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Did you see that recent “7 overrated businesses” article?

It was all about these so-called “overrated” kinds of businesses that should be avoided by anyone looking to start a business in the gasping job market.

It was mostly just ivory tower drivel (IMHO).

But also kind of useful in way.

Here’s what I mean:

The article basically outlined 7 different business types (like restaurants, consulting, direct sales, etc) and described all the reasons why they tend to fail. In other words, it was more about protecting people from the bitter sting of failure… instead of succeeding.

Which was REALLY ironic.


Because weird as it sounds, failure is a requirement for success.

And like it or not, without failure you can’t truly succeed, so avoiding it pretty much makes you dead in the water right out the gate.

Hey, don’t blame me.

That’s just how it is.

In fact, you want to know something funny?

I’ve met (and worked with) some serious “power players” in business. Not just on the Internet, but offline biz owners, too. I’m talking about people who sometimes make more scratch in a DAY than the average working stiff makes in 6 months toiling away for the corporate beast masters.

And you know what all these people have in common?

They started out as miserable FAILURES.

And I mean BIG time failures.

The kind of failures people tend to laugh or snicker at in secret.

And yet, I’d bet green money every single one of them would tell you they learned FAR more from their failures… than their successes.

You MUST fail to succeed.

And usually, the FASTER you fail, the FASTER success happens.

Anyway, it was amusing how the article author — with all his fancy credentials, who writes business articles for prestigious papers and is invited on all the glamorous business TV shows — could miss this little zinger.

Failing is NOT something to hide from.

It’s something to embrace.

And (especially if you’re in a hurry) even SEEK out.

By the way, I’ll be sharing lots of “school of hard knocks” lessons learned from my own sales & marketing blunders in my coming Crackerjack Selling Secrets book.

Stay tuned.

Ben Settle

  • Book & Tabloid Newsletter Publisher
  • Email Supremacist
  • Alt-Copywriter
  • Software Investor
  • Pulp Novelist

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