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Recently, two windfalls happened to Yours Lucky.

First, I got trolled by arguably the single greatest troll who’s ever lived.

It was almost as if God put him on earth just to amuse, entertain, and enrich me.

In fact, not only did he make me sales in his troll video (where he amusingly called me a “cocksucker” and other creative descriptions, while unintentionally revealing his envy for my business model at the same time), but he strengthened the bond with my audience in ways I could never have done without his help. I love this old troll so much, I am thinking of sending him something Valuable to help him troll me even better next time.

(Probably a camera stand so it doesn’t shake so much.)

And the second piece of good luck?

In one of those random juxtapositions of life, the exact opposite of the above:

Less than a week later, the man who is universally considered to be the world’s greatest living copywriter Gary Bencivenga (easily my all-time favorite copywriter) graciously gave me permission to use this testimonial:

“Good copy intoxicates me. Yours is high proof. I’m enjoying it.”

He also graciously autographed for me a couple pieces of direct mail he wrote. (A couple bookalog controls I kept since the 90’s, before I even knew what copywriting was, I just found them too fascinating to throw away — which demonstrates how well what he teaches works and, in fact, he talks about these two magalogs his magnificent Farewell DVD’s).

There were some other great things that happened, too.

Such as being invited to speak at AWAI’s Bootcamp again.

Having one of my most successful product launches to date.

And, we’re gearing up to re-launch another business I’m involved in (in the golf niche).

So, twas a great month indeed.

Anyway, since I’m already writing this blatantly self-serving email, here’s more:

The May “Email Players” issue shows you exactly how to compete (and dominate in) markets where everyone gives information free on YouTube, etc, where people ask you “why should I buy from you, when XYZ guy on YouTube gives everything to me free?”

Not only will you be immune to it, but you’ll profit from it.

And, all it takes is knowing a few ways of doing plain text emails.

The deadline to get this issue is tomorrow, here’s where to get in on time:

Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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