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Not long ago, I was privy to a couple private, insider phone calls with two of the savviest and most experienced email deliverability experts in the business.

There were many things I learned about deliverability.

Specifically, about all the ways people screw up their deliverability by listening to pretty much any mainstream internet marketing advice. Plus, these calls also confirmed why my deliverability is so high despite — for nearly 20 years — putting nearly zero thought into it at all… and pretty much ignoring what everyone in “internet marketing” says you have to do.

I have found that just by following the fundamentals I teach, delivery takes care of itself.

For example:

Asking people to send me their receipt in order to collect on a bonus promised during affiliate or launch campaigns.

I do this for multiple reasons that have zippo to do with “deliverability.”

But, the effect of the unique way I go about doing it – that goes beyond the obvious surface reasons for doing so – is way higher overall deliverability.

And, yes, this is the case regardless of the email broadcasting platform.


One of the many secrets I teach in the upcoming December “Email Players” issue is one of those more profitable reasons I do this that goes way beyond the obvious… and exactly how to do it in a way — you won’t see via merely watching and trying to foolishly “reverse engineer” what I do — that can lead to sometimes thousands, and possibly tens of thousands, of dollars in extra sales for your business over time.

You can read all about it on pages 8-9.

At least, if you are subscribed to the newsletter, that is.

If not, good luck trying to guess, Maynard.

An admission:

One of the things I enjoy most about promoting “Email Players” each month, is deliberately teasing people like I am doing here, and watching the gaggle of new product junkies and know-it-alls on my list who literally know nothing about anything of significance thinking they are guessing the answer — which none of them ever does. And the reason they never do is because I like to word things in a way where it looks like I am talking about something obvious, but is anything but obvious when the real secret is revealed.

I do the same thing in my sales letter bullets too, most of the time.

Such are the mind games I play with you, my Pet.

I especially enjoy tormenting the marketing hobbyists who get all their education free on social media around like a cat does to an exhausted mouse.

And, this email and the December issue are no different.

To subscribe before tomorrow’s deadline, go here right away:

Ben Settle

P.S. On a related note:

Chances are, you are getting a lot of “Black Friday” sale emails today. If not, you are to be congratulated for curating your daily reading so well. But, most people up in this space are doing Black Friday sales.

All admirable attempts.

But, also magnificently ironic.


Because even though I don’t say a peep about Black Friday anywhere in the December “Email Players” issue, I can say on pages 13 & 14 I talk about what I did to my promotional schedule a couple years ago to not only make doing “Black Friday!”, or “Cyber Monday!”, or any other trendy internet market-ey holiday sales other people do completely obsolete… but I daresay I burgled (legally & fairly) many would-be Black Friday customers away from my competitors months in advance, simply by virtue of doing what it teaches.

Business can be quite fun, Chuckles.

And I reckon the December issue, if you apply it all, will show you how:

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