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The ‘net is stuffed with copywriting myths.

Too many to list, quite sadly.

And before you spend a small fortune on learning it, I think you will find the following little “guide” helpful (I wish I’d known this several years ago when I was trying to sift out the good stuff from the garbage).

OK, ready?

Here goes…

MYTH #1:

“Copywriting is a sales generator”

No… it’s a sales multiplier.

By itself, an ad is worthless. You need some other things first, like, oh, I dunno… a list… a great product… some marketplace positioning… etc

MYTH #2:

“Copywriting can you a million overnight”

Uhm… no it won’t. Unless, of course you have the above first in SPADES…

MYTH #3:

“Expensive is always better”

It amazes me how cleverly packaged some goo-roo courses are. You could get the same information in a $12 book they charge $1,200.00 for…

MYTH #4:

“You get what you pay for”

You probably don’t need me to tell you that’s redonkulous. There are libraries full of $1,000 copywriting courses owned by people who still can’t write an ad… because they never took the time to implement the products.

MYTH #5:

“Learning copywriting will help me get clients!”

Not so fast, Batman.

The vast majority of copywriting courses mention nothing about getting clients. The reason why is because many aren’t written by people who even know how to get clients themselves!

MYTH #6:

“Learning copywriting will help my email writing”

I wasted a lot of years thinking regular emails were like static sales pages and direct mail letters, and assuming the stuff I was learning in copywriting courses were applicable to emails.

Sometimes they are… but often, they aren’t.

Now… re: Myths 5 & 6 above:

There’s a blatantly self-serving reason for including those.

And it’s because I’m re-releasing my Copywriting Grab Bag product soon. It already includes some chapters and MP3’s on getting clients. But this new version now includes a second book with my entire copywriting methodology, too. (Reprinted from my Crypto Marketing Newsletter.)

The whole mindset is there from “A to zebra.”

(i.e. from headline to PS)

Anyway, early birds get a $100 discount.

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Ben Settle

  • Book & Newsletter Tabloid Publisher
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