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A reaction to Monday’s “Burn Notice” email…

“Ben I was intrigued by your ‘Michael Westin’ business model. Would love to be a freelance copywriter while marketing my own products too but I don’t know where to begin getting clients. Thoughts?”

It’s a good question.

No, freelancing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

But in a screwy economy it can put food on the table if everything else goes to hell in your business.

As for thoughts on getting clients?


Take Earl Nightingale’s advice:

“Look around at whatever everyone else is doing and do the exact opposite…”

No joke.

Most freelancers haven’t clue what they’re doing.

They don’t know how to sell.

And they struggle BIG time.

That’s why this week I decided to focus on helping people get clients (whether freelance copywriters or any other kind of service provider) and start 2013 off right with Daniel Levis’s free webinar last night for coaches, consultants and freelancers.

Wait a minute…


You missed it???

Worry ye not.

It’ll be up for the next couple days at:

(My affiliate link)

But you can’t dawdle.

This sucker comes down in a couple days.

After that?

Well, you will have missed out.

Ben Settle

P.S. Remember, if you buy from my affiliate link I’ll send you those two MP3 trainings on how to get booked solid with clients. (And virtually ALL of it applies to coaches & consultants, too.)

Tips include:

  • How to get paid top fees for your services — even if you’re brand spanking new.
  • How to get 100% of your fees upfront. (World class copywriter Peter Stone uses this “trick” all the time. Now you can, too.)
  • How to get clients even if you have no experience.
  • Why copywriting is the least important skill you need in order to get booked solid with clients.
  • How to get started if don’t know a soul in business now.
  • Where to find clients who are already looking for YOU.
  • A secret way to use your local library to find dozens of high paying clients in a single afternoon.
  • How to “position” yourself as an expert, high-value copywriter, even if you just hung up your shingle yesterday.
  • Why having a portfolio of your strongest samples can actually HURT your chances of getting freelance assignments.
  • How to collect testimonials if you haven’t done any “real” copywriting jobs yet.
  • Why you must NEVER “optimize” a website selling your copywriting services.
  • The two best (and easiest) ways to get paying clients almost overnight.
  • Bob Bly’s “big secret” to getting booked solid with paying copywriting clients.
  • How to instanly position yourself as an “expert” — even if you’re just starting out, with no name recognition, contacts or track record.
  • How to know what clients are willing to pay BEFORE talking to them.
  • How to make money even from clients who don’t hire you.
  • And a whole lot more…

Again, here’s how to get these bonuses:

1. Listen to the webinar replay at:

(that’s my affiliate link)

2. If you buy the product Daniel sells, I’ll send you the goodies above.

Word out…

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