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Your Daily Email Addiction

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I once saw someone write about how she was re-reading the Lord of the Rings books, only to realize the One Ring is her smartphone, with this passage from Bilbo:

“…it would be a relief in a way not to be bothered with [The Ring] any more. It has been growing on my mind lately. Sometimes I have felt it was like an eye looking at me. And I am always wanting to put it on and disappear, don’t you know; or wondering if it is safe, and pulling it out to make sure. I tried locking it up, but I found I couldn’t rest without it in my pocket. I don’t know why. And I don’t seem able to make up my mind.”

In many ways, I believe the above applies even more to Flakebook.


Well, this is admittedly purely anecdotal but, the second I deleted my Facebook account (and I have a witness for this, should you need one…), just like Bilbo Baggins’ countenance and peace of mind changed the second he left the Ring at home and walked out the door… so it was with elBenbo Baggins.

Instant relief.

I was glad to be rid of the accursed thing.

And, my productivity went up that same hour (literally).


Like Samwise Gamgee observing Frodo and Smeagol lusting after the Ring… I now clearly see just how Gollum-like other people are when I observe them on social media, interacting on social media, and incessantly and rudely checking their social media on their phones (at restaurants, in the company of friends & family, even when talking one-on-one with someone) to make sure their Facebook still is where they left it… to constantly open it up and “disappear” into the posts and drama… wondering if their ego is safe by seeing how many people liked their posts and comments… and pulling it up to always know it’s safe.

And, like Bilbo and Gollum (who, when he had the Ring, sometimes had to put it away since it galled his body), people try to lock their accounts up by deactivating it, knowing it’s galling their minds.

Even going on Facebook and social media “fasts.”

But they don’t find rest without the app on their phone and checking messenger.

Of course, like all addicts, they don’t think they are addicted.

And it’s especially amusing watching people cook up all kinds of excuses of why they “have” to be there, even as they know it’s galling their brains, sucking up their time, and controlling their reactions.

I know, I know.

This does not apply to YOU, Boromir.

You’re different.

And probably completely immune to the wiles of social media — which is designed to work on your dopamine production, designed to keep you dependent to being “connected”, and designed to keep you thinking you have to have it, or your life, your business, and your network will die on the vine.

Thus, I won’t try to sell you on casting the One Ring into the fires.

So the rest of this email is only for the 1% reading this who know what I speaketh is true.

For them, here’s a non-exhaustive list of the benefits of casting the One Ring into the fires:

  • More privacy (this reason, alone, should be enough, especially if you are foolish enough to put pics of your kids on Facebook)
  • Less accessibility (the law of supply and demand didn’t cease to exist with social media, it got amplified by it… what’s scarce is always more valuable than what’s easily obtained, reclusive Pai Mei’s trainings are infinitely more valuable and sought-after than a storefront karate sensei at the local strip mall…)
  • No longer feeding, nourishing, and strengthening my ideological enemies (Facebook, Apple, Twitter… still working on liberating myself from Google, admittedly, but all in due course…)
  • So many new ideas I am implementing so fast it actually annoys me now trying to keep up with them (as I told my woman, I wish my brain would shut them all off for just a day… otherwise I am running the risk of burnout, which presents its own set of problems…)
  • More optimistic (it’s astounding how much the negativity of social media can affect the mind… something I did not realize until doing an “Irish good-bye” on Facebook and Twitter…)
  • Less overall frustration (no longer seeing everyone’s stupid political views, rants, and virtue signaling — I not only don’t know what Trump, Pelosi, the media, etc are up to in many cases, I don’t care, either, and barely even look at the Drudge Report anymore other than the headlines)
  • More time to read and better myself (spending a lot of time inside the minds of great men and leaders via biographies and autobiographies, and not any time inside the minds of marketing proles on social media, is a night-and-day difference on so many levels, it deserves an email all to itself to discuss it)

Those are just a few.

There are, of course, many more.

Including some that have nothing to do with business.

And the drawbacks?

So far, zero.

I cannot think of a single thing I am missing out on that matters not being on those sites.

Am I saying I would never return to one of those sites?

I never say never.

Especially since, you never know how platforms or business environments will change, people change (including myself), etc. Plus, there are a growing number of social media sites that have eliminated the privacy concerns altogether, which might be worth looking at eventually.

But for now?

I am enjoying business and making more sales than ever before.

Anyway, like I said:

This email is for the 1% of people on my list who know I speaketh the truth about this, and needed a Gandalf-like nudge to give up the One Ring.

And for them, I have a 29-day challenge.

A challenge I believe will take anyone to whatever goals they have much faster.

Including in ways they never thought possible.

Here is the challenge:

1. Delete your social media — Not just deactivate, delete, for 29 days. That gives you a 24-hour period to get back on Facebook or Twitter (I believe they give you a 30-day grace period after deletion to get back on) should you not be able to resist the lust of the One Ring. If you really miss it that much after 29 days, and find yourself caressing your phone’s Facebook app in the moonlight talking to yourself like Gollum did… and you can’t let it go and must get back back on, well, you can.

And, without missing a beat, too.

(All your friends, lists, etc still in tact.)

2. Spend all the time you would have spent doing social media’ing working on your business — especially building and mailing your email list.

3. Subscribe to “Email Players” before tomorrow’s deadline to get the December “Email Players” issue — which has several non-social media ways of building a list of highly qualified leads completely free. (Includes a couple social media ways that, while I no longer use them, did work to get qualified leads on my list.)

After that:

Pick the list-building method you like most in that issue, and focus on that the rest of your 29 days, while mailing an offer to it each of those days..

Then, note the results.

Again, this email applies to maybe 1% of my list.

And, no, I don’t expect most of those few people who do the above will stay off social media.

But for that 1% of the 1% of who do?

I predict their businesses will explode.

Their sales will explode.

And, yes, their profits will explode.

Not just in those 29 days, but forever after.

To subscribe before tomorrow’s deadline go here immediately:

Ben Settle

P.S. If you read this, and think you would love to leave sites like Facebook, etc, but can’t, because your business and income really do depend on one or more of those sites, then that should be a huge red flag for you in and of itself to change your wicked ways.

Relying on one platform you don’t control in the first place is dangerous.

Especially with all the incessant de-platforming, thought-policing, and algorithm-adjusting going on with practically all social media.

Even I agree social media can make you lots of sales.

But, it’s a shaky foundation to solely build an entire business on.

And, like everything in life, it only works until it doesn’t…

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