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I gots more to say about neediness and marketing.

Including, an example from Trump.

Last week I got this email from a bloke named Konrad:

I just got a email from a list I’m on and the subject line is cesspool of neediness. I figured I’d give you some more email fodder since you’re the one who taught me why this headline is so asinine. Here it is: 10 Second Question (Please OPEN and ANSWER Immediately) ‘Cause of what you teach, I didn’t want to open the email just out of spite.


Konrad is exactly right.

I am betting you got a visceral revolting reaction just reading that subject line.

(I know I did…)

Now, that is a pretty obvious example.

Let’s talk about a not-so-obvious example that even great negotiators like Trump make. Sometime last year, the media started saying Trump wasn’t mentally fit to be president (something like that). And, instead of ignoring them or using one of a dozen other techniques he has demonstrated he knows for dealing with such things, he did the opposite and went on the defense.

In his case, he took to Twitter to defend himself.



Because all that did was make him look insecure and needy.

If you use my email ways, you will have no shortage of people (big and small) taking shots at you like, that, too (most recently “Email Players” subscriber Daisy Luther got attacked by the media and even Snopes). And, when they do, I suggest using the persuasion secret Trump should have used.

A secret that:

1. Instantly silences the opposition (or makes them double down and look silly, you win, either way)

2. Can put more pesos in your piggy bank

3. Is also good for any other time (business or otherwise) someone tries to bust your balls, accuse you of something stupid, or humiliate you in some way

A secret, you can find on page 11 of the July “Email Players” issue.

Not only do I show you this secret, but I also show you what Trump could have said in a single tweet to shut all his opposition down in a single tweet, further lower the media’s overall status (while raising his), and ended up probably earning a lot of political capital.

The deadline to get this issue is almost upon you.

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Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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