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Not long ago, my woman sent me a screen shot of a burlesque dancer who had a huge Instagram following whining about how her account got abruptly shut down.

One day she’s living high on the hog selling to thirsty cucked men.

Then, just like that — poof!

Gone like a fart in the wind.

I don’t remember the reason why, or maybe she didn’t even know why.

But she had something like 125k followers.

Many of them thirsty men who pay her to show ‘em some skin or whatever, and she spends a lot of time on other platforms crapping all over men, complaining about how loathsome men are, how evil men are, yada yada yada.

I am guessing someone reported her.

And, in typical social media knee-jerk reaction, the platform decided to pull the plug.

The amusing part is she is one of the first to try to get other people de-platformed with her idiotic politics and virtue signaling. Thus, in her case, I not only have zero pity for her, but I found it entertaining to think of the fallout. And she ain’t the only one this has happened to. I’ve seen videos from other so-called “influencers” going into full-on meltdown mode when losing their platform and, thus, their income, for any reason or no reason at all.

I can only imagine how they are holding up now, since the economy went nutty.

The point of bringing this up?

There are two points:

First, there are few things more astounding — as far as people being small thinkers go — than these influencers with thousands of followers being shocked & going into freakout mode when they suddenly get de-platformed from wherever they make their money.

It’s not like they haven’t seen it happen to others.

Or, in some cases, even cheered it on.

And secondly:

Pretty much all of them foolishly never bothered to learn anything but how to show their natural talent, big bewbs, charismatic personality, or generously-stamped passports taking selfies next to indigenous people for that almighty social media Virtue Signal to show the Facebook likes brigade.

Natural attributes that help you sell are great.

And, it’s the height of stupidity NOT to use them.

But it’s even more stupid to rely ONLY on them.

And in all their cases they simply used their natural attributes to get enough influence to get people to pay them just because they exist… without understanding the limitations of those powers.

The villainous Carl Van Loon in the movie “Limitless” sums it up best:

Your deductive powers are a gift from God or chance or a stray shot of sperm, or whatever, or whoever the hell wrote your life script, a gift not earned. You do not know what I know because you have not earned those powers. You’re careless with those powers. You flaunt them and you throw them around like a brat with his trust fund. You haven’t had to climb up all the greasy little rungs. You haven’t been bored blind at the fundraisers. You haven’t done the time in that first marriage to the girl with the right father. You think you can leap over all in a single bound.

And so it is…

Anyway, all the more reason to never rely on one platform.

Not social media, not iTunes, not Amazon, not the Apple or Google app stores, and not even email.

Yes, that email platform you use ain’t immune to this, either.

Just ask Alex Jones & Stefan Molyneux (both de-platformed by Mailchimp).

And if that doesn’t wake you up, “Email Players” subscriber Ken McCarthy told me about someone he knows who had her Yahoo email address she had for 20 years (yes, a free yahoo email address) taken away for thinking the wrong thoughts and writing books saying the wrong things.

Ain’t no platform 100% safe.

But, you can put the evens in your righteous favor by learning how to combine multiple media platforms — including platforms you probably have never thought of using, much less even heard of, in some cases — so if you’re shut off from one, you have others to pick up the slack and everything is status quo.

Enter the upcoming May “Email Players” issue.

It’s all about this topic.

Not only what’s possible, but what I do myself with multiple medias, if’n that interests you.

To subscribe before the deadline, go here immediately:

Ben Settle

  • Book & Tabloid Newsletter Publisher
  • Email Supremacist
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