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Not a big fan of the whole publicly counting money thing.

But, I am not sure how else to explain the following method of creating a reliable, repeatable, and very customer-loving way for creating some smackola on demand, once, twice, even three times or more per year, depending on how ambitious you are, how well you have your act together with your offers, and how serious you are about being in business as opposed to being a contemptible, do-nothing little new product junkie or marketing hobbyist.

Anyway, here’s the story:

Early last year, Yours Gruesome tested a special sale that, unlike virtually all my offers… was intended specifically for the hyper buyers on my list.

Usually, I ignore the hyper buyers.

i.e. those who buy everything & anything – especially low priced “impulse” offers.

The reasons are many, and I’ve yapped about them before.

But, for reasons that included wanting to help a lot of ye olde hyper buyers out for a change, wanting to test a new kind of offer, and (the biggest reason of all) also I had just bought a new Lair, and I wanted to more easily pay it off as soon as the 6 month window I had to carry a mortgage for in order to not screw over my mortgage guy (he wouldn’t have gotten paid his commission had I paid it off earlier) hit… I decided to do this special sale.

Anyway, short story long:

This sale — when used in conjunction with my Email Players methodology — was the fastest, simplest, and easiest scratch I probably ever done made up in this business.

It took about an hour to set it up — sales page & emails.

And, due to being burned out from moving to a new Lair, I completely half-assed it.

Spent only an hour or so combined on the emails & sales page.

The result:

$16k in sales.

Not exaggerated goo-roo launch numbers, or anything.

But not too shabby for about an hour or so of “work.”

Plus, if I’d done a few of the simple things I was too burned out to do, I’d have very likely doubled or tripled that.

Which brings me to the plop:

You, too, can possess this template for a tried-and-true profitable offer to use and reuse (I will be doing another one later next month) each year once I instruct you in the alphas & omegas of how to do it for your business. And potentially do it the same day you learn it, if you choose.

The only caveats are:

1. You will have to have a list

2. You will have to have at least a modest amount of content already created or be willing to create said content — whether full fledged products (eBooks, videos, audio, does not matter)

3. You will have to not be a contemptible new product junkie or marketing hobbyist

In other words:

Maybe 5% of the people in all of the land of Internet Markania can use this template.

But, it’s only to those 5% I cater too anyway.

The rest can continue being social media bar flies or excuse makers, or whatever it is the vast majority of wannabes do when they aren’t idiotically swiping, mining pirate sites for free content they’ll never use, and searching for shortcuts to prevent having to do any real work.


I certainly hope so.

I intend to quadruple down on my customer curation this year.

That said, this sales template is something I will be using over and over and over going forward, and there’s no reason you can’t also use it to make sales on demand, practically any time you desire to, using content you’ve *already* created, sending emails you’ve *already* written, and, yes, utilizing sales copy you’ve *already* slaved over, and would like to get paid on perpetually instead of just once or once in a while.

The details of this little ditty are in the coming February “Email Players” issue.

Including what to do.

What NOT to do (I screwed myself quite badly in lost sales).

And, how to make it go smooth as honey for your righteous business.

This issue, of all issues I’ve written in over 100 issues published, contains the most immediate, cash-in-the-bank info I’ve taught. Simply follow my special “recipe” with the ingredients I lay out, shove it in the oven, and wait for the proverbial timer to ding and pull out some quick profits.

All right enough teasing.

The deadline to get this issue is coming up fast.

And, as people who try to subscribe after the deadline each month are fast learning — I am a tyrant about not letting people in. Including going as far as turning the newsletter off in the shopping cart after the deadline — always prompting the procrastinators to think they are doing me some kind of favor “letting me know” my cart has a glitch or whatever.

It’s no glitch in the software, Maynard.

The glitch is your procrastination.

Okay enough.

If you do NOT have the qualifications above, don’t bother subscribing.

This issue will do nothing but add to your pile of other trainings you never use.

Go find some goo-roo on facebook to haunt instead.

Here’s the link for the 2 or 3 people left both qualified & interested in this:

Ben Settle

  • Book & Tabloid Newsletter Publisher
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