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Last night, I heard from a bloke who is down on his luck, can’t afford a pot to pee in or a window to throw it out, and is truly in dire straits, and had to cancel his “Email Players” subscription.

When he went on about how it’s weak for him to complain, etc, I had to agree.

In fact, in a rare instance where I reply to such pleadings, I said:

“True, you are literally complaining about milk money – $3.23 per day. No worries though, it is cancelled, carry on..”

To which he replied yes he was spending milk money, and had to go on public assistance.

And, how my making him feel “guilty” about it wasn’t helping.

But, the lad was wrong.

I wasn’t trying to make him feel guilty.

I was shaming him.

His thinking he should even be in business at all when he can’t wrangle up $3.23 per day – even a street bum rattling a paper cup of change can do – is the whole point.

A lot of these guys don’t need a so-called business.

They need to go get a job.

Fact is, he’s not a business man any more than I was in 1998 when I first got into MLM and went into debt each month to pay for the $100 minimum order I had to do to qualify to be in a comp plan I was not bold, confident, or wise enough to even take advantage of at the time.

Best thing that could have happened to me back then is for someone to take my naive self aside and say:

“You are over $50k in debt. Your brakes on your car are shot and could kill you any day now… you are literally in a lawsuit with one of the most powerful car companies in America without a snowball’s chance of winning while barely able to pay rent, you are so broke you live in a $200/month office you are ashamed to tell anyone about, and instead of working part time duplicating videos and trying to play business on the side, you should get another part time job, or even a full time job plus your part time job, and get your shyt together and then do the business thing later, using the resources you have, and taking it seriously instead of dipping your pinkie toe into it like a little poser.”

But nobody told me that.

Nobody shamed me about that unfortunately.

Thus, I do this now as a free service to people who don’t ask for it…

Anyway, here’s the punchline:

If you don’t have a regular secure income… if you don’t have a budget and some cash to invest in your business… if you literally are in a spot where you have to choose between feeding yourself or your family or investing in one of my products… you simply aren’t a business person yet, you’re an opportunity-seeker.

Just admit it (to yourself) it’s okay.

And, by admitting as such you will begin making better long term decisions.

It doesn’t mean you can’t have a business pursuit later if you are broke now.

But, get your house in order, first.

Work multiple jobs, dig ditches, do whatever you have to do.

If you’re not willing to do that for your dream of having a business then that speaks volumes about whether you really want to have a business.

But if you do, have some self respect.

Think through your decisions carefully.

And stop reacting to every offer (including mine) that comes your way.

Have a plan, follow it, work on it diligently, and if you can’t afford it, you don’t need it.

This goes triple for my “Email Players” newsletter.

And, it goes quadruple for the June issue, which is about my business model. If you are someone “scraping” by with no list or offers, and can barely make your minimum payments on a credit card do not think it will change anything, it won’t. It’s for people who already have a business, already have an offer, already have a list, and are ready to leap to the next “figure” (4 figures to 5, 5 figures to 6, 6 figures to low 7 — etc).

It’s not about making someone feel “guilty.”

It’s about shaming them into getting their acts together.

End of my Sermon of Shame.

If you are a responsible business owner and want in on the June issue, go here:

Ben Settle

P.S. I was asked just this morning if the June issue is going to teach list building since it shows my current business model.


There is nothing inside it about list-building.

I have an expensive book coming out about list-building in July, for that.

The June issue is simply my business model as far as the whens, whys, and whats of offers I send and the psychology behind it all.

P.P.S. Before anyone says:

“But Ben! What about So-and-So guru I heard on stage who had only a dollar to his name and found a secret way to become a millionaire without having to get a job first!”

Those types do exist.

Although they are extremely rare.

But they are always busy working their tails off implementing info they buy with their lunch money so it pays for itself in spades.

  • Book & Tabloid Newsletter Publisher
  • Email Supremacist
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