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Here’s a question about affiliate marketing…

“Ben, I’m new to the Internet and decided to try my hand at affiliate marketing but I am unsure of how to pick a good product to sell. Do I just sell what’s high selling on Clickbank and what I see other people doing? Any advice for a newbie?”

BEN: Indeed I do…

A lot of people will disagree with it, though.

But, it’s worked out pretty good for me and it’s one of the secrets I teach in my Affiliate Trump Card product. In fact, it works so well that one buyer posted this on my blog: “The formula on page 17 is worth at least 100…times the modest investment…and not just for affiliate marketers.”

Big claim?

Maybe a bit of “puffery”?

Hey, see and judge for yourself:

One of the things I insist people do when choosing an affiliate product is to make sure the product has a unique and interesting STORY behind it.

This alone can close many a sale.

My favorite example is Ryan Healy’s freelancer eBook.

There are other similar products out there.

Including a few by some “big name” copywriters.

But Ryan’s stands out like a glowing red nose in the fog.


Because Ryan wasn’t “handed” anything. He had no special breaks… no special contacts in the industry… and had a LOT of pressure on him to succeed (he had no job and only two weeks of money with a mortgage, a child, a pregnant wife and no insurance — whoa!)

Talk about an interesting story!

It’s also inspirational and valuable, too.

And a lot of struggling freelancers can relate to it and, thus, believe in the product enough to give it a shot.

Anyway, there’s other criteria besides a great story.

But you know what?

Methinks if you did nothing but sell products built around fascinating stories, you will probably be successful.

And that ain’t no bull.

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Ben Settle

  • Novelist
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