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A question that sometimes pops up is:

“Ben, I’m already an Email Players subscriber, why are you pitching me still?”

Since segmentation is the key to winning the entire game, it probably strikes these good folk (especially all t he email automation specialists popping up out of the woodwork lately) as idiotic that someone who sells email “how to” advice doesn’t do even the most basic email segmentation.

So, here are some reasons why I don’t do it for Email Players:

1. Demonstration.

Current subscribers can see what they’re learning demonstrated in the “digital flesh” each day.

They can also easily opt out, too.

(At any time they want.)

Although, that strikes me rather like someone learning direct mail copywriting to ask the post office not to deliver direct mail they can study for free from a copywriting teacher they are paying to study under.

2. Anticipation.

It lets current subscribers know what to expect in the next issue. When I tease the next months’ issue, it gives them a chance to (hopefully) get excited about what’s coming.

Or, it might help them realize the newsletter isn’t for them.

So in that sense, it’s like a courtesy to both types.

3. Solicitation.

A lot of people have requested I not take them off my daily emails list when they buy. Who am I to rob them of subjecting themselves to my daily asylum of the mind?

4. Procrastination.

Due to my lack of foresight almost 10 years ago, it’d be a huge pain in the gluteus assimus to change everything over for seamless segmentation. So even if I wanted to segment, it’s easier to simply keep things how it is.

For now, at least…

Anyway, so that’s why I don’t segment for Email Players currently.

For 99.9% of products, I would.

But, just not for this particular product.

(I may in the future, but that’s another email for another day…)

Speak of the devil:

The May “Email Players” issue is being prepped to send to the printer Monday. It will be especially useful to people who sell information or services in markets where everything is available free.

Here’s where to subscribe:

Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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