife or girlfriend! (Nothing to do with business or marketing, but if you’re a man, these 8 words can make for a far more pleasant time with your woman.)
  • A 7-step battle plan for shutting the yaps while making money off any trolls who try to smear your name, your reputation, or your business dealings.
  • The secret psychology behind turning personal attacks into big paydays.
  • 2 copyright-free email templates (you can use, modify, or adapt however you like) for making money off of anyone who calls you a nazi or any other label intended to ruin your credibility and reputation. (Can also be used as social media posts, too.)
  • 3 “real life” examples of how trolls and SJWs attack businesses, and how to turn those attacks into money in the bank.
  • What exactly to do to make a windfall whenever someone uses YouTube to put you on blast.
  • The real reason so many amateur trolls (in the online marketing world especially) are making videos trying to attack marketers with bigger names and reputations. (HINT: A certain guru taught some people to do it, and a few fruitcakes with nothing to lose decided to run with it.)


I am also including a bonus “Ravings of an Adman” training containing a special sale structure you can use to make a small windfall this Halloween, as well as an 18-page “troll response” swipe file of proven-to-work emails I’ve written that you can adapt (not copy & paste verbatim, only losers do that) for your own troll-to-sales flipping endeavors.

I’m sending this issue in to the printer later today.

So if you want in, now’s the time.

After I send it in, it’ll be too late.

Here’s the link:

Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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