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Your Daily Email Addiction

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A few weeks ago, I came across a Tweet from a guy named “Illimitable” that was invaluable to anyone in direct marketing or business.

What did he say that was so all-fired important?

Two things:

1. The advice “be yourself!” is awful advice for people who haven’t developed themselves

2. Those of us who have developed ourselves don’t need to be told to be ourselves

And you know what?

This is one of the best reasons I’ve seen for doing daily communication with your audience. I don’t care if it’s with daily email, daily video, a daily podcast, daily social media’ing, daily blogging, or whatever poison you choose.

The more you communicate, the more you develop yourself.

And, you do it in multiple ways:

Your “voice.”

Your personality.

Your thoughts about your market and niche.

Your tone.

Your opinions.

Your points of view.

Your unique philosophy about your industry, etc.

And the list goes on.

Obviously, I’m biased towards daily emails for this.

Especially if making sales is the the plum your after picking, Laddie-buck.

Anyway, to learn how to write emails people look forward to reading and, most importantly, buying from, check out my “Email Players” newsletter. It’s 16-pages of wall-to-wall content each month that, if you apply it and don’t let it collect dust like a bible on a coffee table, can not only make you significantly more sales in a very short period of time, but will automatically develop you in all the ways above.

Here’s the link to read more about it:

Ben Settle

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  • Anti-professional
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  • Email Specialist

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