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Filed under: Email Marketing

Filed under: Email Marketing

Today’s the deadline to get the November “Email Players” issue.

Here’s what awaits your noble self inside:

  • A secret way of using curiosity in emails hardly anyone does (and when they do, they do it on accident) that is — hands down — the single most powerful email “method” I’ve ever used. (In fact, I am using this method “on you” in this email…)
  • Two topics virtually guaranteed to perk up your email list if they are going cold on you. (I learned this from one of the savviest sales men who ever lived — it works like crazy in emails.)
  • The “Black Mirror” secret for writing sales pitch emails people love so much they thank you for sending them!
  • 6 ways to almost completely eliminate low open and click rates (and, even more importantly, low sales…)
  • A common mistake even seasoned pro copywriters make with their email closes that guarantees lower sales and clicks.
  • What to say on your opt-in pages to immediately ramp up the quality of leads you generate.
  • A fool proof way to “Thanos” writers block and never have to worry about it ever again. (Do this, and not only will you never have to wrestle with a blank screen ever again — you may have a new problem of getting TOO many ideas…)
  • Why using email is probably the worst way to build a digital marketing agency, and what I suggest doing instead.
  • The “toss them in hell and throw away the key” secret to making your emails so powerful people will literally click the link, skip reading your sales letter, and go straight to the order form to buy.
  • How to make your emails “stick” in your reader’s psychology so they can’t stop thinking about it.

Plus, I am also including a bonus “Ravings of an Ad Man” training.

It’s about research.

Including, some places I do it.

And, some popular copywriting fanboy ways I avoid.

Anyway, the deadline to get this baby is later today.

So if you want it, there’s simply no time to lose.

Here is the link:

Ben Settle

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One of my all-time favorite public speakers and all-around businessmen, Mr. Justin Devonshire, recently showed me some lovin’ on Facebook. Incidentally, I have such high regard for his skills because we both spoke at the same event once, and I have never seen someone control a room like him (to the tune of people clamoring to surround him, as he stood on a chair above them, as if eager for his blessing or to touch his sleeve…).

Anyway, here is what he said:

I’ve been asked a few times this week how I got so good at writing shorter posts and emails that get the point across.

The answer?

Well, its not as groundbreaking as you might think.

Here’s my SECRET:

Opt in for Ben Settle’s email list.

Study every email he sends you.

Take notes and practice.

For 7 years.



Isn’t success easy?!

Thank you, Mr. Devonshire…

But, in my blatantly biased opinion, even better than being on my list is joining “Email Players”. It’s true you can get a ton of value just reading the daily musings. But, to learn the secret psychology and technique behind my wiles, you’ll have to invest in the newsletter.

The November issue is especially profitable.

Especially the storytelling part.

But, the deadline is in less than 24 hours.

To get in on time, go ye here:

Ben Settle

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More lessons from the movies:

One of my all-time favorite movies is “Gone Girl”.

And, the main reason why is, the Villain. Amy Dunne is a magnificently created and brilliantly written character. I like her so much, and her Villainous ways, I write about her in great detail in the upcoming sequel to my Villains book.

But, there’s another reason I like the movie, too.

An email-esque reason.

It has to do with the way the movie was received by women in particular.

When the movie came out, it was a thing where a lot of chicks did NOT want their dates to take them to see the movie. And, in some cases, from what I read on reddit and other places… even threatened to call off the date if they did take them. I know of one chick (of the militant feminist variety, my favorite kind…) who literally cried during the “big reveal” part about Amy Dunne and her diabolical machinations.

She just couldn’t handle it, unfortunately.

And, neither could a lot of others, from what I hear tell.

And the reason the movie got this reaction is because of the secret storytelling method I talk about in the November “Email Players” issue, I talked about earlier today, and last week in these diabolical daily emails.

A secret I have not seen anyone in copywriting talk about.

(Much less teach.)

And you know what else?

Despite this reactoin (and, I would say, because of it…), “Gone Girl” went on to do almost $400 million at the box office, on a $61 million budget.

Not too shabby.

And I talk about this method in exquisite detail in the November “Email Players” issue.

But, to get it you have to be subscribed.

And, even more importantly, subscribed by the looming deadline tomorrow.

To get it in time, go here right away, while there’s still time:

Ben Settle

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If last night’s email about the bartending pastor who uses “Email Players” to make extra cash to support his family doesn’t rile up the people I was hoping it’d rile up, maybe this will:

My views on the movie “Paranormal Activity”…

Here’s the blood-curdling scoop:

I once got into a conversation about the movie “Paranormal Activity.” If you have no seen it, it was a smash hit movie that pulled $194 million on a tiny $11,000 shoestring budget. It is about a San Diego couple haunted and tormented by a demonic entity, in the same kind of “found movie footage” style as the “Blair Witch Project”.

Anyway, I always thought it would have been a great sales letter.

Specifically, for Christian evangelists and churches


Because the story uses the same secret email and copywriting method I talked about last week that Black Mirror and a select other highly popular (and profitable) movies and TV shows use, but that nary a copywriting teacher, book, or seminar even mentions, must less uses.

A secret I’ve used to make all kinds of extra sales.

In all kinds of markets.

And, for all kinds of different products.

Frankly, the sales this tip can make people works so fast, it can almost be creepy.

And, it’s something I talk about (with lots of examples) in details in the November “Email Players” issue, which goes to the printer tomorrow.

After that?

It’ll be too late to get your claws on it.

To subscribe before tomorrow’s deadline, go here immediately:

Ben Settle

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“Email Players” subscriber, Pastor Darren Maclean checks


Just wanted to take a second to say ‘thanks’ for sharing all your wisdom. I’ve joined your Email Players and am devouring your copywriting grab-bag. It’s brilliant. 

I’m the pastor of a church, I bartend in the evenings (pastoring doesn’t pay all the bills) and I’m a single dad to my two teenage kids. I’m going to use what I’m learning from you to make some extra money copywriting. 

Thanks again. 

You’re really helping!!!

Cheers for now

Cue up the sob sisters who will yell at me about a pastor also bartending…

Anyway, on to business:

The November “Email Players” issue goes to the printer in a couple days.

To get in on time, go to this link:

Ben Settle

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Contrary to what a few goo-roo fanboys think, I am not anti-testing.

I think some marketing tests make sense.

And, I think some don’t make any sense at all.

But, either way, I am always amused when people brag about their testing after they have a “lightbulb moment” where they discovered the most basic and obvious of marketing principles, as if they were the first to discover it.

Take the 2008 Obama email team.

There was a detailed write-up about how they got so much dough many years ago.

And, make no mistake, their emails made a lot.

In fact, their emails brought in $600 million worth of donations with emails — which blew away everything else they did for fundraising, including direct mail and social media. Everybody thought it was social media that brought home the bacon but it wasn’t. It was good ol’ “retro” email.

Anyway, they did a lot of good stuff.

And, I even wrote an Email Players issue about it several years ago.

They found lots of interesting insights from testing. But, it was as amusing as it was astonishing to me how they had to test to find out the most basic info you already probably know just reading my free emails, much less reading my monthly Email Players newsletter and accompanying Email Players Playbook.

And I believe this was the case because they sucked at research.

They had the brand.

They had the right message-to-market match.

They even had great “writers.”

But, had they known the right market intel going in, with the right research, using my not-so-secret way of doing customer research (that allowed my ads and emails to dominate handily, and without even breaking a sweat, including when I knew nothing about those markets, in overheated markets like weight loss, golf, and self defense) they’d have not only brought in way more bacon (I daresay in my infinite madness from my asylum, maybe even twice as much…), but wouldn’t have had to waste so much time testing to find out the obvious about their market.

Anyway, I talk about my way of research in the November “Email Players” issue.

Specifically, in the bonus “Ravings of an Adman” insert I am including.

To get your hands on this sucker, subscribe before the coming deadline.

Once I send it to the printer, it’ll be too late.

Here’s the link:

Ben Settle

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Recently, “Email Players” subscriber Tanei “The Science Guy” Ricks posted a screenshot on Twitter about a girl who put menstrual blood in her boyfriend’s taco to get him to stop cheating.

This is some crazy old school witchcraft bat shyt craziness.

And, as Tanei said:

“This why you can’t eat everybody food bruh.”

Anyway, here’s why I bring it up:

This attitude is in strangers you want to sell to, as well. Other than a few rabid impulse buyers that buy anything, almost everyone in your market is likely to have this “this is why you can’t eat everybody food” reaction to you.

Too many blatant scammers with celebrity-positioning out there.

Too many products and services not worth the digital bytes they are sold on.

And, too many goo-roos out there who try to slip all kinds of nonsensical manipulation tactics and techniques — like slipping blood in your taco — in the sales pitches and products they send you. Thus, people tend to not only ignore but be hostile to people they don’t know, like, and trust.

The solution?

Daily — ideally multiple times daily — contact.

Especially, in a way where you become what Dan Kennedy calls a “Welcome Guest.”

There are many ways to do this, too.

Like, for example sitting on Flakebook posting all day hoping the algorithm likes you enough to show it to enough people to matter. If you have a Facebook group, this is much better, in my opinion. But, in all fairness, my opinion on Flakebook was never worth listening to in the first place, and is even less worth listening to now since I deleted my account.

Same goes for Linkedin (which I also deleted recently), too.

And Twitter.

And Instagram.

And YouTube.

And, yes, my 100% biased favorite:


When you email correctly (i.e. vast majority don’t), you quickly become someone who is either loved or despised. The ones who love you will have no problem trusting you enough to buy if it’s the right offer at the right time for them. And while most of those who despise you will never buy (and figuratively wonder if you put some blood in the taco…), you can “flip” a few to your side of the Force eventually.

It doesn’t happen overnight.

But you know what?

I have found these particular people become some of the best, most loyal, and most successful (as far as benefiting from your product or service) people there are.

The great Russell Brunson is a perfect example of this.

I call him the “Gateway drug” to me.

He has sent many great leads my way, and has given me many props over the last few years.

(Deserved or not…)

But, he used to despise me.

In fact, about 4 years ago he told me to my face at a dinner after a mastermind I used to co-host he couldn’t stand me for years. But, he said he kept reading, slowly started warming up to me, and eventually bought from me, even to the point where he said meeting me was the main reason he went to that mastermind in the first place.

That’s how powerful email marketing can be.

That is, if it’s done right.

If you don’t go all goo-roo and (figuratively) try slipping blood into the sauce.

And, if you follow the system inside my “Email Players” newsletter.

Speaking of witch:

The deadline to get the November issue is Halloween. After I send it to the printer on that day, it’ll be too late to get it.

Here is the link:

Ben Settle

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Reader Freddy Hustle helps build the case that I ain’t just whistlin’ dixie about how much my diabolical ways can make a difference in ye olde bottom line.

If anything, I probably downplay it.

Case in point:

I wrote [an email] the other day that has got the highest open rate and click thru and sales EVER for many of my eCommerce clients by email. The response rate on the email was so huge 4 of my clients called me to tell me how impressed they were n even they opened the email immediately

You inspired it

Thanks Homey (12k per month recurring from email clients plus they give me 5% royalty)

And so it goes.

Also, this also serves to prove my ways work for eCommerce, too.

They work for products, services, or anything.

(That I have seen at least — even commodities like socks…)

The November issue goes to the printer in a few days.

Grab it while the grabbins’ good right here:

Ben Settle

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Over the past couple months I’ve been getting probably 2-3 emails per day from some schlubs in Japan trying to “sextort” me into sending them Bitcoin in exchange for not telling all my contacts about some videos I didn’t watch.

i.e. what computer security ex-spurts call “sextortion.”

The schtick goes like this:

1. You get an email from someone saying they know your password — specifically, an old password you used 10+ years ago with Yahoo or some other big company whose data was recently hacked

2. The secks-torter says they put some virus on your computer when you visited a site they don’t name, just that it was some pourno site they say they recorded you watching

3. They also use your first name, or whatever name is before the “@“ in your email to make it sound even more menacing and urgent

4. They say they will leak the video of you watching pourno to your contacts

5. But, they will be kind enough to delete the video if you send them some bitcoin

The first time I got this, I couldn’t help but think:

“What kind of idiot asks for Bitcoin — which dropping in value like a rock?”

Then, my second thought was:

“I bet this actually works on some people…”

Turns out it does, according to the computer security ex-spurts.

In fact, this sextortion shtick is such a thing now, even the hit show Black Mirror did an episode about it. And, I hear-tell that was one of the more popular episodes. I also would not be surprised if that episode did more to “sell” anti-virus and anti-malware software than any ad or sales pitch run by these companies ever did.

And you know what?

There is an extremely powerful email tactic at work with this.

A tactic I’ve been using for years, to sell products and services in all kinds of niches and markets, and price points.

And before you even ask:

It goes beyond just “storytelling.”

There is a very unique kind of story telling method at work. A method I have never heard a single marketing or copywriting ex-spurt teach. And, admittedly, when I was using it, I was using it completely on accident after watching another movie (I’ll talk about soon), incidentally. But, since this sextortion adventures, I’ve been prepping to teach it in my “Email Players” newsletter, as it’s one of these selling methods that can dramatically increase your sales the first time you use it, and every time you use it after that.

Enter the upcoming November issue:

I not only teach you this method in vivid “HD” detail.

But, I show you several examples, too.

It’s a story telling method that is thousands of years old.

But, nary anyone in direct marketing uses it, much less teaches it.

And after you read the November issue, you’ll be able to use whenever you want to make all kinds of sales — including to people who normally hate being sold to.

But to read it, you have to be subscribed.

And, even more important, you must be subscribed before the deadline.

(Coming up in a few days).

To get it, you must be subscribed before I send it to the printer here:

Ben Settle

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