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Your Daily Email Addiction

Many suns ago, James Altucher wrote an email about 30-day challenges.

Everyone’s got a 30-day challenge these days.

(Even Yours Unruly, in my “Email Skh?ma Playbook” which I send to new “Email Players” subscribers upon subscribing.)

Anyway, it was an interesting list.

A couple of the things on his list I’ll never do.

Like, for example, “live only in Airbnbs for 30 days.”

I’d rather be *waterboarded* than stay in an Airbnb.

But, the list was overall thought-provoking and one of the things he said is perfect for anyone who wants to get faster at writing emails, and be able to pound them out without struggling, squirming, or wriggling in your seat trying to think up ideas.

And, that idea was:

Write down 10 ideas a day for 30 days.

He equates it to exercising your idea muscles, like any other muscle.

And, yes, I completely agree.

In fact, I have been doing something similar — not as part of a challenge, but just as a result of having lots of ideas — for years. I have a folder on my hard drive with some 2,400+ various email ideas/subject lines/themes/offers. Plus, a 255 page document full of Email Players issue ideas and fodder. And, I’m always adding to it. Whenever I am away from my computer and get an idea, I simply whip out my phone and email the idea to myself (yes, I realize there are things like evernote or whatever, but this is what works for me).

The result?

I don’t really worry about what to write about.

I simply open the folder, take a gander, and pick whatever’s interesting.

Anyway, end of PSA.

Of course, ideas don’t equal sales.

The next step is knowing how to turn those ideas into emails.

Enter the “Email Players” newsletter.

It’s pricey, if you are one of these prole-minded types who think they are business people that think in terms of expenses instead of investments when it comes to ongoing business education they can profit from. And it’s for people who have the attention span to read 17 pages per month and *implement*. Amusingly, most people don’t have even that attention span, which is why there’s no real “competition” out there for my boys and ghouls who use my methods.

And the July issue goes to the printer in 5 short days.

The entire issue is packed with ways to create content, including:

  • Emails
  • Social media posts
  • Books (non-fiction or fiction)
  • Courses
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Articles
  • Newsletters
  • Membership site content
  • Premiums & bonuses
  • And any other kind of content you might sell or sell with

Anyway, here’s where to subscribe to get it in time:

Ben Settle

  • Book & Newsletter Tabloid Publisher
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