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Let me tell you about one of the greatest website that ever existed:

“Super Shadow” (dot com)

This was a site that operated for many, many years, by a bloke (or several blokes) pretending to be a guy with direct access to George Lucas, and having inside knowledge of all-things Star Wars.

I used to read it every day for entertainment.

As, it was one of the funniest sites I ever saw.

In fact, I still use the wayback machine site to read it for kicks. It was absolutely hilarious, and even more amusing how so many people really believed it was what it claimed to be.

Anyway, some of the site’s highlights included:

* A picture of Super Shadow’s girlfriend

* The plot to episodes 7 and beyond

* Princess Lea bikini photos

* Interviews with George Lucas (some of the finest infotainment I think I’ve ever seen anywhere, as he made Lucas out to be a greedy billionaire with no neck, bullying fans into spending more money on Star Wars merchandise and tickets to line his pockets as he dated super models and drove sports cars)

* And, of course, the infamous Star Wars plot formula

Despite the satire nature of the site, I found the plot formula Super Shadow had to be not only extremely accurate and detailed… but also extremely helpful later on in business, too.

Here’s what I mean:

The Star Wars plot formula is what made Star Wars tick.

In fact, whenever movies stray from a proven formula they tend to not only do way worse at the box office, but anger fans, and do nothing but waste sometimes years of time and emotional investment in the stories.

(Hat tip to Game of Thrones…)

Anyway, I have found this to be the same in business, too.

This could just be my case, admittedly.

But whenever I’ve created a business plan and business model that works, then strayed from it, tried to get cute & creative with it, or outright betray it… elBenbo’s own box office gross has always suffered.

And it’s no different with the business model I use today.

The more I stick with it, the most my business grows.

The less I stick to it, the more my business shrinks.

I can’t say anyone else will or will not have the same experience. But, I am teaching my business model (“plot formula”) in the June “Email Players” issue. It’s also based on simplicity, sending a lot of emails, and having a lot of offers.

So if you can’t swing those things, it won’t do you any good.

If you can, it could very well add many rupees to your box office gross, too.

The deadline to get this issue in time is tomorrow.

After that, it’ll be too late.

To get it in time, make the jump to light speed here:

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  • Book & Tabloid Newsletter Publisher
  • Email Supremacist
  • Alt-Copywriter
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