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Recently I was sent a tweet written by a guy named Richard Hanania that said:

“Amazing the extent to which modern liberalism has just completely given up on persuasion. Everything has to be truth boards, safety commissions, speech codes, judicial fiat. Complete freak out every time they don’t get their way. And screeching about “democracy” the whole time!”

I would also add:

Or they show their bewbs.

Especially French feminists.

Anytime anything happens in the world, French feminists show their bewbs.

And every time they do it reminds me of the so-called internet marketing community. Just as French feminists can only react by showing their bewbs, IM’ers can only seem to market and promote themselves and get attention by supposedly “giving value!”

Other than “Test!!11” it’s like their answer to everything is “give value!”

I’m not saying that never works or there isn’t a time to show a little something about your expertise from your paid offers, to a small extent. Especially for those with household names who have hundreds of thousands of fanboys fapping to their every offer (which is a brand-building skill in and of itself, and thus I am not mocking it here, I rather admire how a few are able to pull it off). Those boys & ghouls can move free lines, give away their best ideas, etc all day long. Although from the behind-the-scenes operations I’ve seen it ain’t always pretty.

(With 50%+ refunds, angry customers, bristling merchant accounts, small net profits, etc)

My opinion:

Giving value (i.e., giving your best ideas, tips, secrets away free in hopes people will think,, “if that’s the free stuff the paid stuff must be awesome!”) is basically the marketing equivalent of showing bewbs.

Doing so might get attention.

But not as much as you think if everyone else is showing theirs too.

And either way, it’s all fleeting and temporary at best.

With no real relationship built.

No real reason to buy given.

And, no real engagement is created because it was free and thus not valued — attracting nothing but lowly freebie seekers, dopamine fiends, and other low value subscribers and, if they buy at all, customers who need constant hand-holding and are quick to head right on back to the goo-roo casino to spend their money on the pretty lights and loud sounds.Do what you want with this info.

But that’s been my experience during my 20 years up in this business.

Also, if this analogy confuses or offends you that is okay.

That means you’re either new around here or shouldn’t be here at all.

Don’t let the opt-out link below hit you in the arse, Spanky…

All right enough IM breast milk for the soul.

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Ben Settle

  • Book & Tabloid Newsletter Publisher
  • Email Supremacist
  • Alt-Copywriter
  • Software Investor
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