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A couple months ago, Yours Crotchety wrote an email about a common “theme” that runs through the lives of those who have made exceptional incomes via writing (copywriting and otherwise). And it revealed the only two things you really have to do to make all the green stuff your greedy heart desires with your keyboard:

1. Write more words than you do now

2. Write those words faster than you do now

Notice, I did not say anything about talent.

Or decades of building your skills.

Or, having to be the best at writing, having to sell the best product, or having to tell the best stories.

Take the late, great Stan Lee, for example.

In his book “Excelsior!” he writes:

“Anytime we needed extra money, I could always write more scripts. If Joanie wanted to buy a new wardrobe or I wanted to get a new TV or the latest camera equipment, I’d say, ‘Well, I’ll write a couple of extra stories and that’ll take care of it.’ I guess that’s one of the reasons I wrote so much. I could buy almost anything I wanted because I could pay by writing stories…”

i.e. the more he wrote, and the faster he wrote, the more he made.

And, bear in mind:

At that time, he was writing nonsensical characters he was embarrassed by and stories his boss made him write — hardly “great writing” — based on his boss following trends and underestimating his audience’s intelligence — which Stan did not at all enjoy doing, having to write dumbed-down stories about dumbed-down characters.

I heard the great Dan Kennedy tell a somewhat similar story.

But, in his case, it was about copywriting, specifically.

He basically said he is the highest paid copywriter probably on the planet.

But, not because he is necessarily the “best” writer.

But because he is the fastest.

Since he can write more sales copy, faster, than any other copywriter in his league, he can complete more assignments per year, which equals both more upfront fees per year and more royalties concurrently pouring in per year, all presumably compounding on themselves.

Again, without being the “best.”

Or the most “talented.”

Or, even necessarily selling the highest quality products and services.

(There is always a better mousetrap…)

Anyway, the good news is, this is very, very simple:

Write more words faster = make more income faster.

And guess what?

You can apply this “formula” to any kind of content your business uses, I have found — emails, social media posts, books (non-fiction or fiction), courses, videos, podcasts, articles, blog posts, newsletters, membership site content, premiums & bonuses, and the list natters on…

It’s so simple:

The more content you create, the more you can sell.

The more you sell, the more your business makes.

The more your business makes, the fatter your righteous piggy bank grows.

Do it right, and that piggy bank not only gets fat, it gets downright obese.

Enter the July “Email Players” issue.

It reveals my 34 best content-creation secrets I’ve been using for years to “out-content” my competition, peers, colleagues, trolls, haters, and anyone else I compete against, without sacrificing all my energy and time to the content devil, and in ways that make it all much faster and way less painless than it is for all the millions of marketers who writhe around in agony when creating content.

The deadline to get this issue is tomorrow.

That’s when I send it to the printer.

And after that, it’ll be too late to get it.

(I turn off “Email Players” in the shopping cart after the deadline, I don’t cater to stragglers and procrastinators — if anything, I take a sadistic glee in pissing them off.)

Here’s the link for your clicking displeasure:

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