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Because, my little droogie, it’s been the single best (free) traffic source your humble narrator has ever used.

Here’s why:

Someone interviews you on their podcast, you give your link at the end, and you potentially get a steady flow of hot leads over the next several days, weeks, months, and, yes, years. And by *hot* leads I mean, leads that have (1) listened to you yap and squawk about whatever the topic is for 20 or 30 minutes and (2) then go to your site and opt in.

That my fine feathered little pigeon is a hot lead.

They don’t come in huge abundance.

(Not usually, at least).

But, the leads you do get are likely to be of such a high quality and caliber, I would gladly have 100 podcast leads than 1,000 leads from practically any other free source.

Something else to think about:

Podcasting is basically the new talk radio.

If you ever heard publicity king Paul Hartunian talk about it — radio is some of the best kind of publicity you can get as far as getting sales is concerned (it doesn’t have the prestige of TV, but there’s a reason why talk radio shows generate billions of dollars per year in direct response ad revenue — because it’s a perfect fit for direct response). Plus, it’s easy to do since you don’t have to travel anywhere.

Immoral of the story?

Get booked on podcasts and thou shalt have peace.

Wait a minute.


You’re kind of new to your industry? You don’t have podcasters seeking you out to interview you? You would LOVE to get booked on all the podcasts your greedy little heart desires, but are confused about how to do it, don’t know what you’re doing, and don’t know where to turn?

Never fear.

Your long-suffering pal elBenbo has your back.

That is, if you are an “Email Players” subscriber in time for the March issue before tonight’s deadline.

This issue spends a lot of time on this subject.

Including how to get booked on shows.

(Even sometimes the big ones.)

How to conduct yourself on shows to get the most people wanting to opt-in to your email list.

And, how to get lots of “mileage” out of each appearance.

Something else to think about:

A few years back, before I figured out a lot of the information in the March issue, I almost paid a chick $15,000 for 3-months of help getting booked on podcasts. That’s how much some services charge you to find and get you booked. And, if you know what you’re doing, it can be worth that and more. But, there’s nothing she does I don’t teach in the March issue. And, I would bet green money none of these services teach all the other things I do in this issue to further monetize podcasts you get on.

Anyway, this issue goes to the printer later today.

Once I send it in, I turn off Email Players in the shopping cart.

(So no “stragglers” can try to sneak in.)

Here’s where to subscribe in time while you still can:

Ben Settle

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  • Email Specialist

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