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There are 3 persuasion tactics I believe work above all others.

I have personally used & tested each thoroughly over the years.

And, I have yet to see them not work over and above all others — especially over the fancy closes, NLP one-liners, & objection-handling techniques used by the Zig Ziglar fanboys.

Anyway, these 3 tactics are:

1. Damaging admissions

This is where you find a flaw in your product and service and admit it. Something the late advertising mogul David Ogilvy used to play like a fiddle in his own ads, and mandated his employees do at every opportunity.

Difficulty to pull of: Not very difficult at all, which is the beauty of it

2. Make the skeleton dance

This is something the great sales trainer Barry Maher worked out years ago, and is where you spin flaws about what you offer into benefits & reasons to buy.

Difficulty to pull off: Usually extremely difficult, which is why it’s so rare

As for the #3:

It’s a topic I wrote about in detail in the January 2020 “Email Players” issue.

An issue that generated many testimonials and case studies from other Email Players of the Horde who started using it in everything from their sales letters and emails to their marriages and love lives (it is, frankly, how I closed Stefania, when I possessed probably none of the traits on her “Checklist” of things she was looking for in a man.) In my own businesses, in just the past 12 months alone, I have also used this persuasion tactic to write the sales copy & emails to launch two offers to the tune of the two most successful launches of my entire business career (when launching Learnistic & when launching my “elBenbo Press” book).

Which brings me to the rub:

The January 2021 “Email Players” issue.

I revisit this topic again inside its crisp white pages.

But, this time, I show many more examples to model & adapt & be inspired by… including the above Email Players of the Horde examples (with their permission) and how I’ve used it in the two above launches, amongst other examples to mine for your own business.


This tactic can be used universally.

With the exception of certain low class markets (like biz opp and “make money online” type offers, where I admittedly have seen it backfire and NOT work), it works across the board in all kinds of markets, niches, industries, and product categories to create customers but who tend to be a much higher quality & caliber to the point where sometimes they even thank you for doing it in many cases.

Best part:

You don’t need any special talents or powers of copywriting, selling, or marketing to use it.

In fact, the weaker your skills, the better it tends to work.

(I have many theories on why, but that’s a tale for another time.

All right, so that’s that.

If you want in on the January issue, here’s what to do:

1. Go to the URL below before the looming 12/31/20 deadline

2. Read the sales letter carefully

3. Patiently wait for your first issue

Here’s the URL:

Ben Settle

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After yesterday’s rant about why I hate getting unsolicited books…

Below is a list of all the books I plowed through in 2020.

It excludes several I started but got bored by or decided to put down in favor of something else. But maybe it’ll help inspire someone somewhere to read & curate their reading more.

They are listed in no real particular order.

Except, as you will see, the ones I’ve read multiple times are listed first:

  • Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson (second reading) — one of my all-time favorite business books
  • Marvel Comics the Untold Story by Sean Howe (second reading) — a must-read for anyone wanting to be in the info publishing business, in my opinion
  • Slugfest by Tucker Reed (second reading) — ditto above
  • Walt Disney: Triumph of the American Imagination by Neal Gabler (second reading) — lots and lots of business lessons embedded, in fact the chapter on Disneyland is one of the single best lessons about World-Building in business I’ve ever run across
  • Obvious Adams by Robert Updegraff (probably my 50th reading, not an exaggeration)
  • Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz (well past my 20th reading)
  • Me, Inc by Gene Simmons — single best book on personal branding I ever done read
  • No B.S. Marketing to the Affluent by Dan Kennedy — wish I’d read this years ago
  • The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs by Carmine Gallo — nothing anyone who studies persuasion a while doesn’t know, but it reminded me of a few things I had been slacking on doing in my own marketing that’s making a big differences, probably I’ll write about it more in a future Email Players issue
  • Bandersnatch by Diana Pavlac Glyer — excellent book for writers, about Tolkien & CS Lewis and their processes for writing & helping each other when they were in the Inklings
  • Kobold Guide to World-Building by Scott Hungerford, Jeff Grub, Michael A. Stackpole, Chris Pramas, Keith Baker, & Steven Winter — you have to read between the lines if you want to apply the lessons to business world-building
  • Win Your Case by Gerry Spence — anything by Spence is worth reading
  • Veneration by Sharon K. Gilbert & Derek P. Gilbert — fascinating book for anyone into digging up some deep Biblical teachings about the real life zombie apocalypse on the horizon
  • Corporate Cancer by Vox Day — anyone who hires anyone for business, even a lowly gopher or intern, should read this three times, minimum if you want to protect your business from the SJW rot that’s bringing down billion dollar companies one-by-one right now
  • Tales from the Customer Crypt by Vance Morris — I liked it so much, I gifted it to “Email Players” subscribers last month
  • Backstory 1 by Patrick McGilligan — all kinds of great psychological insights you can apply to your copy & marketing from Hollywood’s Golden Age screenwriters
  • Writing for Comics & Graphic Novels by Peter David — his Trump Derangement Syndrome on his blog that makes him sound bat shyt notwithstanding, he’s one of the most prolific & successful comicbook writers in history, and definitely some valuable insights for any writer
  • Rise of the Dungeon Master: Gary Gygax and the Creation of D&D by David Kushner — best “micro lesson” World-Building I ever read
  • Washington A Life by Ron Chernow — bio of George Washington, not only is it clear that he is part of a very long list of men who accomplished great things at least partly to get a disapproving mom’s approval, but it’s also clear he was either the single luckiest man alive when it came to not being killed in battle or God really was looking out for him… to the point where even his enemies marveled at it. There’s a lot of lessons embedded in that alone for the discerning marketer
  • Larry Hama: Conversations by Christopher Irving — I pulled lots of ideas out not only for my writing, but also the publishing-side of my business
  • How to Sell Anything to Anybody by Joe Girard — incredible book I cannot recommend enough

Okay, enough about books I didn’t write.

Let’s talk about the one I just finished writing the first draft of.

If you were an active member of my old elBenbo’s Lair Facebook group (and if you weren’t, no need to keep reading this email) I’ll soon be launching this book about how to create and profit from your own elBenbo’s Lair-style social media platform. And if you have any testimonials or success stories about when you did your time in the Lair, and would like it included on the testimonial list inside the book, email it directly to me before the end of the week.

If I think it’ll enhance the reader’s experience, I’ll include it with your URL.

In the meantime:

One thing I will say about this book I am working on is, the info inside won’t work nearly as well if you don’t know how to build a relationship with your email list beforehand. The framework that made it work so well was not so much a tactic but an ethic. So if the upcoming book interests you, I suggest rapidly implementing what I teach in my “Email Players” newsletter starting right away, and well before I launch the book next year.

Here’s the link to subscribe:

Ben Settle

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Below is an email I got not long ago, along with a screenshot of some traffic stats he pulled up about my Email Players domain, with a rather ironic typo in the subject line.


Subject line: PROOF: You are a lair

Hey Ben,

I have been following you for the past 4 months and finally found out what you do and say about email marketing is a complete B.S.

You’re sending daily emails to your huge list and directing them to the email players website.

See your websites traffic analysis (in the attachment)

With a huge list and sending daily emails, how can one get such low traffic?

A confession:

I’d rather watch paint dry than stare at my site’s stats & metrics. I’m more a fan of how Henry Ford built his empire according to his autobiography, focusing primarily on my work & service (what I can control) and not on the numbers/stats/metrics/sales (what I cannot control).

But, from what I am seeing, I kinda like them numbers.

And I don’t think the poor schlub is doing this troll thing right.

In fact, when I forwarded it to to my pal, computer scientist, and SEO/AdWords/traffic “puppet master” Jim Yaghi (we’ve been comparing our tales of trollery since 2008, it’s like a game for us), he was just as amused as I was:

“bro your bounce rate is RIDICULOUSLY low and your average visit duration is ridiculously high. This dumbass didn’t notice those, only the number of visits. That’s 5,600 very engaged visitors.”

Yeah, I’m thinking his troll game needs more work…

But, there’s more to this story:

A true “the irony writes itself” phenomenon happening.

Specifically, that typo in his subject line calling me a “lair” instead of “liar.” Because for completely different reasons than he grunted out, I AM both a liar and, in a sense a “lair”, too.

And I figured I might as well come clean about it.

Here’s what I mean:

I am currently hard at work on my next book.

It’s about how I once created the proverbial social media “cult” (not my words, but many of those who were inside it) via my old elBenbo’s Lair Facebook group. And, also, how others can do the same thing I did to potentially get people literally addicted to hearing every word you say and all but frothing-at-the-mouth to buy everything you sell.

And loath as I am to admit it, this makes me a bald-faced liar twice over:

1. As I told Stefania upon completion of my last book (“elBenbo Press”), “I’m done — not writing any more fugking business books for a long while now. Just fiction.”

2. Inside that same book I boldly declared I had no interest in or would ever bother writing a book about social media. I also declared social media “stupid” in the book, too.

Even yesterday’s email condemned social media.

Yet here we are…

Anyway, as far as the above book goes:

I’m having a blast finally assembling all my notes & ideas & antics I plotted out to run and make a lot of loot from that group before I abruptly killed it off and pissed off a whole horde of people in the process. But maybe they’ll forgive me when they see how I’m methodizing the exact same game plan I used, so they can do something similar on most any social media platform they choose — Facebook or otherwise. And especially with the social media platform “Email Players” subscriber & enterprise-class software developer Troy Broussard & I are creating specifically for businesses (which will work in perfect harmony with my old elBenbo’s Lair methods) who are sick of all the incessant de-platformings, surprise bannings, privacy-mining, and anti-business crackdowns imposed by big tech social media platforms.

The only other thing I’ll say about my upcoming book for now is this:

It won’t work nearly as well if you don’t know how to build a relationship with your email list beforehand.

Otherwise, there’s no point in buying it.

So if the upcoming book interests you, I suggest rapidly implementing what I teach in my “Email Players” newsletter starting right away, and well before I launch the book next year.

Here’s the link to subscribe:

Ben Settle

P.S. Not long after sending the above email calling me a lair, troll boy asked:

1. Which of your products will you recommend for a newbie like me?

2. Is there a way I can get access to all the Email Player Newsletter from the beginning?

It’s official.

The guy is the best Christmas present I could ever have asked for…

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One of the tipping points for realizing it was time to finally high-tail it off social media a couple years ago — and Facebook in particular — was not long after one of my cousins posted some inane meme of Kermit the frog drinking tea, talking about ebola and the flu.

I already was 3/4 out the door due to Facebook whoring out private info.

And, also, because of its hivemind, “borg-like” nature infecting even otherwise intelligent people.

Not to mention it being a time-suck, even for those like me not on there very often.

But when I saw the Facebook hive mind in all its glorious action to such a silly degree with the Kermit meme, I figured it was high time to move on, lest I become like one of them.

In this case?

Merely questioning that sacred Kermit the frog meme — and in jest at that – set a bunch of people off, including a couple of my other cousins, one of who was particularly worked up over it, with some kind of bizarre hangup on the subject to the point I expect to see him in a hazmat suit at the next family reunion.

I can only imagine his shrieking hysteria with Captain Covid now.

He probably wears a mask while driving alone and slurs behind it while yelling at people in grocery store lines.

Anyway, getting some of these blokes worked up was mildly amusing and fun.

Especially since I was sitting in an airport bored on a long layover, anyway.

But, what was not amusing was seeing otherwise intelligent people — my own kin! — not being able to communicate without parroting the hive mind so precisely. It was like they were all reading from the same script word-for-word. Complete with the usual social media intellectually dishonest butchering of logic, showing an embarrassing inability to follow a subject and an object, and constantly moving the goal posts & getting off point to try to make another point to cover up the fact they really had no point in the first place. Not to mention resorting to having to make arguments with even more irrelevant hive mind generated memes, all topped off with a chest-pounding magnificent lecture about how “correlation doesn’t equal causation!” while linking to a newspaper article that didn’t even have a single source cited, and that was pure, not-even-trying-to-hide-the-fact, propaganda.

And those were just the more amusing highlights I remember.

Frankly, I didn’t even care enough about the subject to have an opinion. I simply asked a question about a Kermit meme.

The result:

You’d think I burned an effigy to their deity.

Actually, in some ways, I think I did…

Anyway, that’s when I had a Cartman (from South Park) moment when he saw the absurdity of the existence of Mr. Hanky the talking turd, and threw in the towel:

“Alright that does it.
Screw you guys, I’m going home.
Talking poo is where I draw the line.”

And so it is with Facebook especially.

Because at the end of the day, with all the virtue signaling, hive mind parroting, speech & thought policing, incessant de-platforming, privacy plundering, and news manipulating… not to mention the way it is designed (which it’s co-creator fully admitted) to have all kinds of negative effects on peoples’ brains & hormones… Facebook is nothing if not the digital equivalent of –

Talking poo.

“But Ben! I need it for list building!”

Do you, Mr. Spanky?

If so, you’re doing internet marketing wrong.

There have always been far more reliable ways to build lists than with social media.

Whatever the case, whether you stubbornly SPURN your King & Taskmaster elBenbo on this or not, if you want to sell with email and not rely on social media, check out my “Email Players” newsletter here:

Ben Settle

P.S. What do you do when you are convinced social media is clearly & demonstrably an overall net negative on society, and hate it with the passion of a thousand media talking head lies like I do?

You create your own social media platform, of course.

Specifically, for businesses wanting privacy & data protection, along with built-in mechanisms for rabid engagement and making more sales. Which is something “Email Players” subscriber, enterprise class programmer, & my business partner at Learnistic Troy Broussard are already actively cooking up for next year.

More on that later…

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One of the most intriguing facts about how Disney got so big I first heard a couple years ago is this:

They put enormous thought, planning, effort, & expense into the little things probably only 10% of their customers will ever see or notice, but that turns those 10% of people into upwards of 70%, 80%, even 90% of their sales.

Especially if you factor in referrals, word-of-mouth, etc.

But it ain’t just Disney that figured this out.

Steve Jobs did the exact same with Apple Computers.

In fact, one word Jobs used a lot was:


Believe it or not, that single word can work almost like magic to build the proverbial business empire & create the proverbial marketing king. In Jobs’ case, he was inspired as a child by his father who was an expert craftsman. His father used to tell Steve that when building a cabinet, for example, you use the highest quality wood and put just as much effort into the design and the parts a customer will probably never, ever see (the back of the cabinet, the interior, etc) as you do the parts they will see. Years later, Jobs had his engineers at Apple do the same with their computers and phones and other gadgets. In many cases, they put the highest quality parts and used the highest, most expensive metals & screws for the parts nobody but maybe an Apple engineer or repairman who opened it up would see.

The shallow thinker & low information marketer won’t see the wisdom in that.

But the bigger thinker will.

And they will see because, if nothing else, it connects the dots that if Disney & Apple — two of the most profitable businesses that ever existed — do that, then we all should.

Whatever the case:

While I’m not a huge fan of the Disney company, especially with how they are so rapidly destroying brands millions of fans used to like… I am a fan of the way they systematized the ways in which they extract as much money out of their customers as humanly possible… while leaving those same customers happier, more fulfilled, and eager to tell everyone they know about how great giving that money to Disney was.

Which brings me to the rub:

The December “Email Players” issue.

It teaches a very special kind of “craftsmanship.”

Not the kind Jobs used to build computers… but the kind Disney and other smart companies have done to build gigantic, generations-spanning, customer bases of what I call “berserker customers” — who, like Jobs’ fans, practically froth at the mouth to buy, refer, and enjoy whatever it is you sell to the farthest extent possible.

Ain’t nothing else that works like this skill, in my experience.

It can potentially make price irrelevant.

It can potentially make you and/or your product/service’s flaws irrelevant.

It can even potentially make any lack of experience a raw & wriggling newbie struggles with irrelevant.

Tomorrow (11/30/20) is the deadline to subscribe in time to get this issue.

If you want it, here it is, come get it:

Ben Settle

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I never thought I’d write the following words.

But the DMV is no longer its own circle of hell.

And to prove it, a true story:

This past July Stefania and I had to go to the local DMV — she to get her Oregon drivers license, and me to renew mine. We went on the same day. But, we did not wait in line. We did not have to stand around or sit near smelly, dirty, and obnoxious people.

Frankly, we did not even “wait” at all.

Believe it or not, we had a pleasant experience.

I still cannot believe it.

But fact is, due to Covid, you had to make an appointment to go to the DMV in my area. And, when you’re there… you are the ONLY one there.

There is no line.

Everything is sprayed down & clean.

And there are no rushed & frustrated employees who look like they’d rather be getting a prostate exam than doing their jobs. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful, including getting on the phone with social security for Stefania for almost an hour on her behalf. Apparently, due to a laundry list of reasons outside her control, they technically were not supposed to give Stefania a license at that time. But they pulled some kind of strings for her, at the main office in the Capitol, and got it done on the spot.

There is no way that’d have happened with a huge line & miserable employees who hate their jobs.

Anyway, I couldn’t help but wonder:

“Why don’t they always offer this option?”

I suspect many people — like me! — would happily pay a premium just to be able to get that kind of experience at a DMV, skip the line, have an entire hour dedicated just to me, with nobody else, no lines, and no having to deal with people.

About the only thing that’d have made it more pleasurable is if they’d been serving food & drinks.

Whatever the case:

I write about this in more detail in the December “Email Players” issue.

Specifically, how to “tap” into what the DMV and many otherwise miserable institutions have been doing just to survive to make giving your business money so fun and, yes, pleasurable… if you do it right, it can make price, your copywriting/marketing skills, and any other drawbacks, weaknesses, or “flaws” in your business irrelevant.

Let’s face it:

If the DMV can do it, you can.

To get your hands on this issue you’ll have to hurry.

It goes to the printer very soon.

After that?

Too late…

Here’s the link:

Ben Settle

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Following is a brief email exchange with a procrastinator who thought – in his infinite snow flake-ish-ness – he should be allowed to get the bonuses offered with the $20 Gene Schwartz offer I did in September after the deadline.

If I banned or blocked you or someone you know from buying, this’ll illustrate why:

PROCRASTINATOR: I sent you an email some hours ago. I wanted to purchase the course but the payment link wasn’t working. Can you please send me the link with the same offer?

elBENBO: The link went down at midnight PDT last night that was the deadline, you had all weekend to buy

PROCRASTINATOR: I sent you an email before the offer would expire. You can check. I tried and it wasn’t working. Could you try again please?

elBENBO: …your email came 2 minutes after the deadline…and the P.S. literally said: “Direct any customer service questions to Michael Senoff, not me.” You done screwed up by first procrastinating and second by not reading instructions

PROCRASTINATOR: Great customer service man! You’re the best

There are many ways this sort of thing makes my business lots of sales.

One of the main reasons is the act of trying to test (i.e., break) people. It always brings the crazy out of the crazies & the truth out of the irresponsible, so I can identify & ban them. (Incidentally, I will be dedicating an entire Email Players issue to this very topic and how to do it some time in 2021.) And by curating out the low class would-be customers & procrastinators who can’t even follow simple instructions like the guy above, I have more time, energy, and “bandwidth” to serve the high class legitimate customers.

And the longer I am in business, the more aggressive I get about it.

Frankly, these days, Yours Crotchety bans people for the slightest of infractions.

Take these schlubs who wanted back in “Email Players” for example:

“Thanks for the reply. i didn’t know about the possibility of not being able to re-subscribe and i only wanted get the first issue before proceeding (no evil intended). Really sorry i cannot re-subscribe. Like my first email, i intended to re-subscribe hopefully at the beginning of the next month(November) so i can be on track for prompt receipt. If you could have a change of mind on the ban, i am always at your door to subscribe. thanks again for your time Ben.”

The result:

BANNED! for lack of faith.

Here’s another:

“I have been a member of the Email Players newsletter for a few months and have learned quite a bit about writing emails. Unfortunately, I have to cancel the membership, at least for a short time. My wife and I got an opportunity to relocate and will be moving this month. We will be without an address for a couple of months. Nomads so to speak while we wait for our new home to close and be updated. I know your policy is to never let anyone back in once they leave, but I am hoping that under the circumstances you may reconsider. If not, I understand. I appreciate your thoughts on this, but either way, I understand.”

The result:

BANNED! for lack of imagination.

One more:

“You’re keeping your word and not letting me back in the email players newsletter. I do appreciate it. Can you please let me back in? PLEASE for the love of god. I’ll pay for the entire year if that makes any difference, and I will never quit again. Can you please please please please. Make an exception? A few of my friends are already subscribers and doing monthly implementations and I want to pay for the newsletter and be in the group. Please?”

The result:

BANNED! for quitting Email Players twice prior (he somehow snuck back in).

And also, for not being as smart as his friends.

And the BANNED marches on.

Anyway, here’s the point:

On the surface it looks like I am losing sales banning all these schlubs wanting back in.

But after some 20 years up in this business, and testing and experimenting and aggressively practicing what I preach & teach about this… I have only seen growth, a business with more high class customers than anyone else I know… and a peace of mind most business’ always catering to & chasing down anyone willing to give them money will never understand.

I talk more about this in the December “Email Players” issue.

Specifically, in the bonus elBenbo’s Lair insert.

I also show some more examples of the BANNED & Banished.

The deadline to get the December issue is coming up quick.

To subscribe in time, go here immediately:

The deadline to get in on time is Nov 30 2020.

Ben Settle

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Recently, I’ve been listening to an audio book (KISS: Keep It Simple Salesman) by the late “world’s greatest salesman”:

Fred Herman.

If you don’t know who Fred Herman was and sell in any way, shape, or form for a living than you, my Pet, have been doing your studying in the wrong library.

Fred was easily one of the greatest salesman who ever lived.

And Earl Nightingale knighted Fred the best sales trainer on the planet.

He became especially famous after being on Johnny Carson and selling Johnny his own ash tray in front of 20 million fans.

Anyway, I highly recommend anything by Fred Herman.

And in the book he pulls a lot of sales tips out of the Bible.

My favorite being about customer curation, and selling to the right people in the first place.

Specifically, this quote from scripture:

“Why seek ye the living among the dead?”

Why indeed.

It’s astounding to me how many times an “Email Players” subscriber will take advantage of the opportunity to ask Yours Crotchety questions (a perk for subscribing) by email, and it’s completely obvious they are not selling to buyers, or are targeting leads that only buy on price or have never bought anything from anyone, or don’t have money to buy anything even if they wanted to buy.

Those are dead leads.

Why seek ye them, my Child?

Especially when there are so many living ones to sell to?

Which brings me to the December “Email Players” issue.

The skill it teaches inside its crisp, lily-white pages can make separating the living from the dead on your list not only a very simple task, but a potentially very profitable task, too.

In many ways it’s the single most profitable skill you can ever learn in business.

Far more profitable than even copywriting, marketing, or selling.

The deadline to get in on this action is almost upon you.

To subscribe in time, stretch out thy fingers and click this link:

Ben Settle

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Recently, I almost whole cloth banned France from my shopping cart.

Yes, the entire country, in one destructive swoop of Old Testament-like proportions.

That means, anyone in France not already an “Email Players” subscriber would not have been able to subscribe (I had no wish to reign fire & brimstone on my good customers there). And nobody in France would have been able to buy any of my other books via my shopping cart afterwards.

I don’t have time to go into all the specifics here today.

Let’s just say my patience was stretched to the breaking point.

But I will admit:

I’m glad I stayed my righteous hand and didn’t display my wrath.

And the reason why is… gratitude.

Full-on, balls-to-the-wall, unbridled & unfiltered gratitude to likes I’d never seen before.

Specifically, a customer there who practically sweats gratitude.

Since it’s Thanksgiving here in the good ol’ U.S., this story from new “Email Players” subscriber Remi Connesson just “fits”…


I love you.

Look, I am broke. But I want to make big in the business of empowering others (and getting paid for it).

What I do, teach Machine Learning and Data Science in French.

In France, there’s two kind of goo-roos:

The growth hacker ones, who are hunting your *** across all existing ads platform with Tai Lopez style video. (thanks to the retargeting gods)

The successful ones, who live by the rules of Daily email (I swear all the big ones are doing daily email in France)

So what do the successful ones told me to do…..? -> DAILY EMAILS.

But guess what? I didn’t believe them…

Well I knew there was something to it but I was not convinced.

Do you know who convinced me?

You guessed it!


So a big huge thank you.

I promptly subscribed to your Email Players subscription. (After hesitating with paying rent lol, now I am in the street.)

I was anxious while waiting for my fedex package. “Please let it be good, please let it be good, please not another gooroo”

And gosh was I not disappointed.

(1.), the Skhema Playbook is a god send.

(2.), I recently decided to start DMing D&D groups to improve my storytelling skills. (well didn’t started yet, coz you know, covid & lockdown… :'(), SO WHEN I SAW YOU TALKING ABOUT DUNGEONS AND DRAGON —

(3.), Even CRAZIER — Your Sales Letter insert was inspiring, while reading it I had the following realization : “I can bring more to my clients than just technical skills, I can help them elevate their mindset and give them career advice… I can create a full catalogue and HELP THEM SOARRR”


No I am saying thank you because I craved your ELBENBO AWESOME MEGA-BOOK.

And I realized I was broke. I couldn’t afford it. WHY???


I started this shit a year ago, making the transition from freelancing.
I knew I had mindset problems when looking at my track record of “started-but-not-finished-revolutionary-ideas”.

Before making the jump I hired a coach who during six months, was trying to reign me in on ONE GOAL (I was constantly switching targets: “record a course about X in French, no in English, no about Y…)

And I did it, I published my first course on udemy six months ago.

Then it took me 4 more months to release my second course in September.

But money didn’t rain from the sky like expected.

I was demotivated, and all my bank accounts were in the red.

And here it was. Your sales letter about eLBenboPress.

And it was looking at me.

(thanks discount code)

And I couldn’t afford them.

So it woke me up.

There was two weeks left before the 31st of Octobrer (end of discount).

I started to sell my collection of Magic The Gathering cards to pour cash in my bank account.

But more importantly…

I decided to create and launch a new course in two WEEKS.

Just so I can buy your book. (If this is not a demonstration that you can sell shit, I don’t know what it is)

And it worked…

Your price-tag SLAYED the procrastination demon in me

I f******ng did it, Ben!

(1.) I created a course and published it on Udemy in under a week;
(2.) I started emailing my 25-people-long email list daily
(3.) And when I launched: I MADE 5 SALES (out of a 25 people list)


I didn’t know I had this in me. This speed…


But there was a shadow on the painting

— (it’s a French saying translated to english, I guess you would say “a fly in the ointment”)

Surprise lockdown in France…

Got hit by mandatory unexpected expenses that burned all the cash I made selling chunks of my card collection (I guess I should also say thank you for that, as I had available cash when surprised fees hitted me)

Udemy hold the cash made selling courses during one month. (to cover the 30 day guarantee)

And the money from my most recent freelancing gig landed in my bank account, on Monday 2nd of November. Two days too late.

So I couldn’t grab the elBenbo Press amazing book in time. Damn.

(Btw, your bullets are amazing gosh, the understand why GoT is unwatchable now really got me I WANT TO KNOW.)

This time I was too late…

But next time —

I wish you the best BEN,

Two things:

1. I don’t recommend subscribing if you have no money or business. But if you do, what he did is exactly how you sac up to get the money you require, build a business, and make things happen.

In his case he did it with hard work and a 25 person list.

What’s your excuse, Chuckles?

2. Even though he got bit by another inane lockdown, notice there was no pleading to make an exception. Notice the taking personal responsibility & not putting anything back on me. Notice the winner’s attitude, and the working for a goal.

He didn’t even ask for anything.

All he did was express gratitude.

It’s a powerful thing this gratitude stuff.

The more one practices it, the more things just seem to eventually fall into place.

On that note:

If you want to partake of the “Email Players” newsletter… assuming you haven’t already been banned (from canceling in the past, being an idiot, whatever reason)… and even if you are in France… then use the link below.

The next issue is especially germane to this topic.

And the reason why is it teaches how to sell in a way where people are grateful they bought.

Not just “oh, thank you for all you do” gratitude.

But all-out “holy shnikes, I cannot even BEGIN to tell you how glad I am to be your customer – I’m going to tell everyone I know about you!” kind of gratitude. And it has nothing to do with your copywriting, marketing, or selling chops. Yes, the better you are at such things, the better the info will mostly likely work. But I believe you could be a raw, wriggling newbie at such things and still use the information in the December issue to bring out the Gratitude Kraken from your customers, clients, and buyers.

The 11/30/20 deadline is almost upon you, however.

So if you want it, I suggest hitting the jump here right away:

Ben Settle

P.S. In one of those intriguing juxtapositions an email marketer can’t help but be grateful for due to its “fodder appeal”, here is an example of almost the polar opposite of the Email Players subscriber.

Here’s the story:

Another “Email Players” subscriber who’d been with me for 16 months decided to cancel. But, on her way out, she asked if she could return later.

The answer was no.

To which she said she thought that was only for people difficult to deal with. And that while she respected my decision, she’d hoped I’d “have more compassion on folks during this tough time.”

My response to that:

I ain’t exactly denying a starving man dinner here.

I essentially sell money at a discount.

i.e., You use what I sell, and can make your money back many times over.

The above customer was with me for some 16 months and didn’t problem-solve how to use the info to make the whopping $3.23 per day back. Yet that young, ambitious Frenchman who was literally on the street, without a pot to pee in or a window to throw it out — just a 25 person list, and no product — moved heaven & earth to use the ONE issue he had plus the book all new subscribers get, and make more things happen in 2 weeks than probably 90% of so-called online marketers haunting Facebook groups all day do in a year.

Huge lesson in that.

The most important of which is:

If you replace “can’t” with “won’t” the truth always comes out.

This applies especially to those citing money as a reason on their way out.

Outta here with that.

Even a bum rattling a dirty, coffee-stained paper cup full of sticky change on the side of the street can ‘afford’ the $3.23 per day (although that price is going up as of January 1st 2021) “Email Players” costs. And I suspect all these business people decrying the price find a way to still somehow afford non essential entertainment & vices.

It’s all about priorities.

The All-Seeing Eye of elBenbo knows… because he’s been there.

All right enough of this.

I’ve already said more than I know…

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Some of the best advice I ever done got about everything from writers block, to burn out, to sheer boredom with something I am writing or working on:

“when you’re stuck, just move on to something else”

I don’t remember where I first heard that Obvious Adams-like advice.

But it’s been a life saver many times over.

Something else to think about:

When studying the late, great Jim Camp — “world’s most feared negotiator”, who often had multiple billion dollar deals going on at any given time — I remember him talking about how, when you study something in depth, and apply it, and then think about and analyze it… and are in the process of truly mastering it… you literally create new neurological pathways in your brain.

Another thing to think about:

Sifu taught me a few years ago about how, when studying Kung Fu, the same phenomenon occurs.

You are learning fine motor movements constantly.

And apparently, each time you engage your brain with something different like that (doesn’t have to be Kung Fu), new neurological pathways are automatically created.

Still more:

The late brilliant copywriter Gene Schwartz taught something similar.

He said he always had 3 writing projects going on at any given time:

A sales letter, an article, and a book.

And he said it was almost annoying to him how while working on one of the above projects, he’d get a rush of ideas for one or two of the other projects, and had to constantly stop to take notes. This happened even on vacation, where he’d be reading a book, and had to constantly write down new ideas for completely unrelated projects he was working on.

As he put it:


“my ads and books were often written in the margins of other books”

Immoral of the story?

Engage your brain hard.

And, do it often.

Specifically, on radically different projects, tasks, and goals.

It’s not only the best way to get “un-stuck” when writing emails/creating sales copy/building funnels/whatever you’re doing… but it can make you smarter, give you all kinds of creativity, and make life a heckuva lot more interesting to boot.

It’s also one of the best habits you can ever cultivate.

And, if you combine that habit with what I teach in the upcoming December “Email Players” issue — and direct your mind to the skill it teaches in the above way — I believe your business, regardless of what you sell, will have almost no choice but to explode in sales, growth, and new opportunities.

This ain’t hype or exaggeration either.

I am living proof of this.

As are many other businesses who learn & apply what it teaches.

However, there ain’t much time left to subscribe in time to get it – you got til Nov 30, 2020.

Here’s the link:

Ben Settle

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