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A few years ago I was telling “Email Players” subscriber and the “founding father” of online advertising & email marketing as we all know it Ken McCarthy about why — barring a death in the family, and even that may not happen… — I refused to do any plane traveling.

There is a burnout aspect to it after the last few years.

Not to mention all today’s requirements to fly.

But, more than that, I always found airports only slightly less depressing than casinos.

Last time I flew was in October 2018, when speaking at AWAI’s copywriting bootcamp and then the great Brian Kurtz’s master class right after that, and it was intolerable.

Not just from the crowds.

But, the utter unsanitary conditions of even so-called “clean” airports.

I hear tell covid protocols has made places be cleaner, but who knows.

Anyway, Ken’s response (with his permission) is below.

It’s quite the lesson in and of itself for business people:

I’ll tell you, not only are they depressing, they are literally sickening – as are air flights and hotel rooms and restaurant food.

I can drive to Kennedy (LONG but doable) and I’m going to shoot for a place to stay with OPEN windows ideally where I can make some of my own meals.

I always found travel a little rough, but now that I’ve looked into the matter in depth I realize that when we go out into “the world” we might as well be crawling through a sewer.

In terms of toxins that are in the air, in synthetic carpets, chemical cleaners, air “fresheners” that are literally neurotoxins and on and on it goes. It’s quite a lot to process. Human beings aren’t built for it and in takes a toll.

You are right on the money to be living by the ocean and NOT traveling

And I can go into a lot more gruesome detail!

Some people depending on genetics, constitution, overall health – various factors – are a lot more impacted than others, but bottom line all these places – airports, airplanes, hotel rooms are absolutely ghetto-sewer shit.

It’s kind of a joke that we look at them as “luxuries”

Cap’n Covid or no Cap’n Covid:

This is why I can’t stomach even the mere brain fart of being a digital nomad. I just don’t see what’s so exciting, thrilling, fun, and great about traveling from one petri dish to another full of human stench, terrible hygiene, boogers, farts, screaming kids, nosey travelers, long lines for terrible food, sticky bathroom floors, overachieving (and overreaching) TSA agents, being forced to breathe my own CO2 for several hours, and other assorted horrors that airports & even hotels offer.

This why I’m far more content being a Baggins than a Took.

Adventures make one late for dinner.

And are highly overrated IMO.

All right, enough warm fuzzy feelings for the traveler’s soul.

It’s not all doom & gloom.

Because if you know what you’re doing, you can use plain, simple emails to make sales anywhere — at home, in an airport unfit for human habitation, or even in a dirty hostel in the middle of nowhere occupying the same dwelling with 5 total strangers all sharing the same bar of soap with a pubic hair stuck to it.

To learn how to write such emails, go here:

Ben Settle

  • Book & Tabloid Newsletter Publisher
  • Email Supremacist
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