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Back around 2004 after the Bush/Kerry election, one of my co-workers at the time went on a cruise with his wife, and told an amusing story with a powerful lesson about buyer psychology.

Here’s what happened:

They were on deck sunbathing next to a couple guys who were also soaking in the rays, sun glasses on, relaxed and having a good time.

Not a care in the world.

Then, out of the blue, one of these relaxed sun bathers said — without moving, raising his voice or even so much as changing the relaxed expression on his face —

“Man, I don’t know what I’m going to do now that Bush is back in there. We’re all screwed. Can you pass me the lotion?”

No anger.

No fear.

No clenched fists or even expression change.

And that’s the point:

Despite his words… the bloke obviously wasn’t that distressed about Bush 2.0. In fact, according to my friend, the guy was out each night laughing it up and having a good time with the ladies, ordering pricey meals and drinks, etc.

Which brings me to the rub:

People will say they like certain things.

They will say they hate or fear certain things.

They will say they want to buy certain things.

But what they SAY they like… what they SAY they hate & fear… what they SAY they want to buy… ain’t always so.

This applies to every single market I’ve ever sold to:

Like golfers who insist they want consistency, but buy “how to hit the ball farther” products and gadgets. Or in weight loss when people say they want to be healthy but really just want to get revenge on an ex by looking good. And the list goes on.

The best buyers are liars.

And, if you know how to do market research, you’ll grow to love ‘em.

All of which is why the August “Email Players” issue contains a bonus 3-page insert that talks about this and a couple other market research secrets.

But the deadline to get this issue is approaching quick.

After I send it to the printer, it’ll be too late.

That’s why, if you are intending to get it, don’t lie to your inner procrastinator by thinking you have plenty of time, because you don’t.

Here’s the link for your clicking displeasure:

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