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It always astounds me how so many old school door-to-door methods of selling either work directly online, or are easily adapted to selling online.

Or to any kind of direct response marketing.

For example:

Referral lead generation.

The man the Guinness Book Of World Records says is the “World’s Greatest Salesman” (the great Joe Girard) consistently outsold every car sales man by a country mile year in, and year out.

And one of his big secrets?


He sold in such a way where his customers couldn’t help but tell all their friends, family, co-workers, even complete strangers about him. That meant, people came to him already trusting him, knowing he could help them, and eager to hand him the sale.

These are the best kind of leads you can get.

They readily buy.

They readily use/consume/implement what you sell them.

And then, assuming you give them a good experience and your product/service works, are far more likely to spread the gospel about you to everyone they know — including their email list, social media audience, colleagues, yada yada yada.

Enter the February “Email Players” issue.

I go deep into my all-time favorite referral list building method.

A method that has added many hundreds of subscribers to my list in the past few months alone. But, not just ordinary subscribers. These are, in many cases, cream-of-the-crop subscribers.

This is a method pretty much anyone can use, too.

Even if you’re a raw and “wriggling” newbie.

I won’t say it will build you a huge list really fast, necessarily.

(Especially if you’re brand spanking new to marketing.)

And it does take some elbow grease, time, and patience.

Plus, it’s not at all “scaleable”, either.

But it’s my #1 favorite method.

And, I teach it in depth, everything I know about it and everything I do to implement it, in the February “Email Players” issue. In fact, it will become part of a higher ticket product (along with the March issue, and a couple other back issues I’ve done about list building) later this year or early next year.

The deadline to get this issue approaches quick.

Here’s the link:

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