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Your Daily Email Addiction

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After today, I’ll be going back to daily emails instead of daily videos.

But this last one, I think, is the most valuable in many ways.

(The obvious bias embedded within notwithstanding…)

Anyway, over the past 2 years, I have been using the notorious — and often mocked — Myers Briggs (or Myers Bullshyt, depending on who you ask) personality profile analysis to make a lot more sales from my emails and sales copy, have a lot better and smoother business relationships, and know, sometimes within 5 minutes of talking to someone, whether I should JV with them, work with them, or go into business with them.

And guess what?

In this video, I show you exactly how you can, too…

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Burping along with daily video week (while I retool the Email Players sales letter, I am posting daily videos instead of emails), today’s lesson is about email swipe files.

And, specifically, A-list email swipe files.

Here’s where to watch my 4:30 am lesson in the pitch blackness:

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Since I’m still retooling the Email Players sales letter this week (posting a daily video instead of a daily email) I put up a video today, called:

“A secret way to use neuroscience to get great at marketing”

It may “sting” a bit for certain people to hear it.

Maybe, it will even get me a bit of grumpy mail.


But, it’s for their own growth.

And, it will hopefully take the mystery out of something that plagues a lot of people in regards to their email, copywriting, marketing, and other business endeavors.

Here is the link:

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This week I am “retooling” some stuff with Email Players, the sales letter, etc… and so, instead of promoting that like I’d normally do, I am going to be sharing some valuable videos, instead.

Today’s video is called:

“Secret of the bloody-fingered copywriter”

And, it was inspired in many ways by an obscure phone recording of two copywriting masters I heard almost 20 years ago.


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Originally, I was going to reveal my new “Anti-Affiliate” Program today.

But, I’m holding off on that for a little longer.

Instead, I posted a video on my blog that was going to be part of the 30+ videos that will be bonuses for people who buy my “Super Villains of Persuasion? book next month when it launches.

But this particular video doesn’t really fit in with the rest.

So, I decided to put it up free on my blog today.

If you want to watch it, here it is…

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Back when I was on Twitter, I saw this extremely cool (in my completely biased opinion…) Tweet from “Email Players” subscriber Alexander J.A Cortes about the newsletter:

The best investment I’ve made for my business has been @BenSettle monthly newsletter

I don’t read anything else but his newsletter

My growth speaks for itself

Pick your expert, learn, apply

There’s much wisdom (besides just buying my newsletter) in that free tweet money can’t buy — about the idea of picking your expert and learning. I remember the great Ken McCarthy (founding father of internet marketing) say something similar about picking your teacher and slavishly following what they say in his excellent book “The System Club Letters” book.


I have observed Alexander also does something very unique when building his business.

Something pretty much anyone can do.

Something that is very similar to how Gary Halbert used to make a lot of sales from his space ads back in the day, but that can be “adapted” to the internet, and costs no money to do.

I talk about this on pages 6-7 in the December issue.

I’m sending this to the printer tonight.

You have probably minutes to subscribe to get it in time.

(Depending on when you are reading this.)

After that?

Too late…

Here is the link to get it while you still can:

Ben Settle

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I’ve taught many times, in various venues (Email Players, speaking at events, etc) how important it is to catalog each and every one of the insecurities plaguing your market.

Especially the ones they don’t want to talk about.

And, if asked, would insist they aren’t bothered by them.


Because doing so can make you a fair amount of the green stuff. Especially if the only people competing against you are the typical marketers who can’t write subject lines deeper than “Last chance!” or body copy content deeper than listing benefits.

One example is an email I wrote in the MLM niche.

It was about a stay-at-home dad whose wife cheated on him.

That email, which got the most clicks and sales of the 10+ emails that went out for that campaign, was all about a common insecurity a lot of husbands have about their wives making more money than them while they work closely with other men at their jobs who are more charismatic and powerful than them.

And that (in my humble, but accurate opinion) is why it worked so well.

This is why one of the most profitable kinds of subject lines you can write are the ones that wrench on a deep, painful, and maybe even shameful insecurity a lot of people in your market secretly possess.

Especially one the template I give in the December “Email Players” issue presses on.

Due to the uniqueness of it, you can probably only use it once in a while.

But, when you do?

Well, I can’t make you any promises.

But, I suspect you’ll be one smiling donkey.

Anyway, I’m sending this issue to the printer in a bit today.

To subscribe in time to get it, go here immediately:

Ben Settle

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The deadline to get the December “Email Players” issue is today.

It is mainly about list building.

Here’s what you will learn if you subscribe in time, before I send to the printer:

  • 2 little-known ways to “siphon” the best, cream-of-the-crop leads from Facebook without spending any money on their ads or even needing to have a Facebook account.
  • A subject line template you can easily use for selling nearly any product or service that (1) wrenches on just about anyone’s worst insecurity (making it far more likely they will open it) and (2) if you do it exactly as laid out, should make it very hard for people to resist opening.
  • The “bewb job” secret of cranking out tons of new and valuable content to sell, give away as premiums/bonuses, or to use as bribes to get people to opt-in to your site.
  • 6 not-at-all-new (but 100% free) ways to build your email list full of leads that are as much as 80% “sold” on buying from you before they even opt-in to your list.
  • How to use elBenbo’s brash email methods to sell to sensitive, easily-offended markets full of mush cookies. (I recently read how a major university has told their professors they are no longer to write in all CAPS for fear of scaring students — but inside this issue, I show you exactly how to use my “not very nice” email methods to sell to even people that timid and weak-minded.)
  • An almost never-talked about way to get yourself booked on podcasts with big audiences and influence. (I remember doing this in the dog niche — when I wasn’t even that good doing interviews and had zero brand to speak of in that industry — to get booked on a podcast with over 10k listeners.)
  • A secret way (invented by the billion dollar infomercial industry some 70 years ago) of using even a small list, small social media following, or small audience to get a steady, reliable, and consistent stream of highly qualified new names on your email list.
  • How some smart “Email Players” subscribers on Twitter are using that platform to build out, in some cases, pretty large email lists for free. (If I was still on Twitter, and if I was more motivated, I’d be doing this all day long… plus, I show you who to follow who is doing it so you can see.)
  • Plus, a special gift Santa elBenbo is stuffing into the stocking of those who subscribe in time that should put a cheery smile on that slack, bovine-like face.

Anyway, the deadline to get this issue is later today.

Once I send to the printer, it’ll be too late to get it.

So if you want it, I suggest subscribing immediately right here:

Ben Settle

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“Email Players” subscriber and MBA Jarred Talmadge discovers elBenbo ain’t just whistlin’ dixie about what’s possible with Email Players:

Mr. Settle,

I wanted to reach out to you because as a fellow entrepreneur, it’s rare that we get the kudos we deserve. I recently joined your email players mailing list. I was initially hesitant, because I’ve read a lot and I’m just a skeptical type of guy. But the reason I am reaching out to you, is because OMG, your stuff works! Wow, does your stuff work! I’ve been in marketing a long time. I read constantly and I’m always looking for ways to improve my business. I literally just started using your stuff. I bought your Big Book of Business and I’m working my way through it. But wow!

I thought when I initially read your stuff, it sounded too good to be true. Except it absolutely isn’t!

Thank you for what you do! Your stuff is great.

And so it is…

To learn how to write emails people look forward to reading, clicking, and buying from (i.e. you are not an imposition) like Jarred and my other “Email Players” subscribers are learning how to do, go here:

But, a heads up:

Tomorrow is the deadline to get the December issue.

It talks a lot about building a list of quality leads.

And, it’s the same methods I use and will be using even more aggressively in 2019 and beyond.

Ben Settle

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Once upon a time (about 17 years ago) elBenbo’s crappy 1992 Saturn imploded. And, I needed a new car lickety split to get to work and around and about. So, I borrowed my uncle’s mini van and started looking for a car.

I didn’t have a lot of time to do it, though.

So, I asked my uncle’s advice.

My uncle has always been a seasoned salesman (real estate sales, MLM sales, and other kinds of hardcore selling).

And, he told me:

“It’s not going to do you any good, but the best time to shop for a car is when you don’t need one.”

He then proceeded to tell me why:

Like, for example, you’re not rushed or needy with the sales people.

You can find much better deals.

You are more likely to be able to pay cash due to the better deals.

And a whole list of other benefits I couldn’t take advantage of because I was dirt broke and I was in a hurry and really did *need* a car as soon as possible.

Short story long:

I ended up getting the worst kind of car, at the worst kind of price, with the worst kind of terms, for the worst kind of loan… and learned a very valuable lesson about buying cars.

But, not just a valuable lesson about buying cars.

A valuable lesson about a great many things.

One of which is about content creation.

And as far as content creation goes, when it comes to creating content I have the same attitude I now have about buying cars:

“The best time to create content is when you don’t need it!”

The reasons are as numerous as buying a car when you don’t really need one. Like, for example, by pre-creating content far in advance, you will have plenty of options for offering unique bonuses. For products to launch. For opt-in bribes to test. To generate money for charities (if you like doing what I do — offering to give someone a valuable bonus if they donate a certain amount of money to a cause and send you their receipt by a specific deadline), if you want some extra premiums to offer for a launch or affiliate campaigns, and the list goes on.

And this is why you ideally are always creating content.

All the time.

Even if you won’t be using that content until months later.

Which brings me to the pitch:

The December “Email Players” issue.

I write about a simple way to churn out all kinds of content regularly so you never have to worry about needing it when the times comes. I won’t say this method I reveal is a “secret”, mostly just common sense. But, it’s something I’ve been doing all year and it’s used by many other high-content creators — including a chick I know of who did it while waiting at the doctor’s office to have her bewb job serviced.

Anyway, you can read about it in the December “Email Players” issue.

But, only if you are subscribed.

And, only if you are a subscribed before tomorrow’s looming deadline.

Here is the link:

Ben Settle

Double Your Sales With Email

World Leader In Email Copywriting Education is Giving AwayTips For Doubling Sales With Email Right Now

Use the form below to open his daily email tips and a free digital copy of the prestigious $97/month “Email Players” newsletter…

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