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At the risk of doing some shameless self shilling, a true story:

In 2019 especially, I may have come off a tad more snobby & maybe even pretentious than usual to certain podcasters, online summit hosts, and even businesses holding events wanting me to speak. In fact, as these good people were willing and wanting to promote me to their audiences, free of charge… I ended up turning a lot of them down I’d normally have dived into.

Why would I do this?

Because I didn’t “like” them?

Have so much money I swim in a giant treasure bin like Scrooge McDuck?

Or maybe am just plain uninterested & indifferent?

No, it was because I wanted to focus on pounding out/launching all the books (around 9 or 10 of them), email campaigns, and other publishing projects – including hammering out a novel – I wanted done by the very specific, and downright tyrannical, self-imposed deadline of year end 2019.

It wasn’t just a sense of urgency on these things.

It was a full bore sense of *emergency*.

Some of the reasons for that sense of emergency were rational.

Like for example, I wanted to finish them all so I could launch my anti-affiliate program which, ironically, I don’t think I’ll be doing. Or, if I do, it will be on a much smaller scale than intended.

Others were irrational, but that turned out to be true.

Like for example, an “alarm-bell” sounding gut feeling I’d run in to some big opportunities I’d require time to take advantage of — which ended up happening, as the Caveman of Copywriting officially bought into 3 different tech companies last year. If I was still bogged down in all the book publishing and launching, Yours Time Temporal would have a huge time problem right now… especially with our new mobile App platform for businesses I’ll be demonstrating soon, which we’ll be launching in the not-too-distant future.

All of which meant, something had to give.

And that “something” was doing speaking, podcasts, & other interviews.

Having my work flow disrupted by flying, traveling (which I hate doing as it is) and/or intermittent zoom & skype calls with people from different time zones was what had to go, even though they have always been my single best source of lead generation, and even though I highly enjoy doing them, and the people who invite me on them.

I still squeezed a lot in, of course.

But, had to forgo many others for the Cause.

Which brings me to one of the many rubs of this email:

Lead gen is the beating heart of a business.

And, I mostly ignored it last year.

But, only for as long as I had to — call it a bit of deliberate short term self-sabotage for the greater good of the company as a whole, if’n you want. And it shows in how slowly my main list grew in 2019 compared to prior years, even though sales were way higher than prior years — which, in my biased opinion, is a testament to the email ways I sell with. And now that I have my time more or less back under control, I’m already getting booked back on various podcasts and summits, have been in touch with people wanting me to possibly speak, etc.


If you’re a podcaster or online summit host especially, and if you’d like me on your show to teach your audience my ways to get more sales, go here:

You can get a feel for the kind of info I share with audiences.

And, also, see the kind of shows I teach best on.

Okay, enough shameless self-shilling.


Something better…

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  • Book & Tabloid Newsletter Publisher
  • Email Supremacist
  • Alt-Copywriter
  • Software Investor
  • Pulp Novelist

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