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Not long ago, I wrote an email about a guy who said your pal & daily muse was discriminating against blind people, because I don’t sell my “Copy Troll” book as a PDF, so the text can be enlarged, etc.

And right afterwards, a blind “Email Players” subscriber responded:

I have something for you since you can’t tell that guy what you think without serious PC backlash…

I can tell that blind guy to sack up and find a way to make it happen for himself and quit compounding his disability.

Even if elBenbo Publishing doesn’t hand it to him on a silver platter. If he wants it…he should just get it and stop being a soapbox biyatch

I have less than 2% residual vision. Can’t read printed books and I don’t miss a word of your monthly newsletter or “must reads” like Breakthrough Advertising.

How? Determination, sheer will and technology.

I used to subscribe to another newsletter that would arrive every month as a pdf but it had columns, varying size text, text as images…

You name it … a real checklist of “How NOT to communicate with the blind”

“Oh No I guess the information is not for me”

Yeah right..

I hired a guy on Fiverr to read them every month and send me the .mp3.

Not to pirate or circulate.

To learn privately

It goes further

I even asked my retired mother to read a copy of Eugene Schwartz Breakthrough Advertizing aloud while I typed it out WORD BY WORD. Not as good as hand written but it is what it is.

The most painful part wasn’t the typing.

It was the amount of times she wanted to stop and tell me “Oh this is just like Don Draper!”

Anyway I wanted that information just like everyone else and I hate whining. (mine and that of others)

Ben if it wasn’t for the content of your email today I likely NEVER would have told you about my vision.

Why would I? What do you care and how does it help me?

My company manufactures and sells adapted physical education/sports for the blind equipment, an inflatable ice bath for athlete recovery and an online course by a canine physio for people to help their aging dogs live more comfortable lives.

Nobody needs to know my physical shortcomings in order to benefit from what I offer.

As an unapologetic partially reformed high school bully…that reader of yours needs to be spun around and have his tighty whities hiked up hard in a 1980s homage to the wedgie

Keep hating the blind elBenbo you can’t kill this villain 🙂


A student you can’t shake no matter how you deliver your goods

Jeff Christy

And so it is…

All right, on to the business:

The May “Email Players” issue goes to the printer soon, if you want to get your hot, sticky little claws on it before the deadline, and join the ranks of hardcore players in business like Jeff, and many others in my Horde, go here:

Ben Settle

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Recently, I was talking with my woman about the infamous Myers-Briggs personality test.

Which, despite its flaws, has some extremely profitable business applications.

Anyway, while talking she made an off-hand remark that reminded me of why I so coldly and ruthlessly blacklist and cut people out of my business, as well as why certain people in general frustrate the hell out of me through no fault of their own.

What did she say?

She said:

“Most people are S’s.”

S’s are the opposite of N’s in the Myers-Briggs.

They are people who simply cannot wrap their heads around any concept, idea, or possibility in a forward-thinking way.

It has nothing to do with intelligence or experience, either.

They simply aren’t “wired” for forward or big picture thinking.

Take, for example, a story the great Ken McCarthy talked about in his magnificent “System Club Letters” book. Back in the early to mid 1990’s, when a lot of “name” gurus were still figuring out what they wanted to be when they grow up… he sold an 8-page newspaper called “The Internet Gazette”, that had a circulation of 25,000 people.

And, one of the articles was about internet video.

The multi-media expert he hired couldn’t understand why Ken wanted to write about that.

“You want me to write about THAT? Why? No one can do it.”

“But someday people will be able to and when they can it will be the most powerful thing on the Internet. Let’s be ready.”

Back then, it took a half hour to download even a 4mb clip. It was agonizingly slow. And S’s — like the reporter I am guessing was, or at least sounded like he was — simply could not understand the reality that it wouldn’t always be that way, despite intellectually knowing the speed and rate at which technology was growing. But Ken, being an especially strong N (I don’t see how he couldn’t be knowing what I know of him), not only saw it, but I suspect was often frustrated with all the S’s in silicon valley who didn’t even see what he clearly saw with things like click-thrus being a way to measure response online (which even Time Magazine credits Ken with discovering). Yes, my fine feathered little pigeon… Ken “saw” the potential of videos, webinars, livestreams, etc almost 20 years before they became mainstream, as well as social media, too, as he was preaching community-building long before blogging was fashionable or before Facebook was even a brain fart.

Take Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street, as another example of S’ery.

He is a very strong S in the movie.

And, like a lot of S’s, incredibly good at one-on-one sales.

Since he was (mostly) in the here & now, he wasn’t always trying to guess what a prospect was thinking or going to say so much as dealing with what is. But, when he tried to be forward thinking — timing his drug consumption, writing manipulative sales scripts, and constantly dreaming up more money-schemes, for example — he ended up self sabotaging himself and landing on the FBI’s radar.

That is the plight of the S:

Great at “here & now” tasks – like selling, negotiation, etc.

But almost no foresight.

Or thinking ahead.

Or being able to fully comprehend the future consequences of their current actions or inactions, even if they want to and intellectually know they should.

Again, it’s not an intelligence thing.

It’s simply how an S sees the world.

Which brings me to the point of this whole sha-bang:

I always knew there were certain people who were horrible customers for what I sell and teach. I could not pin-point it, but I knew, at a gut-level, there were certain people who just irritated the hell out of me whenever I did coaching, consulting, or client work.

Those people were always, without exception, S’s.

And, it’s why I now spend as much time turning the really “hyper” versions of them (not all of them) away as I do on selling the people (mostly N’s) who do make great customers.

My worldview is totally different than an S’s.

And, they make decisions that make zero sense whatsoever to me.

Like, for example, this guy who subscribed to “Email Players”, made a lot of money (by his own admission) for the two or three months he was on it… but then said, “I am two issues behind, OMG, I have to cancel!”

To an S reading this, that kind of thinking probably makes perfect sense.

But to an N such as your faithful storyteller?

It’s insane.

Why would you stop investing in something making you money?

Why not just read those two issues, apply, make more money, rinse and repeat?

Same with certain freelancers who subscribe, use my methods to acquire clients that pay them tens of thousands of dollars in fees… far dwarfing the $3.23 per day investment… using the info to write emails that makes their clients (and themselves) lots of money and fees, and even makes them look like heroes… but then have one “bad” month and, “OMG! I have to cancel!” even while they slurp down a $8.00 pumpkin spice latte from Soybucks each day that costs almost triple what the newsletter that has been consistently making them money does.

That is hyper-S behavior at its core.

And to an N reading it, it probably sounds almost like I am exaggerating.

But this is simply a hyper-S’s worldview.

Now, people should absolutely run their business however it makes sense to them.

They live in a free society and can do whatever they want, but it’s always amusing how offended and shocked they get when I don’t let them return if they quit Email Players and try to come back. My policy is simple: as soon as you leave, you are dead to me. We will never do business again — in any capacity whatsoever — and you can go live your life and I will live mine, and everyone is grinning and all is well. In fact, whenever someone leaves, that “spot” is always filled – often that exact same day – with someone more passionate, more serious, and more intense about succeeding than the person leaving. It’s such a reliably consistent phenomenon, it’s practically a law of nature.

But, an S will read the above and won’t be able to fully understand it.

To them, turning away business is probably crazy.

It’s just not their worldview to think past the moment.

To many S’s, uncle elBenbo sounds like a raving nutcase who hates money, is overly paranoid, imposes too stringent of standards on his customers, and needs to “just relax, man…” While to an N like me, the really out of control hyper S’s (like the examples above) are basically adult children drooling on the carpet shooting marbles & watching Sesame Street while we’re working towards the next big thing not even on anyone else’s radar, yet.

None of this is to say Ns are better than S’s or vice versa.

We each have our “shadow sides.”

And I would even say S’s are probably much happier overall.

They certainly enjoy life more.

But here’s the rub:

While S’s are by no means “bad” people, they tend to make bad customers for me.

And the reason why is, everything I teach and do is future-paced, requires thinking & problem solving vs swiping & deploying, and involves sometimes thinking 3, 4, 5 or more steps ahead. Yet, I have found the average S can’t fathom why they’d even want to pay for a newsletter a second month when they “made money” with the one issue they got, think they magically know everything now because they read a book, and the mere idea of that one issue compounding on the information in future issues — and with future issues having even more ways to make sales with email — being something they just can’t wrap their thinking around.

It’s simply not their reality.

So that’s the bad news for any S’s who still – even after this – want to learn my vile ways.

The good news?

As long as you are aware of your shadow side, you can combat it, “will” yourself not to succumb to it, and actually make out even better than N’s do… since you’ll be able to use the best of both worlds with just a little self-awareness.

When I say “combat” your shadow side, think of it this way:

My dog Zoe is 13 or 14 years old.

Loooong in the tooth.

As an N, without combating my natural inclination towards all-things future… all I’ll think about is how she’s that much closer to joining the choir invisible. Instead of living in the moment and enjoying time with her, I’m basically morbidly contemplating when the end will happen. That’s my shadow side I have to combat via sheer force of will. On the other hand, an S at the mercy of his or her shadow side would barely even be aware of how old the dog is, and keep running her on the beach like she is still a puppy every day until she croaked from mere exhaustion.

So it is in business.

If my woman is right, then most people are S’s.

That means, chances are, YOU are an S.

And if you are, simply be better than your S, Chuckles.

If you subscribe to “Email Players” that means using that nature to your advantage. I have many S customers who have been with me for years. And I know they are S’s because they tell me, “Ben, I have to keep subscribing to keep myself accountable and on track.”

I didn’t really understand what they were saying at first.

Why would anyone need to be kept accountable?

My worldview is, people are accountable to me, not the other way around.

But, to an S, they need that structure.

Which is why the self-aware ones tend to be extremely successful with the information, just as someone who is self-aware enough to hire a physical trainer each month to stay accountable and combat their own S shadow side can be extremely fit and in shape compared to N’s constantly thinking about what they’ll do when they leave the gym, when they should be focused on working out.

All right.


I’m at 1800 words here.

So I will just leave you with this:

I purposely & aggressively try to turn off shadow side S’s who are at the mercy of their dopamine addictions and goldfish-like grasp of long term business planning.

I cannot help them, and they just waste their money with me.

If that’s you, save your money.

Go buy an endless string of one-off eBooks or download free pdfs, or whatever works.

The goo-roo casino will be happy to have you.

If, on the other hand, you want to use your S to make your business bigger, better, and more secure… then the May “Email Players” issue has a lot of great info in it that both N’s and S’s can use.

But, a warning:

Just like this month’s April issue sailed right over certain S’s heads even while completely and radically changing the thinking of many N’s to the point where a few have told me – practically word-for-word – they can’t sleep due to all the new ideas it gave them for their business… the upcoming May issue has a huge swath of info that will go right over most S’s heads, too, especially a hyper S who thinks like the two examples I mentioned earlier. Specifically, I am referring to the info on customer “curation” inside the May issue.

It doesn’t talk about this S and N topic at all.

But if anything, the curating info is a way for N’s to grow their businesses by aggressively repelling away hyper, “shadow-side” S customers who are shooting marbles while drooling on the carpet, while attracting more of the high-quality customers who use and benefit from what you sell.

Whatever the case, the deadline to get it approaches.

Here’s the link:

Ben Settle

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Recently, I’ve been re-watching a Q&A video with the late, great Stan Lee called:

“Mutants, Monsters, And Marvels”

This video has had a tremendous influence on my business and thinking over the years, and I like to watch it at least one or two times per year, where I always get some new idea, insight, or method for building a bigger, better, and more profitable business.

One of my favorite parts of Stan’s story is when he was ready to quit the comic book industry.

He’d been writing comics for about 20 years.

And, his publisher kept things so dumbed-down, had so little respect for the intelligence of their readers, and was such a stubbornly annoying trend-follower, Stan decided enough was enough and he was going to quit and go be something else. And when he told his wife his plans, she made a suggestion that, quite literally, completely transformed the entire comic book industry and, by extension, movie industry, and has resulted in probably hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue since the early 1960’s.

What did his wife suggest?

She said:

“Why don’t you tell the kind of story you want since it’ll be your last one? Get it out of your system.”

And so Stan did just that.

Instead of doing a squeaky clean super hero story about the usual super powered Mary Sue type heroes other companies did, he gave his characters very human flaws, unique personalities, and did a lot of things nobody else was even thinking about, much less doing, in comic books at that time, but that we all take for granted now.

The result?

He created the Fantastic Four which turned into the greatest selling comic book in history at the time, along with many other comic books that even today are #1 sellers, and are billion dollar movie franchises.

All because he was fed up with the status quo.

And, because he took a chance.

Even more important:

It occurred to me on my last viewing of the video that he also did something else to tap into an extremely profitable and powerful principle of marketing and business-building around that time in the early 60’s, without even realizing it, that can work like crazy to completely transform and add piles of new sales to businesses today, too — including businesses like yours and mine.

I know this, because I used this secret business principle myself.


About 18-months ago, when I saw an explosion in growth, sales, and profits (and, frankly, joy) unlike anything I’d seen in the prior 18 *years* before doing it.

Enter the April “Email Players” issue.

It takes a lot of guts to implement this into your business.

Especially if you are prone to caring what other people think.

Since I am not overly burdened with that flaw these days, it was very easy for me to implement this into my business, my emails, my sales copy, my content, my marketing, and my information publishing business as a whole.

But, your mileage could almost certain vary.

And, this issue is not meant as a new business plan to be “swiped” for anyone, but a beacon to guide you in implementing this near-magical idea in your unique offers, your unique personality, your unique business, and your unique goals, via showing you exactly how I’ve been doing it, and have done it in various client deals, too.

But, my ways will not necessarily be your ways.

Doing this takes problem solving, it takes patience, and it takes independent thought.

And, people who lack the character to stick with anything after the excitement of the moment has passed (i.e. people addicted to the dopamine drip of buying something new and secksy sounding), and who buy completely on emotion, and who are merely playing business and have never done anything but buy stuff about business & marketing while going around telling people on facebook about how they are “an entrepreneur!”… will get zero value from it. I say this for the benefit of those types of marketing proles who think their lives will change somehow after reading it… just like they think will happen every time they buy a $7 eBook they never read, much less implement during their walk through the goo-roo casino.

But for the grownups?

I noticed this idea has been used by many great businesses.

Not just Marvel Comics/Stan Lee.

But many other giants of industry.

And, it’s telling how many of them were virtual nobodies, hardly noticed, maybe even barely scraping by until they started implementing it.

All right, the deadline to get this issue is tomorrow.

That’s when I send it to the printer.

After that it won’t be available, and even if I someday decide to sell back issues, I will almost certainly omit this issue from the list. Reason why is, I do want to teach and share it with my Horde, but I also want to keep some of the intimate details of my business it exposes as exclusive as I can.

If you’re interested in subscribing, go to the link below while you still have time:

Ben Settle

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The infamous man known as “The Knee Pain Guru” recently send me this ditty:

Hey Ben!

I thought to write and share a personal experience about being on your list and an email player’s member for a little over 2 years now…

A few weeks ago you sent out a story about guy who was cancelling his subscription because of the government shut down or the economy or some shit like that.

You basically told him, you can focus on everything that doesn’t work, he doesn’t have enough money, what ever sort of “self-pity” he was spewing out in his email giving a “piss poor” excuse why he couldn’t afford to continue to be a member…

As I read it, I had a real coming to “hey-soos” moment and realized…”F***! I’m just like that guy!”

I’ve been on your list for sometime now and haven’t been implementing the shit you’ve been sending out in his newsletters. It’s an old pattern of mine and to be honest, I got really pissed at myself!

So I went and collected all the Email Players editions I have tucked away around the house and organized them into a binder I can keep handy and reference when I need to.

Next I started reading 8 pages a day…Why 8? Because it’s 1/2 a damn newsletter and I can do that in a short sitting.

Then I started highlighting the implementable “low hanging fruit” as quickly as possible taking a little time each day to write my daily emails using the different examples and strategies provided.

I’m seeing all sort of “layers” and “levels” to copywriting and business I hadn’t seen before because quite frankly…I GOT LAZY!

Don’t get me wrong…

I’ve implement stuff over the past several years and am much further along than I would have been doing nothing. I just didn’t throw myself into your work making it a daily study/practice.

Sales have started to increase and my writing has definitely changed over the past few weeks as I use customer emails, questions, and testimonials to go deeper into the psychology of where they are stuck.

So thank you Ben for kicking my ass and holding that damn mirror up so I can begin seeing real sustainable movement in my business.

And if this helps anyone else on your list or helps you get more sales/subscriptions, then all the better!

(The Knee Pain Guru)

Who knew being a jerk can create better customers?

Anyway, on to the business:

The April “Email Players” newsletter issue goes to the printer in 2 short days.

It is, in my shamelessly obnoxious and biased opinion, the most valuable issue I’ve written in some ways, in the newsletter’s almost 100-issue run. My guess is, some people will find the information inside the most profitable thing they ever do in their businesses, while others will be disappointed and natter on about how they want something secksys and ninja or whatever.

For the latter group:

I’ll just have to ramp up my jerk game to make them appreciate it more.

To subscribe in time to get this issue, go here immediately:

Ben Settle

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One of the oldest and most reliable pieces of marketing advice for new businesses is to get on the mailing lists of everyone in your industry.

The reason is to see what other people are doing.

And, if you see something being repeated over and over, it most likely is working.

It’s how swipe files have always been built.

And, it’s how many businesses have been built, too.

But you know what?

I can count the number of lists I’m on with one hand. I ignore pretty much everyone else’s ads, sales letters, and marketing, too. And, if anything, I am always trying to make sure I am not influenced by other marketers I compete again — whether consciously or subconsciously.

And you know something else?

Since doing so, my sales have soared much higher.

This was also true when I did client work, in all kinds of markets ranging from golf and self-defense, to the prostate niche, golf niche, and the various home business-related niches.

Instead, I do something quite different.

Something that, I believe, works much better.

Can save you a lot of time not having to read other marketers’ nonsense.

And, can be a whole lot more more profitable, too.

I talk about this in exquisite detail on page 6 in the upcoming April “Email Players” issue. And, if you take my advice, I suspect you will see your marketing become more profitable, your ads more responsive, and your business more immune to being knocked off by the soulless copycats in your industry.

But time is short if you want to subscribe in time to get it.

The deadline is Sunday.

Here’s the link:

Ben Settle

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If there’s one group of people I annoy, frustrate, and turn off the most… it’s digital nomads who are always traveling, never in one spot, and spend lots of time away from home (if they even have a home).


Because I sell physical products.

(Like Email Players, books, etc)

And, not a suite of digital products.

All of which means, these people who buy from me have to lug all my products around everywhere they go, or else leave them somewhere out of reach they can’t easily get to.

Anyway, many have complained about this to me over the years.

And, each time I have the same response:

I show them a picture of Mr. Pink from the movie “Reservoir Dogs” where he’s rubbing his fingers together saying, “See this? This is the world’s smallest violin…” And when I ask them, “Let me ask you a question, eBook boy, of all the products you buy, which ones are physically on your desk, with a physical presence in your office?” They invariably admit only mine, after I wish I then ask them, “And all those pdfs and MP3s and videos on your hard drive… which of those stands out more than my newsletter and books?”

Proof positive what people say and what they do are always different.

It’s not unlike when the great publicity expert Paul Hartunian told a story about a student of his who FAXed his press releases in. The reporter who interviewed him after reading his press release said, “we prefer you email them…”

The irony writes itself.

Anyway, what’s the point of this email?

To convince you to sell physical products?

To rattle the cages of the digital nomads?

Or maybe to just have a little bit of fun?

Not at all.

(Except for the having fun part.)

In fact, probably most people should sell digital products, should avoid selling physical products, and keep doing what they do. But in the upcoming April “Email Players” issue I go into great detail about many things I have been doing — especially in the prior 18 months, which my business has seen its biggest growth “spurt” during over the almost-20 years — like this, due to a way of doing business very few people have the guts to do.

But, I suspect many of my subscribers will start doing it after they read it.

And, I predict, profit handsomely from doing so.

The deadline to get this issue is Sunday.

Here’s the link:

Ben Settle

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Not long ago, one of my “Email Players” subscribers said he wanted to know more about how to write emails and sales copy in a way where it’s hard for people to tell they are even being “sold” until the very end, and then they feel they need to buy whatever it is you are selling.

My answer was long and distinguished.

But, the short answer is this:

I told him I love studying the old school guys, such as the real Mad Men, not the TV show, but the guys who actually worked back in the 60s in the ad agency business.

They were really good at this sort of thing.

These guys had to figure a lot of stuff out we all take for granted today.

Anyway, many years ago, I heard an interview with one of these guys where he explained a secret method some of them would use in their advertising to create so many sales it would sometimes get them in trouble if the product wasn’t up to snuff, causing product recalls, and that sort of thing.

And, I told my subscriber all about this secret.

And, specifically, how I used it to write a headline that helped get us $5 buyers.

That means it cost us about $5 of ad spend to get a customer.

Something the traffic guy in the business said he had never seen in all the 100’s of offers he had run traffic for over the years, at least, for the kind of offer we were selling in the super competitive market we were selling in.

It’s something I do to help write all my copy these days.

And, I daresay it gives me a huge advantage over most others.

And you know what?

I talk about this secret in explicit detail in the 3-page bonus “Ravings of an Adman” training included with the April “Email Players” issue.

The deadline to get this issue is Sunday.

To subscribe in time, go here:

Ben Settle

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Just about everyone I revere in marketing — including marketers with decades more experience than your humble story teller has — avoids an admitted “blunder” I routinely commit in my business each day.

A blunder that is easily observed in all my sales letters.

A blunder I’ve had world class marketers personally warn me about.

A blunder that, despite all this, I profit from repeatedly.

What is this blunder?

I described the products and books I sell as “books” and “products” instead of “manuals” and “programs”, or some other description that implies more value for something that costs hundreds of dollars than the words “book” or “product” do. In fact, I’ve been repeatedly told by people much smarter and more experienced than Yours Humbled (and shown their test results to boot), that people don’t want to pay a lot of money (especially the hundreds of dollars I charge) for mere “books” — and this is especially true for books with professionally-designed covers such as mine that scream “MASS MARKET!”, like something you’d see selling for $12 in a bookstore.

There have been many tests showing the foolishness of what I do.

Including from companies like Guthy-Renker, for example.

And I will even be the first to admit:

Calling my books “books” is simply dumb.

At least, by conventional standards, and by the experiences of people much smarter and more successful than myself.

So why do I do it then?

That, my fledgling, is explained in the coming April “Email Players” issue.

More irony:

The shallow-thinking goo-roo fanboy will read this email without the context provided in the April issue and think, “Ooh I need to change my copy to say books instead of manuals!”

And that’d be foolish, and almost certainly hurt their sales.

Reason why is, there is something else going on here.

Something that goes well beyond product descriptions.

Something that runs like a river of gold through the entire upcoming April “Email Players” issue. And, if you apply the mysterious concept I am referring to in all areas of your business, I suspect you will see success of unprecedented levels over time as I have since doing it some 18-months ago in my business.

But, the deadline to get this issue is almost upon you.

After I send this issue to the printer, that’ll be it.

To subscribe while there is still time, go here:

Ben Settle

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Behold this email I got from a Mr. Jeffery Harbin a couple weeks ago when I wrote about why people who need money back guarantees are not to trusted:

Hi Ben.

Thought you might enjoy this story, seeing as it is topical.

A year ago I canceled all my MBGs and quintupled all my product prices at the same time. Selling far less these days, making far more, and have almost no customer service issues. Seems people who pay top dollar don’t waste a lot of time bitching about the small stuff. However, one dude sent me an email almost word for word to your guy, saying not offering a MBG was tantamount to fraud. My reply was “Fine. Don’t buy it.” A week later he bought. Two months later I get a message from my c/c vendor he’d filed a claim that his account was hacked and the purchase was unauthorized. I sent my c/c guy a copy of the email exchange I had with him (I am an obsessive email saver). Case closed. Refund denied.

There are two powerful forces at work in what he said.

The first, is the surface-level info about the giant changes he made in his business to get giant results.

And the second force?

He knowingly or unknowingly tapped into an extremely profitable concept that anyone who reads the upcoming April “Email Players” issue will recognize and, hopefully, start applying to their own businesses as fast as possible.

The concept is not “raise all you prices!” or whatever.

It’s much deeper than that.

And, applies to most anything you ever do in business the rest of your life.

This is why I said the other day, I think the April “Email Players” issue could very well be the most overall valuable issue to date.

Only time will tell.

And, only for those who are subscribed in time to read it.

Go here to subscribe while there’s still time before the approaching deadline:

Ben Settle

P.S. Alex from Sweden asks a good question:

“My guess is that your upcoming issue is going to be talking about going against the grains of what other people are doing. Zigging when everyone else is zaggin, like Andre Chaperon likes to say. Am I close?”

I like the zig while everyone is zagging concept.

Been doing it for nearly 20 years.

As have many smart people I know.

But, that is not what the April issue is about. It is related to to that, and also breaking rules, etc, I suppose. Those are the themes of nearly every issue and product I create, in some way, shape, or form. And in fact, small-thinkers who read it will almost surely yammer on about how they “already know this! It is not new! Give me something new!”, while they proceed to not do it, proceed not to think more deeply than “be different” about it, and proceed to whip up excuses about why they can’t do what I suggest inside the issue to protect their egos because they know they might fail if they attempt it.

My guess is this:

Out of the nearly 800 people who will get this issue, maybe 10 people will do it to the level I suggest, and not just do it in a superficial way that still feels comfortable.

Out of those 10, five will do it enough to make some decent money.

Four will do it to make a lot of it.

And maybe only one – probably a small, “nobody” in their industry/niche now – will take it, think deeply about it, implement it to the most radical degree they possibly can, and make an obscene number of sales with it.

Zig while others zag?

Breaking rules?

Good things to do, and practically mandatory these days, at least to some degree.

But the concept inside the April issue goes way beyond those things.

May get you laughed at by certain peers.

Mocked by gurus and “influencers” who are more interested in applause than payment.

And, given unsolicited advice by those who observe what you do without context.


I cannot guarantee what I teach in this issue will work for you much less “wow” you.

I only know it has worked like crazy for me, and was a big “Ah ha!” moment when I first heard it.

And, the entire issue is not a “what to do”  teaching.

Nor is it a checklist to follow.

It is merely an idea, along with a detailed explanation of how I am using it, so you can see what it looks like. But every business is different, every industry is different, and everyone who applies it must do it different and think deeply about it so it makes sense for their unique goals and situation.

Just blindly doing everything I am doing with it will backfire.

But using the concept with wisdom?

With some deep thinking?

And with some guts?

Well, I believe it can radically change  businesses.

Radically change sales.

And, yes, even radically change lives.

Or not.

It could also radically fail, too.

The only way to know is to subscribe before the looming deadline, keep an open mind when reading it, and then apply it, even if (especially if) it is uncomfortable.

Here is the link:

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One of my all-time favorite marketing and copywriting minds is the late, and esteemed Gary Halbert.

He was a true marketing genius.

And, I once did an entire podcast episode just on all the ways that great man of marketing influenced my business.

But you know what?

He probably would have considered me an idiot.

At least, with one of the things I say in many of my sales letters and on all my order forms. And that thing is, I always tell people to allow 1-3 weeks for delivery. I remember a newsletter issue he wrote where he said (more or less) that having that kind of verbiage is insane and stupid.

And, his reasons were sound for saying so.

But, even knowing that, I continue to keep saying 1-3 weeks.

And, I believe it not only doesn’t hurt sales, but greatly enhances them.

No, not because of the “words” themselves.

But, because of something I do in all parts of my business, that has nothing to do with the time it takes to ship products or the copy I write on my order forms or anything obvious at a glance. This “something” is a concept I have been implementing in my business for the last 18 months that has grown my sales probably faster and more consistently than anything else I’ve done outside of email marketing itself.

This concept I am referring to runs throughout the entire April “Email Players” issue.

It also to everything I do now.

And, I believe, it can explode the sales of any business (over time) who does it — yes, even though it will probably get you called an idiot too, by many of your marketing heroes, too.

To subscribe before I send it to the printer, go here immediately:

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