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“I’d love to leave my door unlocked when I leave the house, but this ain’t Canada.”

— Justin Hammer
“Ironman 2”

Recently, I’ve been studying a Dan Kennedy training about creative thinking.

And, while it’s full of all kinds of ways to stimulate creative problem-solving, the most valuable part of the entire course has literally nothing to do with creativity or being more creative or marketing or selling or any of the usual suspects.

No, it was a part where he was talking about the healthcare system.

Specifically, in the US, where he predicted:

“…there will be some version of nationalized health that probably looks something like the Canadian system that everybody gets…And it’ll be like getting your heart surgery done at the post office or the DMV and obviously people like you and I will want nothing to do with it.”

He then followed up with this kicker:

“It’s another very good argument for making sure you get rich, because failing to do so probably destines you to having the postal worker taking off your bunions after you’ve waited three months for an appointment. I mean that’s where were headed.”

This was recorded many years ago.

But, I suspect he’s right.

Sooner or later the liberals’ll get their way.

And, when it happens, I also believe an entire niche industry (and opportunity) will pop up for doctors, surgeons, hospitals, and other healthcare providers that will be priced to the hilt, with far better bedside care & services with far less deaths or botched procedures, and well out of reach of anyone but those who make — at the bare minimum — upper 6-figures per year, if not 7-figures per year.

ie these rich patients’ll get the kind of treatment our politicians get.

Now, there are two types of people reading this:

1. People who agree with Mr. Kennedy’s prediction, that it’ll be horrifying

2. People who disagree him, and think it’ll be great

My ex-spurt opinion?

I think it will eventually get bad on all kinds of levels, in all kinds of ways.

Especially for small, independent business owners.

As people who have this month’s January 2020 “Email Players” issue and read the bonus elBenbo’s Lair insert have seen, to say I have a sense of outright emergency about the future in the next 10-15 years or so especially is an understatement. And while there isn’t a whole lot of control any one of us has over the political, ideological, and other ever-shifting world-wide forces raging on a national and international scale, one thing we can control is working at building as secure and profitable a business as possible. And, as bad as I suspect it’ll be for businesses who can’t afford to line the right pockets, I still believe commerce will still be around, and that learning how to sell, market, build a business, and create as much financial security as you can — before any big, sweeping changes happen — is vital if you want to have as smooth a landing as possible during the coming turbulence.

However, let’s face it:

Very few people have any sense of urgency, much less emergency.

After all, the stock market is operating at a crazy high pace.

Even cancel culture loving millennials jonesing for socialism & decrying capitalism on social media platforms with their $800 iPhones have full bellies with plenty of entertainment to distract them, and all the time in the world to virtue signal about their pet social justice causes on Twitter & Facebook.

And from what I’ve read of history, many of the so-called “poor” in Western civilization live as good today — in terms of having food, entertainment, and material possessions — as royalty did at various times in history.

But that same history says what goes up will go down.

And, crash in direct proportion to how high it went.

i.e. The suffering from climbing and then falling from a ten foot tree is a mere irritation compared to the suffering, horror, and pain inflicted from climbing a 100ft tall building and then falling.

Just my opinion.

Which, of course, you can whatever you want with…

Anyway, I don’t pretend to have all the answers or solutions to this.

But, if you want to know what I’m doing to prepare from a business point of view — and possibly even prosper — for the coming fall, subscribe to “Email Players”, read it carefully each month, and have the ambition to apply it to your own business ventures, while not getting distracted by nonsense.

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