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True story:

A few months before “Email Players” subscriber Stefanie Arroyo launched her new business (which launched about two weeks ago), we were hanging out at a local Irish pub here in Ye Olde Bandon, downing a few Guinness pints. And, in the span of about 15 minutes, we pounded out her front and back end business plan (all email driven, no fancy funnels, software, white boards, storyboards, or anything else needed)… on a napkin.

The launch went exceptionally well, too.

And, even with her tiny list, early indications and initial response are showing (when she starts aggressively sending  traffic to her site) she’s off to a great start towards her first goal of consistently earning $20k and more per month by the end of 2018 (with a foundation in place to go as high as she wants from there — to the  upper six figures, low seven figures, and beyond in the years to come).


Why should you care?

Maybe you shouldn’t care, unless this suits your fancy:

The upcoming January “Email Players” issue contains a picture of that napkin in all its glory, as well as a detailed, point-by-point description of her business plan (based on the plan I wrote about back in the April 2013 “Email Players” issue, easily the most popular issue I ever sold) that anyone can use as a “template” for an email-driven information/coaching hybrid business, working just an hour or two per day, that can potentially pay you at *least* six figures per year. And, doing it with no employees, no assistants, and not even any VAs (unless you want them, which can be a wise move.)

This is probably one of the most valuable issues to date.

And, can put many rubles in your hot little hand if you apply it to your business.

But, only if you:

(1) Are subscribed in time to get the January issue

(2) Apply the information to your offers

(3) Get out of that comfort zone of yours

(The #1 thing holding people back from doing anything)

To subscribe in time for this special New Years edition, go ye here:

Ben Settle

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  • Email Specialist

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