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“Email Players” subscriber Michael Walker once asked:

“Quick question if you have 20-30 seconds.Have a list I haven’t done anything with in 2. Nearly 3 years. Going to use your email a day philosophy but wonder if I should waste even one sentence explaining why they haven’t heard from me or just dive in, say I’m back and give them great entertaining emails and not explain anything.”

An extremely good question.

A question, incidentally, many people ask.

Especially once they discover the power email can give you, and how lists can suddenly go from limping along to potentially super profitable almost right away.

Anyway, here’s part one of my answer:

Waking up a dead list is like waking up long-slumbering mummies. Most will not be happy, and will chase you around and try to kill you.

Part two of my answer?

(The “how-to” part of it…)

Can be found on page 8 in the October “Email Players” issue.

Don’t expect miracles, of course.

But if you follow the instructions I sent to Michael and don’t get lazy or scared to do it, it can salvage as many of those names, and turn them into sales possibly very quickly for your business.

That old devil of a deadline is tomorrow.

To subscribe in time to get the October issue, lurch on over to:

Ben Settle

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“Email Players” subscriber Lorri Yurkowski shows both the business and non-business applications to learning, using, and sharpening my diabolical email ways:

The value in your teachings goes way beyond the surface business and marketing stuff.

Since I’ve started buying from you, I find that I’m so much more clear, direct, and invincible to drama and bullshit in my actual life.

This “inner peace” makes me feel like I’m functioning on a higher plane at times, as dorky as it sounds.

I feel… free of all those trappings.

People notice.

And I get more respect.

I think that’s what separates the Settle-heads from the riff raff. We find value in what you teach because we find value in ourselves.

It all works together.

When you value yourself, you’re gonna buy the thing, do the thing, and not worry about what some idiot has to say about it.

You’ll dump the girl and move on.

Anyway, got a notification that my next Email Players has hit the road. Can’t wait!


I hereby declare that a new title for those who follow my ways…

Whatever the case, the deadline to get in on the October “Email Players” issue is coming up fast.

Here’s the link:

Ben Settle

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Once upon a time I got trolled on YouTube by a secret guru who resembles the author of “Game of Thrones”. And, I like to pretend one of the reasons God put him on this wonderful earth is just for me, to profit from.

I say this, because within just a few days of trolling me:

  • He got over 30 “thumbs downs” – and maybe one pity thumbs up – on a video he created “shredding” me
  • Several of my current customers bought more of my products that weekend as a direct result (I know this, because some of them took pleasure in letting me know)
  • Podcast interview requests from people who wanted to make fun of the secret troll rolled in
  • Some of the people who watched the video became new Email Players subscribers
  • I made a lot of sales from an email I wrote about it soon after
  • He got high fives from some other secret gurus on Facebook — which resulted in lurkers who watched them on facebook that night joining my list
  • I am still making sales from it to this day

In fact, it was so profitable, I kept trying to keep that fire burning.

My woman even said she felt like a “3rd wheel” at the time to this mighty secret guru. And, as I told one of my customers not long after:

“Trolls must be encouraged, lest they lose heart…”

Anyway, here’s why I bring it up:

Profiting from trolls is the easiest thing in the world.

And with the secret guru — people who are constantly rejected and reviled and believe “if ONLY!” people saw how great they are, they’d be respected and listened to — variety of troll, it helps to know their traits so you can spot, entrap, and profit from them.

Something I talk at length about on page 15 onward in the coming October “Email Players” issue.

Here’s the link to subscribe while you still can:

Ben Settle

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An inspiring secret guru story for the ages:

A couple months ago, a (former) “Email Players” subscriber kept repeatedly nagging me to look up and document some information he could easily have done himself by going to the sales letter he bought from. And, I decided it was easier to simply cancel him than waste time with his constant pestering.

After which he spazzed out in magnificent secret guru glory:

you know I teach classes and have hundreds of students and I never refuse to answer a simple little question like I asked you.


I’ve seen your pictures and your a little bitch whose tune would drastically chance if we were face to face. You’re a coward who would never pull some sh—t like this if you were standing in person with me…

Hide behind your cowardly internet you faggot, because that is all you can do!

fuck off!
With Great Love & Respect,


The “Great Love & Respect” signature is priceless.

And that was just one of the drama queen emails my new pal sent.

But, what’s instructive here is his demonstration of secret guru projection. With these amazing people I have noticed everything they say about someone else is what they feel and/or think about themselves.

“You suck!” = “I feel worthless and it makes me angry!”

“You’re a little bitch” = “I get called a little bitch all the time so I’ll do the same to feel better!”

“You’re a coward hiding behind your keyboard!” = “I cowardly hide behind my own keyboard but it makes me feel like a tough guy to project it on someone who was mean to me…”

And so it goes…

Best part?

The more self-loathing they are, the more these little doggies posture & bare their baby teeth and nip. That’s why it’s all but impossible to get mad at them when you understand their tormented psyches, much less take them seriously, or do anything but pity them, while also shamelessly & mercilessly exploiting their rage to make sales…


The October “Email Players” issue goes into great detail about these secret gurus — which are the business equivalent of the “secret kings” Vox Day described, who I learned much about this from reading about them — and how to identify, deal with, and profit from them.

These secret gurus are a very special kind of troll.

And, thus, they deserve extra special care and attention…

Here’s where to subscribe while there is still a little bit of time to get this issue:

Ben Settle

P.S. Another secret guru “tell” is the way they write large swaths of emotional text, as the one above did replying to one of my other emails.

Truly fascinating creatures.

And, if you know what to do with them, they are truly profitable, too…

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“You gotta pump those numbers up, those are rookie numbers.”

— Mark Hanna
“The Wolf Of Wall Street”

Many suns ago, my pal Rob Swanson observed a little-known truth about email opt-outs that shows how utterly insane it can be to:

1. Worry about them

2. Try to get them lower

3. Not work hard at getting many MORE than you are getting now

Here is how he ‘splained it:

“I’ve been running a promotion for the past 36 hours. And, right now I’m hanging strong at about $92.80 per opt-out. It just reminds me that I would NOT have made all that money if I was afraid of opt-outs. Truth is…there’s really no “science” to this and there’s no “target” number you’re shooting for. It’s not like an EPC calculation. Really all you need are opt-outs and revenue and bam, you’ve got yourself a cool new stat. It’s a pretty simple plan really. The point is simply to remind yourself that if you’re not mailing (a lot), your not making nearly as much money as you should be. So, don’t let the fear of opt-outs stifle your revenue. Hit send and fire away.”

True words have nary been spoken.

And guess what?

To prove just how true this is, page 13 of the upcoming October “Email Players” issue gives a rare and very detailed peek at exactly how much of the green stuff my net opt-outs have been worth for the various affiliate offers, special sales, and launch campaigns I did over the course of an entire year.

Each offer is listed from 6/18 – 6/19 (when I wrote the October issue)

Each net opt out total is listed.

And, yes, each sales figure is listed, along with the per-opt out value.

And, for now, I’ll just say this:

Even though I’ve known and agreed with what Rob was saying for well over a decade now, even I did not realize just how much opt-outs are worth, and now work even harder to get those opt-out numbers up.

To get the full story you’ll have to get the October issue.

This baby goes to the printer soon.

So if you want it, I suggest high-tailing it to the link below right away:

Ben Settle

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“Email Players” subscriber Rene Klein keeps on winning:

Another review:

From the last time I have written stuff has changed:

-Daily google ads budget: 100 euro (before 20)
-price increase for my stop smoking package to 850 (still room above)
-found out that I can create (and am able to) my own life -> yes, that’s a big one.
-started doing daily Facebook lives from my hypnosis site a few days ago
-still considering what kind of email list building business I wanna do, I’ll find something (my optin for hypbosis is a booking tool…I prefer the phone number over email there)

THX for showing me what’s possible. This is the best 97 bucks I spent each month. The motivation and ideas EP gives me is way higher than that amount.

The pleasure is all mine…

If you want to become another in the long line of “Email Players” subscribers conquering your market and pillaging your competition, the October issue goes to the mighty printer in just a few days.

Here’s the link:

Ben Settle

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More secret guru fun:

One of my customers sent me a screen shot of a secret guru with a fake 50 Cent handle tweeting:

(with a profile pic of 50 Cent and everything)

“Ben Settle honestly blows as a copywriter. Selling nootropics. Basic ass tactics. You might have been impressed as a newbie…but now…You should really be seeing thru that shit.”

A truly magnificent specimen of secret guru.

He checks almost all the secret guru boxes:

1. Talks shyt while hiding behind a celebrity pic & name

2. Confused about the very industry he postures at being a guru in (i.e. doesn’t even know the difference between a tactic and offer selection)

3. Projects his insecurities at being a desperate newbie nobody listens to

4. Thinks trolling people more successful than him actually works

And the list goes on and on.

In the October “Email Players” issue I list many more secret guru “tells”, as well as how to profit from them. These chaps are always good for business if you know how to exploit them. In fact, my only problem with them is I don’t get ankle-nipped at by enough of them.

Must try harder to keep these little doggies biting…

Whatever the case, to subscribe in time to get the October issue, go here:

Ben Settle

How to figure out who to sell to

“Email Players” subscriber Paul Campo recently took advantage of the perk subscribers get to ask me questions about those few things on this planet I’m qualified to advise on.

His question?

How to write emails to a market that might encompass multiple markets.

i.e. how do you choose who to “zoom in” on and sell to?

In other words:

Let’s say you sell to the weigh loss market. Do you focus on one specific segment of that market… or talk to all of them in each email, in the sales letter, etc.

The short answer:

The way I do it is to target a specific segment whenever possible

The longer, more detailed answer:

Is in the October “Email Players” issue.

And while Paul is in the real estate niche, the answer I gave him to his wise question can apply to virtually any market/niche/industry I’ve ever seen. And when you do as Herr Doktor elBenbo prescribes, you should not only have a lot more success, but a lot more fun in business, too, and simplify what most people make way too complicated.

At least, that has always been the case when I do it.

Whatever the case, here’s the link to subscribe before the looming deadline:

Ben Settle

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“Email Players” subscriber Scott Sakata checks in from the great state of Hawaii:

Aloha Ben,

I got The Email Players book last Friday and read it over the weekend.

Lots of great information and even though I’m brand new, I just wanted to share how my confidence and thinking has changed, for the better.

I want to build my customer base for my network marketing company so I have physical products to sell.

Been marketing on Facebook to build my followers as many of us are told.

Also told to build relationships with these people and have them reach out to me to ask about my products.

That hasn’t been working out too well.

Changed up my marketing strategy to create a funnel to give away my supplement list in exchange for their email address. I average about 2 subscribers a day and am now up to 250.

Initially it’s a 3-day email campaign but I’ve done nothing after that.

I then decided that I need to get serious about my email marketing.

That’s why I subscribed.

In your book specifically on page 74 you mention about selling with the very first email and to include a link to my product.

This was totally against what I was taught, but it just makes sense that someone opts in to get my list to see the supplements I’m taking, why not send them to the main product I’m taking?

If they unsubscribe, let them. (This was also what I learned from you).

So I’ve modified my 3-day email campaign and have focused on doing the 30-day email plan that you wrote about in Appendix 1.

I’ve already completed the first 3 emails of week 1, this is more emails than I write in a month!

I foresee he will kick much gluteous assimus.

Especially if he keeps wisely ignoring what all the people in his industry are doing.

Something, incidentally, I would say to nearly everyone these days.

(Regardless of industry, product category, service, etc.)

All right, no to the business:

If you want to get your hot, sticky hands on the book Scott mentions, and start using it to defy all the social media tweeker gurus in your own industry/niche, subscribe to the “Email Players” newsletter.

And to get in for the October issue, you best be quick about it:

Ben Settle

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If’n you struggle with “what” to write in sales copy & emails…

“I’m wondering if you could give me some advice on a promo I’m writing…The product is the world’s most expensive and exclusive gun oil…My struggle is with the headline and lead/big idea. There are a lot of benefits to the product, but I haven’t written in this niche before, and I’m not sure what they might care about most… enough to spend $100 on it.”

The answer to this is the same answer for anyone struggling with headlines and leads:

Don’t “write” a headline or think up a big idea at all.

Let your market do that heavy lifting.

In fact, the wise copywriter simply serves as a non-woo-woo, non-mystical, non-magical vessel for the market to speak through them to the rest of the market via the sales copy.

And, lest you think this is advice I merely give but don’t take:

I am doing this very thing for a new SAAS venture I’m heavily invested in.

And to get into the heads & psychology of the market, I did — and am still doing — a lot of market research. And by the time I’m done, 80% of my sales copy and emails will have been written not by your Rood Writer pal elBenbo, but by the market.

Hold on a second, what?

That’s all well and good, but what you want to know is *how* does one do such research?

To anyone asking that question, I have good news:

The October “Email Players” issue gives an example of just that.

In fact, I answer question above in a mere 175 words.

And, the answer is exactly what I’m doing.

What I suggest other people writing copy do.

And, what I hope everyone reading it does forever afterward.

More fun:

I also reveal a secret URL sent to me by “Email Players” subscriber Leticia Mooney where you can do a ton of market research, for free, that will be like a secret weapon for anyone wanting fast market research served up on a golden platter, allowing your business to make out like a fake fortune teller on TV.

The deadline to subscribe in time to get this issue is almost upon you.

Here’s the link:

Ben Settle

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