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Your Daily Email Addiction

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An eager-beaver reader asks:

Hey, Ben.

After binge-reading your email newsletter few days ago,

something makes me curious.

You write long story email,

why don’t you write a blog post just like your email

and promote your post through your email newsletter?

The short answer:

I do it the way I do it because I kinda like getting paid.

I find this question fascinating in the same way I would find it fascinating if someone asked me, “Ben how come you don’t use MySpace?” In fact, I thought this silly idea of writing teaser emails to send people to long blog posts which then link to an offer, being better than simply putting the content in the emails with a link directly to an offer died off years ago.

But, apparently not.

About 10 years ago I would sometimes get challenged on this.

And you know what happened?

Every single person I know who tested it found their sales were not just better, but exponentially better… simply putting the content in the email instead of trying to screw around sending them to a blog post to generate comments or for SEO, etc.

That’s not to say not to use blogs.

I certainly do.

But, not when I want to make direct sales, except in rare circumstances.

Anyway, do with this info what you will.

Take it to heart.

Ignore it.

Or even SPURN it, for all I care.

But if you want to see the exact methodology Yours Crotchety uses, go here:

Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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