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Behold two of the most valuable business quotes ever uttered by human lips:

Quote #1 — from Earl Nightingale

(found in his video “The Boss”)

“Most people…want to be liked and want to get along, who want to be friends. They have problems and sorrows of their own about which we’re not aware. They have bad days and disappointments. Make sure that the time they’re with you is a high spot in their day and that they’ll want to come back, not just because of your company, but because of you.”

Quote #2 — from A-list copywriter Doug D’Anna

(found in my “Copywriting Grab Bag” eBook)

“Everybody can recite benefits, benefits, benefits. Forget the benefits. Ultimately it’s more than just benefits. You’re selling the relationship too. It’s not just a product. Just like I’m going to go look to buy a car today. I’m first really shopping for a salesman.”

They may not look it, but both are extremely deep thinking.

In fact, I’ve been reflecting upon them both for well over a decade, and still find new ways to apply them, almost every day, in almost every email I write, and in almost every interaction I have with my customers.


There’s far more going on then just the surface ideas of people don’t buy your product or service, they buy “you.” The above quotes were simply my own “gateway” drug to learning a special kind of marketing I talk in great detail about in the September “Email Players” issue, which I am sending to the printer today.

I call it a “special” kind of marketing because so few ever think to do it.

And even fewer actually do do it.

Yet, it’s been used by a handful of people to become extremely successful.

(In some cases, even when they didn’t deserve it!)

Like, for example, the media mogul and publishing empire-builder William Randolph Hearst. Donald Trump has used it a lot, too (in fact, I’m reading Hearst’s biography titled “The Chief” and it is astounding how Hearstian Trump is). As did the late brilliant actor Steve McQueen, the late musician Prince, and the still-living Madonna, amongst others.

But very few marketers do it, believe it or not.

Yet the few who do, are all incredibly successful.

Have ridiculously identifiable personal brands.

And, also, have acquired a fanbase of clients and customers who would not even think of buying from or hiring anyone else — even if they could find someone “better” with better pricing at whatever it is they are buying or hiring someone for. It’s all wrapped up in a secret law of persuasion. A law I dedicate the entire September “Email Players” issue to. A law you, too, can use, regardless of your current social status, finances, skill levels, or experience now.

The benefits of using this won’t happen overnight.

And it takes time and patience and hard work.

But, I daresay it’s worth it.

If you want in on this issue, time is short.

Once I send it to the printer today, it’ll be too late to get it.

Grab it at this link immediately, or forever hold your peace:

Ben Settle

  • Book & Tabloid Newsletter Publisher
  • Email Supremacist
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