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I was re-reading Dan Kennedy’s magnificent NO BS Time Management book (the original, shorter 108-page edition from 1996, not the longer, updated one) the other day, and it reminded me of something I’ve been doing ever since (because of that book) that has resulted in a much bigger business than I normally would have had.

And, has given me much more peace of mind, to boot.

Anyway, here is what he said:


Whenever he fires a toxic client or jettisons a pain-in-the-arse customer, that “void” is *immediately* filled with better clients and customers, more sales, better business relationships, etc.

I first read that back in 2002.

And I have coldly and ruthlessly applied it ever since.

And you know what?

I never once regretted it.

If anything, I am always getting more blood thirsty about it.

For example:

Over the past few years, I have had a policy to (with rare exceptions) not let people who cancel “Email Players” come back, blacklisting them forever.

And there are many specific reasons why.

Like, for instance, as a matter of principle, I refuse to cater to quitters.

After all, what would be the point? So they can pretend to be “serious!” this time only to yet again do nothing, apply nothing, or, even more amusing, make more sales with it again and then let whatever mental block keeps them from continuing to be successful prompt them to quit again?

They’d be better off going back to wandering the goo-roo casino than haunting me.

Secondly, yes, short term, I might make less sales turning business away like this.

But long term, it’s just the opposite:

For some reason, I am still always surprised (albeit pleasantly) at how consistently and reliably my business grows in direct proportion to how many people who have quit I reject from coming back and, also, repel from subscribing at all… just as my sales have always gone up in direct proportion to how many opt-outs I get.

Another reason:

Like I mentioned yesterday, you are the sum total of who you spend the most time with.

Since one of the perks of being an “Email Players” subscriber is to be able to ask me questions via email, this means customers, too.

Take, for example, this recent one:

“Firstly I LOVE all your content. Your newsletters have been invaluable especially the email Players rule book I got with my first news letter. I got this around four months ago and I am still working my way through it, which means I still have two newsletters that still remain unopened. I have a rule that I can’t and won’t open the next edition until I have implemented what I learnt from the previous newsletter. This is my realisation. I am very slow at implementing what I am learning which is frustrating. So until I am up to speed with what I have already I am having to suspend (not cancel) my subscription. What I have learnt already have vastly improved my email game I just need to play catch up. Keep up the good work. I WILL be back.”

No, Chuckles, you won’t.

I have a “rule” too:

I don’t suspend subscriptions, I only cancel them.

And once I do, there is no coming back later.

Instead of improving himself… and improving his reading speed (it’s 16 pages per month, not exactly a novel), improving his time management, improving his slow implementation, improving his attitude… he projects his excuses on to the newsletter.

Why would I want a guy like this back clogging up my customer list?

Why would I want to give him any more of my time or knowledge?

Why would I want to encourage his current attitude?

I am not saying people like him are “bad” people, or that they are any more or less flawed than myself or anyone else. (My laundry list of flaws would fill several volumes of books…) Probably they are very good people, and responsible in every other area of their lives.

But, their lack of commitment makes for terrible customers for me.

And, especially, for the products I sell.

Here’s another example of what I mean:

“So I pulled the trigger on EM@IL Players way too early. I’m in the Philippines and can’t get my program together over here (yet). I am Cancelling the EMail Players subscription as of today. When I finish my product and build a small list…I’ll beg you for forgiveness and reinstatement. Addicted to and still loving your emails though.”

His request to come back will be denied.

For one thing, I am always clear about not subscribing if you don’t have a list and offer.

So the fact he didn’t listen to my first instructions there, free, says something.

But if I was this guy and really didn’t want to be cut off forever?

I would have stuck with it, since he was already getting it and already liked it. And, I would have studied and implemented the info by applying it to make myself better at writing persuasive email copy by using the knowledge for writing ezine articles on major article directory sites, creating YouTube videos (the same principles I teach for email are easily applied to video or any media), guest articles, and short podcasts on iTunes… in addition to doing all the surprisingly simple and effective list building strategies I talk about in next month’s Email Players issue… that would have been building a list I could then create or find an offer to send to that list.

Not being “ready” is never an excuse.

If you’re not ready, you sac up and make yourself ready.

If you make yourself ready before you need to be ready for something, you don’t have to waste time getting ready for that which you are getting ready for when the time comes to be ready.

This includes the “I can’t afford it” excuse, too.

People who natter on about price need only replace “can’t” with “won’t.”

It’s $3.23 per day.

It ain’t the money, it’s their priorities and lack of action-taking.

After all, a bum rattling a used, coffee-stained styrofoam cup full of sticky pennies can afford it. And if they really are that broke, that desperate, they should hop on public assistance and quit pretending they are some kind of business person.

Anyway, so that’s that.

If this offends some of the quitters, trolls, and seethers, good.

They can go find someone who will cater to them, and do us both a favor.

We all benefit that way…

Now, on to the business:

The December “Email Players” issue shows 7 of my oldie-but-goodie list building methods I’ll be using in 2019 and beyond. Some of these can bring you (potentially) hundreds of new people on your list in a single day in some cases. And not just “leads”, but engaged leads already pre-sold on buying before they even opt in to your site. Once you have a list of such leads, you can sell to it rather easily, either your own product or service, or as an affiliate.

The deadline (for non-blacklisted people) to get this issue is Friday.

Here’s the link:

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