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Someone doesn’t like my “swipe file” warning:

“I have been a subscriber of yours for over a year…At your invitation. Do you not think it’s very rude, and I might add downright ignorant to warn me, not to steal any of your material. If you were to invite some of your friends to your home for an evening dinner…Would you meet them at the door with this exclamation? ‘If you steal anything from my house–You will be hearing from my lawyer!’ And in the unlikely event, that you did utter this insult to your guest… Do you think they would still join you for dinner….? I rest my case……”


Let’s look at this rationally:

First, that warning is automatically appended to the bottom of every email and says “If you are thinking about stealing or swiping… blah blah blah”

Key word is “if”.

If you’re NOT thinking it, then it doesn’t apply to you.

Even an 8th grader knowz this.

Do I really have to explain it to a grown up?

Or, maybe he was thinking about stealing?



He didn’t think his analogy through.

Smart businesses protect their property.

And, yes, warn thieves away.


My credit union “invited” me to be a member. Yet, when I go to the ATM, there’s a big fat camera watching me. There’s also a warning about what happens if you steal money there, etc. Do I whine to the credit union about it being insulting?

Of course not.

They’re not inviting me to dinner.

They’re inviting me to do business.

They have to protect their property.

And, if you think your emails aren’t your intellectual property, then you probably don’t write emails that make sales (I have a monthly fix for that problem at

Profitable emails are assets.

They should be protected.

Including criminally prosecuting anyone who steals them.

Most smart marketers at least put a copyright notice on their emails.

The only difference between mine and everyone else’s?

I show the consequences.

It’s supposed to offend the bad guys.

That’s the point.


Ben Settle

  • Book & Tabloid Newsletter Publisher
  • Email Supremacist
  • Alt-Copywriter
  • Software Investor
  • Pulp Novelist

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