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A few years ago, I did a training at one of my pal Ray Higdon’s elite masterminds.

(i.e. the kind people pay thousands of dollars to attend)

And, I remember one of the people in the room asking him a question about generating traffic and leads, and building a list, and about paid lead generation vs free lead generation. And at one point in his answer, in his infinite wisdom he chanted the magic words:

“You can’t scale free.”

Very true.

Very, very, very true.

And at the time, I realized I was probably leaving many sales on the table by not doing paid traffic, and quickly went to work hiring the best people I know about the subject to do it for me using Facebook and Google AdWords.

At first, they generated quite a few leads.

And, also, quite a few customers.

But, over time, I started realizing something:

Paid leads mostly sucked for my particular business.

I could see how they would be great for many businesses, but not for all businesses. Especially if you want a business like your pal elBenbo has — where you don’t want to spend a lot time “warming up” leads, dealing with low class jackasses looking for “free”, and dealing with people you have to exert more effort into turning into buyers, dealing with people whining about getting too many emails, people who can’t even read in some cases (I exaggerate not about this).

This is why, unless something changes, I’ve switched to referral-based leads.

i.e. leads referred to me.

No, you cannot “scale” these leads.

Not in my experience, at least.

But, there is one method I use to get large “spurts” of leads at a time — and without giving the privacy-butchering powers-that-be at Google, Facebook, etc any of my money, but while still being able to siphon leads from those sites (and without even having a Facebook account, which I deleted months ago, I might add).

I am teaching it in depth in the February “Email Players” issue.

But, a word of warning:

There is nothing “sexy” about this.

There is nothing, really, even “secret” about it.

It’s something certain, very smart online marketers have been doing since the last 90’s, frankly, but that doesn’t get talked about hardly ever anymore for some reason.

Probably because it takes time.

And effort.

And, yes, patience.

If you have those attributes, this list-building method can work like gangbusters.

If you don’t have those attributes?

Save your money.

In fact, don’t buy anything from me.

You’ll simply be disappointed.

What I am teaching is very much an “evergreen” method that has worked for decades in all kind of selling, and that I will be including in a much higher ticket paid product about list-building either later this year or early next.

The deadline to subscribe to get this issue in time is Thursday, January 31st.

Here’s the link:

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  • Book & Newsletter Tabloid Publisher
  • Email Supremacist
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