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If you’ve been reading these emails for very long, you will no doubt have noticed I not only do not cater to newbies, but in some cases even show contempt for some of them.

Not all of them, of course.

I am specifically only referring to the foolish ones who think they can start with “advanced.”

With no desire to learn the “boring”  basics & fundamentals first.

These particular types of newbies do nothing but waste my time, ask questions which would be answered if they picked up a marketing/copywriting 101 book or stopped being cowards and took some chances, and who demand coddling, handholding, a checklist to cling to like a blanky, and everything spelled out, with as little thinking as possible. Much like an employee does. All while thinking — and proclaiming to their other newbie friends on social media — they are an “entrepreneur!”

Yes, it can be – and is – quite amusing.

But sometimes it’s annoying, too.

Especially when these lazy types sneak into my world and subscribe to “Email Players”, which is not only clearly not intended for them, but they don’t yet have the skill or experience to use even if they have the intellect to read the words – or, if they are in that position, the desire to get up to speed to use it.

Like this blue light special, who said:

“I messed up. I should’ve signed up when I had a list and an offer. And now I know why. You said that many times over and even bolded it but I didn’t listen.”

No shyt, Sherlock.

The irony:

It never occurs to small thinkers like this to use the situation to treat their business like an actual business for a change. By that I mean, they already have the info, so they might as well use the opportunity to sac up, and start building a list & creating or finding an offer to sell – which anyone with an 8th grade education can start doing in as little as a few hours using just a smart phone and social media, or even free article sites and/or JVs with other newbies, if that’s all they have. Then, they can use the info in the newsletters to write emails selling said offer.

But they don’t think that way.

Not these types of newbies, at least.

Their first & only reaction is roll over & surrender.

Thus, I find their lack of vision & ambition to problem solve downright embarrassing.

Also thus, I ban them from coming back later.

In fact, in the not-too-distant-future, technology has made it so I can start finally blocking these contemptible new product junkies & small-thinker do-nothing types not only from buying other books & products I sell, but also even start denying them access to the free info on my new business App by locking them out altogether from it, as I am very likely only going to make it accessible to “Email Players” subscribers by year’s end.

Lots of other businesses will happily take the new product junkie type of newbie’s money.


I prefer these low-quality lazy types haunt someone else, so I can focus on & make more room for high-quality business.

All that said, not all newbies are created equal.

Like, for example, “Email Players” subscriber Fotis Chat.

(Hiya Fotis!)

I remember many years ago when he was a raw, “wriggling” newbie, with no experience, offers, or list to speak of. He asked about subscribing to “Email Players” and I told him not to, it’d be a waste of his money, etc. I don’t remember the exact email thread, but that was the gist of it.

Anyway, I thought he’d go on his merry way.

But, instead, he defiantly ignored my commands and subscribed anyway.

And, since then, he’s become quite successful.

And, one time a few years back, I remember writing an email warning newbies away and he reminded me of his accomplishments and that not all newbies are the same, etc. And he was right. There are a few such types such as himself and, when I was getting started, Yours Crotchety, who were able to figure things out without needing checklists, an endless string of coaches, constant coddling & handholding, everything spelled out, etc, where we found what resources we needed, bought them, and used them, figured things out, made mistakes, learned from said mistakes, and plowed forward.

I have to stress though:

These types of newbies are as rare as honest politicians.

And if you are a newbie reading this, chances are you are NOT one of them, no matter how much your rationalization hamster after listening to a Gary Vee or Grant Cardone or Anthony Robbins pep talk may be telling you otherwise. And, thus, you should not be buying the newsletter, and would be better off educating yourself with the free training in my mobile App (while you can), media page on my blog, daily emails, or low cost Kindle books, and implementing those first, instead.

How can you tell if you are one of the chosen few (fewbies?) who is ready?

If you have to ask, then you’ve answered your own question, Maynard.

I don’t teach email “hacks” newbies endlessly chase. I know hacks are all the rage these days. Email hacks, copywriting hacks, funnel hacks, this hack, or that hack, or whatever.

But my newsletter doesn’t teach said hacks.

Neither do any of my other books.

In my experience, only two types of people chase hacks & tricks:

(1) experienced marketers who have mastered the basics, for whom a legitimately ethical & valuable hack/tactic/trick can potentially add some significant coinage to their pockets. And (2) hapless newbies with no list, offer, or business to speak of who think they can use shortcuts or advanced info without the experience needed to use said hacks or understand them in context.

Thus, I prefer newbies wait until they get out of the diaper phase of craving hacks & swipes, and hold off until they are ready for wisdom before subscribing.

After all, there are no “hacks” to learn.

No subject lines, body copy, or closes to “swipe.”

And, no secret ninja tricks to run on your customers.

i.e. It’s mostly far more strategical than tactical.

And this is especially true of the upcoming February “Email Players” issue. If you don’t have a list, content, or a business… there is simply no way you can profit from the information inside. And if you are a contemptible new product junkie looking for your latest dopamine fix of “NEW!!” information?

Then, as I say on page 10:

“There is nothing ‘new’ here, just a new way of applying what I’ve already taught you, assuming you were wise enough to read The Email Players Skh?ma Book, at least.”

Okay, enough.

The deadline to get this issue approaches fast.

Here’s the link to subscribe in time to get in while you still can:

Ben Settle

  • Book & Tabloid Newsletter Publisher
  • Email Supremacist
  • Alt-Copywriter
  • Software Investor
  • Pulp Novelist

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