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Today is the deadline to get the June “Email Players” issue.

Here’s what’s waiting inside for those wise enough to be subscribed in time to get it:

  • 6 (100% legal & ethical) persuasion secrets of one of the most evil psychopaths who ever lived.
  • The “deathbed” persuasion secret that was responsible for some of the most successful business, financial, and political deals (including with popular presidents in the 20th century) ever created.
  • The anti-swiping phenomenon that can make your emails (and other copy) instantly stand out from anyone else in the inbox, and make your products and services far more attractive than they would be otherwise. (Not-a-fun fact: This is what also makes it possible for sociopaths and criminal scum more easily swindle even “smart” and “experienced” people in business, seduce even “good” and “virtuous” women into bed, and, unfortunately, lure even “intelligent” and “discerning” victims into their vans and basements. See page 3 for more info.)
  • What evil serial killer Ted Bundy said that persuaded the courts to let him live a few extra years. (Believe it or not, this tip was also used by a wildly successful furniture salesman to ethically and cleverly dominate his industry and make a fortune extremely fast.)
  • A quick “twist” you can put on your emails to revive lagging sales. (Sooner or later almost everyone’s sales begin to lag, if that happens to you, simply apply the advice on page 6 to your next batch of emails and watch your sales come roaring back.)
  • How to write cold emails that heat up the buying passions of your market. (I show you not only the psychology behind one tried-and-true way to write cold emails, but show you an example of how to do it.)
  • A real life example of how to write an email that (1) connects immediately with your market (2) is perfect for selling products as an affiliate and (3) breaks several major “rules” of copywriting and marketing. Page 9.
  • What to do in your emails to automatically be more persuasive even if your copy is amateur hour. (Incidentally, this is something sociopaths do that makes them irresistible to women, too, details on page 2.)
  • The worst thing can do (that almost all copywriters tend to do) to your headlines and subject lines if you want people to buy from you.
  • Word-for-word one of the single most powerful copywriting “structures” you can use for your emails and sales letters. (One long running comic strip did this and ran for years — and maybe even decades. I can’t make you any promises, but I would be shocked if it didn’t make any emails you apply it to far more profitable, too.)
  • How to “talk trash” about gurus in your emails and not look like a douche canoe.
  • And ho’ bunch mo’, including:

Another “Ravings Of An Adman” bonus report.

This short (2 page) report shows you the weird madness behind my methods for cranking out emails day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, and, even decade after decade without barely even breaking a sweat.

I’m sending this issue to the printer today.

If you want it, go to the link below and subscriber immediately so you don’t miss it:

Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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