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Following is a true story.

And while it may seem like it only applies to the weight loss market, it has vast implication to most any other market, too, regardless of the product, service, or offers sold.

Here’s the rub:

Many years ago, your humble narrator had part ownership in a weight loss business.

And, even though we did many things “wrong”, we were, over time, able to convert nearly 50% of our opt-in list into some kind of buyer. By doing things “wrong”, I am talking about things like having zero before & after pics, using an ugly plain text sales letter, having only one graphic (a pic of the author, and even that was a big No-No, due to who the pic was of and the market segment we were targeting), and having an operation that looked about as non-professional as possible.

Now, “fast forward” a few years later.

I ended up selling my interest in that business.

And, around the same time, me and 3 of my pals started a mastermind called “Oceans 4.” We had many extremely successful businesses attend those masterminds (including 9-figure Agora Financial, who sent many of their people to us). And, one of the pieces of advice I gave a fitness/weight loss marketer client who had attended was to test what we did above.

i.e. Make their marketing as ugly as possible.

With maybe one graphic at most.

No before-and-after pics.

Crude courier font.

And design so basic it’d look like something created with the old “WYSIWYG” Netscape Composer software.

To my knowledge they never tested it.

And if not, that’s kind of a pity.

Especially since they were desperate to make cold traffic work at the time.

Believe it or not, this email has two lessons embedded within it.

The first is the obvious one about testing.

But the other one?

Will not be obvious to anyone who has not read the upcoming April “Email Players” issue. In some ways, I believe it’s the single most Valuable issue I’ve ever written. But, only to people who have the right mindset. Who don’t fear what other people think of them. And who, quite frankly, aren’t quitters.

The deadline to subscribe in order to get it approaches quick.

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  • Email Supremacist
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