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Your Daily Email Addiction

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“Email Players” subscriber Alp Turan brings up something the Facebook group-addicted copywriters who think “copy is king!” when it comes to email fear worse than a visit from Krampus on Christmas:

I’ve only been doing daily emails for the last 20 days, but here is the pattern I noticed:

Consistency + email content (what I say) has a greater impact than the CTA or the copy.

For example, I noticed that inspirational and “fat shaming” emails bring in the most sales. __ emails and __ emails have the biggest bonding effect – they get the most replies and unsubscribes, but fewer sales. __ + ___ emails had the greatest impact in terms of positioning me as a leader – a lot of people write in after these saying stuff like “omg you are the only person who talks about this! those gurus don’t know what they’re talking about!”

So I love your suggestion of mixing things up and rotating your themes.

Also, I think a lot of marketers underestimate the importance of showing up daily. It took me a long while to realise that even with my best customers, they are not always ready to buy when I am ready to launch. So it pays to put the offer in front of them daily.

There’s a lot of wisdom in what Alp said above.

(Yes, even with me mischievously leaving out the details of exactly what kind of emails I teach did what for his results… saving those details for the January “Email Players” issue next month.)


Alp is 100% correct.

Mixing and matching themes you read in the “Email Players Playbook” and in the monthly issues will make your emails not only far better than anyone you compete against, but difficult for some loser copycat to knock you off.

Most people simply aren’t deep thinkers.

Especially in Internet marketing land.

(Where everyone wants to swipe and deploy, and not think.)

And, they certainly don’t think deeply enough to mix n’ match as Alp describes.

Want 2018 to bring you more sales from your emails than ever before? Then mix n match the themes, email teachings, subject lines, and other things I teach in the “Email Players” newsletter, seeing what works best for your particular market and product line. (For example, what Alp describes for wait loss niche does not apply to me selling Email Players, golf, prostate problems, or dating — every market is different).

Bottom line?

Mix, match, shuffle, and repeat what I teach.

The more you do that, the more interesting your emails will be, the more likely they’ll be read, and the better the chances of people buying from you.

Of course, the caveat is, you must have my system.

And the only way to get it is to subscribe to “Email Players” and read the free book that comes with the subscription, and the monthly content.

So much Value packed in the January issue.

So much of the green stuff to be made.

So much info that works, even if you’re not a “copywriter” or whatever.

Here’s the link:

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